The Wizard - Wanderings of the Soul

Background: Ive just finished with 5 months of Dragon Reborn, plus a couple of months of Paragon. All of this after being very thorough with Regeneration and Elixir (in between many other adventures).
I feel totally satisfied by the experience and now I want to focus on getting things done and manifesting the kind of life I want, Ive had enough healing already.

Time for my customs!!

Inspiration: Knowing, manifesting, intensifying and expressing my Self, my Essence, my True Nature.

Archetype Invocation: As the name of the journal suggests its the Wizard. The name comes from images inspired by Black Sabbath song “The Wizard”. It captures the spirit of the journey.

"Misty morning, clouds in the sky
without warning, the wizard walks by
casting his shadow, weaving his spell
funny clothes, twinkling bells
never talking, just keeps walking, spreading his magic

Evil powers disappear
demons worry when the wizard is near
he turns tears into joy
everyone’s happy when the wizard walks by
never talking, just keeps walking, spreading his magic

Sun is shining, clouds have gone by
all the people, give a happy sigh
he has passed by, given his sign
left all the people, feeling so fine
never talking, just keeps walking, spreading his magic".


The Wizard Qv2
  1. Alchemist St4 v2
  2. Khan St4 v2
  3. Iron Frame
  4. Intuition Enhancer
  5. All-Seeing
  6. Eagle Eye
  7. Manipulus
  8. Rogue
  9. Lion IV
  10. Total Nonchalance
  11. Chiron
  12. Dragons Tongue
  13. Negative Energy Transmutation
  14. Divine Will
  15. The Architect.
  16. Energetic Development
  17. Trascendental Connection
  18. Gratitude Embodiment
  19. Yggdrasil
  20. Jupiter
Gnosis of Dominus (GOD) Qv2
  1. Stark Q v2
  2. RICH
  3. Sultan
  4. Financial Succes Reality Shifter
  5. Wealth Limit Destroyer
  6. Secrets of Akasha
  7. Secret Source
  8. Positive Being Attractor
  9. Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
  10. MarketWeaver
  11. Dominion
  12. The Flow
  13. Direct Influencing
  14. Fortunes Favorite
  15. The Spotlight
  16. Mystery
  17. Productivity Unleashed
  18. Power Unleashed
  19. Stress Displacement
  20. Carpe Diem
Ardhanarishvara Qv2

Sex Mastery
Sexual Manifestation
Sexiness Unbound.
Long-Range Seduction
Instant Spark
Gorgeous Manifestor
Focused Arousal
Prevent Premature Ejaculation.
Male Enhancement
The Wonder
Chosen of Venus
Love Without Attachment
Depths of Love

Tantric Lover Ultima v2

PSIT Ultima v2
True Social Ultima v2
Diamond Ultima v2
Eagle Eye
Fortunes Favorite


  • Money.
  • People Reading/Attraction.
  • Amazing Sexual Life.

When I say Momey I mean, more work and more ways of making money, attracting new opportunities.
When I say People Reading/Attraction I mean, reading people in all kind of contexts, reading none verbal language, reading their energies, reading their intentions, diagnose their personalities and behavior patterns.

When I say attraction I mean way more than attracting beautiful woman, I mean attracting the right kind of people in my life, that can help me grow and expand in all the right ways, manifest more opportunities to enjoy life and learn.

Amazing Sexual Life means, connection, intimacy, longer and more intense orgasms, and ultimately shattering all inhibitions and deep dive in the pleasures of sex.

I will take the weekend to rest from subs and on monday the journey begins!


Brothers, I present a true Wizard of Iron! - Imgur

muthafckn wizards Demon bro who got never die
Jacked as fuck, probably works out every day after preparing De
Pathetic fighter blown away
by his magical
serious wizard loving
Helmet, taken from night


@Azriel Great pictures man thanks! The second one gpte laughing… I mean rippling arcane abbs is a great idea and a lucky girl about to get some serious wizard loving… thats something I can get may hands into for sure :smile:


Rippling arcane abs killed me


Seems Renaissance Man was built for exactly that. Great sub for knowledge, flow, and self-expression.


You are right! I already own RM so Im gonna rotate it in my stack.

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As for reading people, PCC is the best sub for this IMO.


The Wizard works very good at that, it has Manipulus (based on PCC), All Seeing, Intuition Enhancer and Eagle Eye.
Ive tested it for a while and delivers exactly the results I want.
In the future I will consider PCC, I dont want a big stack this time around.


I see your point.

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So it begins!!! Listening to Wanted right now…

My idea:

Day 1:

The Wizard
RICH or Custom Ultima (only as needed)

Day 2:

Money Magnet
Renaissance Man
RICH Crypto

Day 3:


Then repeat


Did a loop of Wanted and The Wizard… the sexual energy is amazing and its flowing right through me.
Im channeling all the energy upwards my spine.


Today I did my loop of Money Magnet and Renaissance Man… already feel a little overloaded. Its funny cause it gives me a little brain fog and some stomach discomfort, like being a little sick.

Now rest till thursday.


Awful reconciliation… so much headache and nausea… Horrible.


Last night I did some excercises to loosen the neck and shoulder muscles and took ibuprofen. The pain went down immediately about 50%. A while later it went down some more and I fell asleep.
Today I woke up with an overload sensation in the 3rd eye, is at the limit of being called painful.

To be honest I have taken ibuprofen before for recon headaches with little to no results, so I believe it was the excercises which delivered the magic by loosening up all the nerves and muscles in the skull. They have been thight and painful since last friday when I was finishing DR.


Listening to Wanted Solace, later Im doing The Wizard.

Ive been noticing and reflecting on how easier it has become for me to recognize social dynamics, specially power struggles, manipulation and deception in general.

The best thing is that not only is easier and easier to detect it, but is effortless for me to keep my distance and not play the game if I dont want to, or else to calmly, non chalantly keep my frame in an organic, natural way.


Today I woke up overloaded… the feeling is like an overheated motor. Im not listening my stack for today, at least not until the feeling is gone, if its not then I’ll resume tomorrow.


Yesterday Ive listened to Wanted and The Wizard, today Im listening to Money Magnet and then RICH Ultima.

Things Ive noticed so far:

  • Im very sexual.
  • Sexual energy concentrates in my balls, very intense… then spreads upwards to my chest.
  • If Im busy that energy serves the purpose of whatever Im doing.
  • I felt the need to stop eating sugar and dairy. Started yesterday.
  • I keep getting clients from out of nowhere.
  • Im resistant to break a threshold workwise, that could lead to more money.
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Seems like a good time to revisit my old Primal Seduction Qv1 Terminus Custom, in light of the nice results of Wanted and the release of HeartSong.

Sex Mastery
Charisma & Flirting Automatic Mentor/Improver
Emperor’s Voice
Sexual Manifestation
Sexiness Unbound
Long-Range Seduction
Instant Spark
Instant Seducing Tactician
Gorgeous Manifestor
Focused Arousal
Seducer’s Gaze
Prevent Premature Ejaculation.
Male Enhancement

Cant get any better than this!!


Did The Wizard and Wanted on monday and Money Magnet and Wanted on tuesday. Finally decided to ditch Renaissance Man.

Today I took the day off to rest and Ive been feeling so sexual and nonchalant the whole day. I admit I had to resist the urge to listen to just one little loop :sweat_smile:
Im having to learn how to deal with this constant and very intense sexual energy… Im definitely not a slave to it, but Im not quite yet used to manage it, in such a strong and persistent fashion.

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3 days with no sugar and no dairy… and I havent felt any abstinence.