Throat tightness

What does it mean if you are talking to someone and the throat area feels constructed or tight and your volume is lower than usual?

Asking for a friend :joy:

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Assuming that‘s not the obvious one where they have a hand around your friend‘s throat and are squeezing….I‘m guessing your friend would have noticed that one. :smiley:

Some blockages popping up…the body stores a lot and remembers a lot. Could be the weather, the air pressure, or a smell, or anything, really. Let‘s say it‘s a smell that brings something up - needn‘t have anything at all to do with the current situation, except smelling similar to something that triggers a difficult in-body memory.

It could of course also be a direct emotional reaction, but then your friend would hopefully be aware of that.

I would not assign any meaning just because of that kind of reaction by itself unless you have another reason to assume it‘s related to the situation. (In which case your friend can probably name the reason, too.)


Ok. More to add (from my friend of course)

What if it’s paired with a feeling of timidity or walking in eggshells? Afeared of of upsetting the person?

Again, impossible to tell just by description. Old things stored can trigger compley stuff, too. What would be really useful is to try to watch how it arises, and if there‘s some connection to what is going on.

Say, if I‘m getting afraid (everything you described matches that) it would be really useful to be very present, and aware of if this has anything to do with the present situation or if it seems unconnected. It‘s the only real way to distinguish it but it may take practice.

Second best is to think about it afterwards and replay it. It‘s very difficult to figure out it an old block or memory is triggering a reaction. You either need to be very present, or alternatively, a replay of the interaction might work, while mentally observing it. That could also allow you to see if there‘s something in the interaction triggering it, or if it just pops up.


I’ve had this exact thing. I know what he’s referring to from personal experience but I don’t know how much I can share on it apart from what it was like for me. The tightness in throat, combined with a general feeling of lack of social confidence. Yeah. And it comes up at specific instances, it’s not an all the time thing, it’s something that happens in specific scenarios.

What kind of information is your friend looking for?

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Just ideas what it is and how to move past it. If it’s just a lack of social ability, I’d recommend True Social.

But since it only seems to happen with one person, I assume it’s not just lack of social grace.

Does this “one person” happen to be a pretty person “your friend” is attracted to? :wink:

It’s actually his wife lol. Hence why I doubt it’s just social skill. Heartsong might be in order

He’s just become aware of this after a few loops of S&SX

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Okay. Lots of classics.

First of all, throat clenching up in this scenario is often a lack of power and freedom in saying what needs to be said. Throat is clenching to literally restrict viable speech options to maintain safety.


“Sex and Seduction helped me realize that I have this block coming up with my wife. Now let me switch subs to fix it.”

S&SX is healing that on it’s own. How do you know? Because S&SX is bringing awareness to it.

Stick with S&S for a few cycles and watch the way this resolves itself on it’s own. Don’t worry about other subs.


It’s in the custom he’s about to build to run for a while.

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No. I meant stack HS in to help work on whatever is going on with him and his relationshit

In my experience, Heartsong does cause “productive” fights that move through things. But they’re explosive.

My relationship gets infinitely better when my partner runs Chosen. It could probably help to run Chosen, either him or her. I don’t run Chosen personally so I don’t know how that would work.

Heartsong has a bit of healing but it mainly has manifestation I find it almost makes me realize the traits that I wish my partner had rather than help melove my partner deeper.

Chosen From Within might be the fastest path - being the man in a relationship is being a leader. Healing those blockages sounds like the goal.

Or… I only just thought of this now… how much of it comes from a perception that she doesn’t see him as valuable? doesn’t regard him as positively as he’d like? I’d be tense around people too if i was on edge waiting for criticism/judgement.

Maybe something as simple as Love Bomb could do the trick. Create an aura that causes more positivity to be pointed in his direciton.


I’m not sure but that might just be shyness, smile :slight_smile:

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I had this with more than one person, several subs helped. Chosen had the biggest effect. Not realizing for a few days helps a lot too. Oh, that and extensive vocal training of all the nuances involved in speech. If you want a very quick fix, google “straw phonation.”

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Ok. Ok. It’s me :joy:


That took courage Palpatine. You’ve got guts.

I’ve had that a lot in my life. Ì was afraid of being rejected, and my throat would clench, like a bodily reaction so I’d not speak my truth.

Even here, while writing, I sense it. I wasn’t expecting that.

But I’ve been trying hard to be honest, and not fake. It scares the F out of me.

The root is a trauma. If I wasn’t on DR presently, I’d be using Regeneration with some alpha sub since it directly deals with trauma.

Again, respect for your honesty.

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It’s probably why Heartsong always seems to hit me harder than any other title so far. and why I’ve yet to do a solid run of it.

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I remember Saint saying Heartstrong has a lot of healing in it. Some were struggling with it, and he shared that.

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I’m just more baffled/surprised than anything at noticing that. Like, that’s probably been there for a while but it’s never fully registered.


Pretty cool S&S brought that to awareness. Probably gonna be a lot more where that came from too. When seemingly minor things like that don’t register for me I know I’ve partially dissociated from it and it’s like a spiderweb of interrelated stuff that is going to also present itself.