This will change EVERYTHING! Emperor Time


Some might wonder why im i in such a good mood? Well did you know that my top 3 subs ( Mogul, Ascension and Sex Mastery X ) have been combined and refinded in to the tyrant that is Emperor? And alot more of amazing additions as my new personal favorate < Deep Sleep >

I have struggled with sleep since my early teen years, takes me a about 40 min to fall asleep, and feeling like i WANT to sleep so i could wake up more ready to Conquer! Id like to thank Subclub for this addition. Really makes me feel appreciated.

Day 2: Today i got so much done, did my work, called those annoying tech support who finally gave me my tax return money after wasting my time for five days. My boss called and gave me permission to start 3 courses ( i work as a teacher on the side ). All in one day.

This sub is my next step after Ascended Mogul. First day changes was the quality sleep, i now feel really greedy about my money. Not spending another $ on nonsense. My presense commands even more authority, on top of the ( not so obvious ones anymore because of Ascended Mogul ). This is next level.

It did, however, have me on edge for the better part of yesterday. I was compelled to make small changes IMMEDIATLY!!! I felt bad about not being tough enough with those phone tech support guys who were supposed to give me what they owe me.

If anyone is still lurking around here… now is your time to shine as well. Grab Emperor today and see for yourself. So far, after years of using subliminals and even using subclub which i thought couldn’t possibly get any better. It blew me away.

Grab it here
(( ))


I’ve been using Emperor since relese… so far im amazed at the results. MY Libido is on par with Sex Mastery X and im saving and earning money better than i’ve ever done with Mogul.

But the most impressive of them all. Is the will-power. I feel like i could do anything 24/7 and my work is improving drastically. I simply am bulletproof at this point.

The sleeping is amazing with this one, im also feeling alot happier and relaxed. So far its going better than i’ve expected.

Also my gf has been very very feminine around me. Even more than before. She says i feel like a little cat when im around you.


I started Emperor last night. I feel really good this morning outside of the weird almost horror movie type dream I had . I’m going to have so much fun with this.


Ah, horror movie dreams. Yes, I had one of those.

Would love to know what is causing those.


So, you know that dreams are the result of your subconscious attempting to process all the information it acquired throughout the day. From what I can tell, “horror dreams” is your subconscious confronting fears and other things that scares it. Since the subconscious generally communicates with pictures, or “intuition” or “seeing patterns,” it’s only natural that the processing of information that frightens it would result in scary dreams.


5 days ago my GF told me that her period was late, to my suprise, since i was extremly careful and used protection. It wasn’t untill yesterday her period came. Those 4 days of waiting felt like hell and making me question every decision i’ve made so far. I truly realised how bad things could be, and how lucky i am.

Not only that. I’ve handled myself pretty well. Something like this would have wrecked my nerves a year ago. But i stayed strong and decided that id see this through no matter what.

Emperor have made me very tenacious and my skin is tough as steel. And with all that being said. No more distractions. Time to master my craft and get more money.

I might run a few loops of Mogul alongside to enhance wealth programming.

One more thing: The sex on Emperor is 75% that of Sexual Mastery X. Which is more than plenty for my part. My girl came over two days ago, we had sex like every hour and i’ve made her orgasm 3 times each.

That does not, however, deminish the value of Sex Mastery on its own. I’ve built a solid foundation with it.


I’ve found that you only need about 2-3 loops per week of Sex Mastery X as “maintenance.” Whenever you get the chance, just toss it into your subliminal stack for a few loops and you’ll be good to go.


Yesterday i broke up with my girl. We are done. In that way atleast. Since the first week i met her she was always a bit heitant with her affections. Her family does not like me, they want her to be with someone with same ethnicity. She knew this wouldn’t last and so did i. In one week she will be back to her city to continue studying. So i resolved the matter since she was too indecisive and leaning more and more twoards ” I cant and we shoudln’t do this ”

Compared to my last breakup. Im doing pretty great and i have Ascended Mogul and now Emperor to thank. I did the right thing and i have no regrets. Now lets see whats in store for me. Guess it’s time to get back into Tinder.


Don’t let that nonsense with her family bother or sway you. You’re an Emperor, you don’t have time to listen to nonsense such as, “you’re not good enough for her because of your race.” And good job on taking the bull by the horns and just handling your business.


Thanks Saint!

There is no room what so ever for anyone who cant see past race/religion in my life. Its not her fault, her family think backwards and she is too scared to face them. Then again i have every right to make my choice.

She kept texting afterwards and crying ” why are you so cold ” and ” i didnt know it will hurt like this ”. Bottom line she isnt ready to let go, so she wants me to be her imaginary boyfriend untill she is ready to move on. Wont happen.


