Throp's Custom Intelligence Stack


  • QL ST4
  • Ascension Chamber Core


  1. The Architect
  2. Fortune’s Favorite
  3. Yggdrasil
  4. Deus
  5. Subconscious flow
  6. The Streams
  7. The Lines
  8. Book Blitz
  9. Raikov
  10. Submodel Alpha
  11. Wisdom Personified
  12. Informaticon
  13. Tech Prodigy
  14. Trailblazer
  15. Khronos Key
  16. Mastermind

This is based off the idea that using AsC can fill in for a lot of the result enhancement modules. If I remember correctly, I recall reading something about an optimal sweet spot of about 14-16 modules. However, I’m not sure if this is accurate and could use some advice about the overall number in a custom stack.

This is also something I wanted to address. I think it would be beneficial to add a module that allows me to stay happy in a sense. One module I was thinking of was Starfilled Night.

Hmm. I am not really sure to be honest. I’m 20yrs old currently working in tech (AWS/Cloud Computing) so I added Tech Prodigy with the intention of well… becoming a tech prodigy. I like working in tech but I’m not sure if its my true calling. To sum this section up: I don’t really know.

Thank you.

Why tf aren’t you running index gate LOL

Cognitive Boosting for tech specifically - however, not limited to tech, would benefit any and all systems thinking, mathematics, pattern recognition, and much much more

Sales page is clear it goes way farther than programming so this would be a fantastic start to a stack for cognition enhancement

I’m sorry, I didn’t know the extent of index gate.

I will give it a shot after my upcoming washout :slightly_smiling_face:

I just gave index a good look and it is honestly pretty much everything I need now.
Cog boost like you said: Check
Mind’s eye stuff: Check (Ill need this for my Image Streaming endeavors)
Raikov: Check (I hope it extends more than just absorbing code from other sources)
Flow: Check
A bit of math: Check!
Becoming the miracle worker: Hell yea!

This is awesome! Thank you!

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Aren’t ya glad I asked you why you wanted intelligence :slight_smile:


And now we accomplished this as well ^ we have a “now” subliminal, index gate will get you quicker results, tailored to exactly what you need, to balance out the long term QL gains

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Just curious, have you done an IQ test, and if yes, what is your score?

Hey Achilles,

I just recently took the JCTI and scored 115. I am also going to take the CAIT sometime this weekend and maybe a final 3rd test to top it all off.

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Very nice.

So other than that, was there anything else that led you to conclude what was too much?

Did anyone in the AnswerGroup say how many results enhancer were too many?

Did customer support reply describing how many was too many?

If so, please post the quote or reply.

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I am neither a librarian nor an archivist so I won’t pull up quotes upon request. This forum is impossible to locate quotes from unless they’re pre-saved, as you mentioned

and I don’t pre-save quotes in the hopes that someone can make some ridiculous statement like yours just so I can hit them with the good ol’ “BAZINGA, GOTCHA, YOU’RE WRONG!”… I have other things to do, thanks.

If you want me to tack on a “IMO” i will.

Besides, this is not an official statement that “there is an exact number of results enhancers that is right/wrong based on official channels,” so please don’t set up a strawman of what I’m trying to say so that you can chop it down to the detriment of the person asking about this. Think deeper than that.

This is me saying that (IMO!) the results enhancers in the custom are overwhelming and many of them could be replaced by other modules that would be more effective, and therefore 19 modules of results enhancers is INEFFECTIVE, not “unacceptable”

For example, on the road to becoming maximally intelligent, a module for habit formation could be important, to enforce a study habit. Studying is an important part of IQ improvement. Or Technical Prodigy would be important, for tech-specific scripting. Some modules for focus could possibly be helpful, considering the fact that IQ and Focus are completely separate traits… many people with the potential to be geniuses will never become such because they can’t sit down and apply themselves to one topic for long enough for the deeper/insights and epiphanies to arise.

Let me ask you something @RVconsultant. How many people does it take to change a lightbulb?

You COULD have 19 people to change a lightbulb. There’s nothing WRONG with that. There’s no RULE that says you can’t have 19 people. There’s no QUOTE that says “19 people to change a lightbulb is against the rules.”

But isn’t it fairly obvious that that’s overkill. That’s why no one officially stated as such.

If I’m working on a construction project, do I want to have 19 people changing a lightbulb? How many do I want? How many is too many?

Depending on where the lightbulb is situated, how heavy the lightbulb is, the stability of the walls and structure in the building the lightbulb is located… I could have anywhere from 1-19 people change that lightbulb. But do I want to put ALL my people to change the lightbulb if I don’t need to? Maybe 2-3 is good. Maybe I need 5. It depends on the circumstance. And if I need to assign all 19 of my people to change that lightbulb, then fine, I’ll do it.

But if I have 19 workers on a construction site and 19 of them were all sitting around trying to change a lightbulb, I’d be really annoyed. It’s likely that 16 out of those 19 people could be much more productive removing drywall or nailing carpet or installing flooring… and it’s likely that 19 people attempting to change a lightbulb would be perhaps 2% or 3% more effective than 3 people changing a lightbulb.

So if this was a “manifestation” custom I wouldn’t bat an eye, I’d say, “wow, this looks awesome… it very well might take 19 results enhancers modules to maximize manifestation, I can’t wait to see this custom in action!” but for the goals of the custom and the experience of the user I’m going to go out on a limb and say he’ll likely get better results if he utilizes his available module-slots better.

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I definitely understand both perspectives here.

Hello @Forum_Ambassadors, I kindly ask if any additional folk could shed some light on the situation at hand. Thank you.

Regarding result enhancements, I would like to share what support has said about this here.



Thank you for posting this.

The AnswerGroup knows what is in the scripts of the programs, and what would be sufficient, insufficient, redundant, etc. By tagging the AnswerGroup or entering a support ticket, that is where you can get an accurate answer by those in the know who designed the scripts.

There are people on here who can give you ideas about what to do regarding building subliminals. What they say might sound logical, common sensical, convincing, authoritative, obvious, etc. But remember that the people who truly know about what is in the scripts, as well as the limitations of certain combinations, are confined to the AnswerGroup, who can be accessed via a support ticket. That is where the true authority on SC products is.


True ^

I didn’t have a quote but I did remember Saint saying something about results enhancers and when they are/aren’t useful

Take a look at merger of worlds and intuition enhancer. Obviously these would help immensely in all areas of intelligence.

Also Win Wenger(rip) said that one of the first things you should notice with image streaming is intuition increase…I learned the hard way that I was doing it wrong until I started to see that result. The rest of the story for another time, gotta hit the gym

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What is image streaming?

Its thee best technique I know off that increases rapport with the subc - Please see win Wenger’s archived website:

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For a little while I tried out QWS but I think it hindered me because I did not meet the pre-reqs. I’ve been all over the place trying to learn about different forms and different schedules, but recently decided to go super simple with the original IMS just 20ish mins a day and have had pretty good results regarding quality of visualizations.

I’m interested in learning more about your streaming journey, though. How long have you been streaming and what mistakes did you fix?