The true nature of reality


Ok, had been running ST4 Quantum Limitless every day for a few days recently. Hadn’t really felt anything impressive…

But I somehow came across a blog written by this man which is mind-blogging. I happened to come across his blog while searching for a completely unrelated topic… and then I dived deep into his rabbit hole.

I mean right now I am still not sure about whether he’s joking about his previous involvement in top-secret military programs in the US in cooperation with extra-terrestials… but somehow the stuff he writes about the true nature of reality falls in line with what I am thinking and what I have learnt from many years of reading about all sorts of spiritual explanations of our reality. He doesn’t seem to be joking and my mind is still trying to process this fella’s writing…

Check it out here especially if you are into UFO disclosure, aliens, John Titor, quantum reality, top secret US operations… The guy says the blog might be shut down anytime.


Waiting for QL’s spellcheck module to kick in. That’s what you get for not starting at ST1. :wink:

I find myself thinking about Simulation Theory more often lately. Alchemist is causing me to reconsider pretty much every belief I have held about existence. Even things how time works and how we can affect the past from the present.

I remember the multi-dimensional theories that popped up trying to explain the movie Lucy (which is the movie I linked QL to instead of good old Limitless). The idea that the more dimensions you perceive, the more awareness of time and space you have…

Ever seen a Holotope? 8 dimensional mandala, apparently. Groovy meditation.


How does one passively feel an increase of fluid intelligence and motivation? Make sure you’re working on a project, or trying to learn something. Otherwise, there’s no pathway to manifestation.