Chiling here At my apartment with all bills payed and an extra 1200$ in my bank. Finally things are the way i want them to be. For that i have perseveried through starving, sleeping on friends couches, backstabs, breakups, poverty, zero motivation or will to live.

The only commodity that truly got me through all that was faith and an undying resolve. For me this is what i wanted and this is what i got. Its time to aim higher. Through the early stages of Ascension, Mogul and then Ascended Mogul and now to Emperor. Subclub have been with me through this journey. This club and it’s members have stood by me when i was at my lowest. Nothing happened on it’s own, i got what i wanted through effort and determination but the road was made a downhill ride.

Im grateful. For this moment. For this community and for choosing to fight.


Absolutely beautiful post man. I’ve been witness to all the dark moments and I’m happy that you’ve finally achieved your end goal.

Much love.


Much appreciated brother. Looking forward to your updates


Oppertunities are jumping up the river stream and i, the hawk, need only to lock on the prey and snatch it. It’s crazy how easy this all seems yet it is not at all. All my previous work, effort and even word by word led me into this. It’s like i’ve hit all the right notes without knowing what comes next. I expect my income to Triple at this rate.

But for now lets talk about Women. Since i became single again i’ve re installed tinder. Its going nowhere but this is also fine but i long for something new. All my sexual partners, so far, had been the same type.
Sheltred, Secretly kinky and submissive. Just how i like it. This seem to be the pattern for me, all except this type get filtred out by natural selection i guess.

I am dominant, controlling, cocky, kind, emotional and sensational. This type of partners have been good.

But i long for a new type, the crazy party girls who are 100% ego, entitlement and looks. Seriously the best looking women are egotistical and entitled. These would be best for me at the moment since i could never take them seriously or have something serious with them.

The shy, sheltred, kinky and submissive type is my weakness. I can’t not develop feelings for them. In my heart i am a giver. Im happy when they are. I want to be with women i give zero ####s about. But for that i need to work on my ” Short term game ”. They also happen to be the most sexually attractive women.

The emotional or mental state is everything. What i would like to see in the new Sex sub i just that. Raw confidence. The type that make women wet.

As of now, i have extreme confidence. I am my own man and i need no one. I am happy on my own. What i want is the Raw in the Moment confidence… that which make women feel when they see a tattoed, 6ft+ man

The game is also stacked against me. I live in Sweden and im an immigrant. There is this barrier that makes it challenging.


This last week i have been feeling very strange. Something is different. Like i just dropped a videogame and now im starting an entierly new game from the the start. And it sucks.

I went from having sex 10 times a week to 0. And thats only when my ex used to come over twice a week. It feels like i lost my play thing and im very bored. Not gonna lie i’am excited for the new Sex sub. I am making money, working, yada yada but still Emperor and Sex Mastery have me on Overdrive.

Not even going to the gym is cutting it for me. It would be nice ro have a solid rotation or a girlfriend for a year.

Now that im on Tinder again, lets see if Sex mastery and Emperor have something in store for me.


Started Emperor Ex Machina yesterday. The difference in power vast and obvious. Its like i am the Emperor beyond emperor. It’s approximatly 4 times stronger than regular Emperor.

I was having a very bad time thinking about my ex this last week. I put on Emperor as a last resort and woke up fresh as hell. Focus, power, speed, willpower its all there. Kinda makes me regret not running it from the get go.


Everyday i have been getting up earlier and earlier, doing more, working harder and feeling better. Emperor Ex Machina is fast working, hard-hitting smooth criminal. This is my subjective experiance.

Ex Machina makes Emperor seem like ” Emperor Lite ” in comparison. It has helped me go through with my breakup. The reason this took so much out of me was because i didn’t want to let go, i was able to. But didn’t want to. Now it’s over.

That being said, i have a student in one of my classes who i believe is only there because of me. She is very talkative to other students but near me, she has a hard time catching her breath. Her eyes says it all. But i gotta stay proffesional even tho she is a 9/10 looks and personality wise.

Still waiting for the sex sub. Its about time i start my rampage.


Vivid dreams with Emperor ex machina. Remeber glimpses of them. There was a large storage, willed with boxes and it had broken things like from chairs to dead animals. Wierd as hell.

Another thing i remeber is being with celebrity girl who has very hot. Her friends were all in for us, they’d even flirt with me. I was a rulebreaker, an outlier, and rules ment nothing for me. I didnt have any superpowers but everything just fell into my lap.

Eemperor ex machina is eradicating my feelings twoards my ex. At this point its my choice if i get sad. Because i have no reasons or emotions for her.


Which sub is Emperor Ex Machina.


An expermental version of Emperor. Ex Machina is a build that is ” potentionally ” far stronger than the average build.