The StarkQ Custom Over Kill A.K.A "Mosaic" The Game Changer


Just FInished Ordering My Custom. “Terminus 2 Build”

StarkQ Core


Stop Porn and Masturbation
Productivity Unleashed
Deep Sleep
Wealth Limit Destroyer

Leader of Men
Lion IV
Natural Winner

Prevent Premature Ejaculation

A light Custom, Which will serve as my base.

I will stack my major Programs with It after a few days of running it Solo


Ends up sleep-watching a limitless wealth of roaring productivity porn on the leading website, taking all night to orgasm.

Now why am I not surprised you went for the Terminator build?

Props on sticking to a low module count and I wish you massive success!

PS Lion is in there twice.



Fixed :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Did you go for Terminus²?


A little bit about my journey

I am Mechael Archie Stark, a distant relative of Tony Stark. I bask in fame and enjoy being the centre of attention .
My status is rising in rapidly and I am becoming well known for my best qualities even those i’m unaware of. i am becoming known as the best in my field and as a powerful and charismatic person.

My confidence is becoming unshakable and unmatchable everyday.

I am the man that enters a room and everyone whispers his name in awe of the acheivements. I navigate conversations effortlessly, regardless of the social status of the people I talk with. I leverage the power of other people to move ahead in life.

I have a magnetic presence and i can lead and inspire others to take on the most unimaginable, grandiose tasks, that can have far reaching benefits to humanity – and succeed, owing to my inspiring leadership.

I have intellectual competence and my intelligence and productivity is increasing everyday. I am becoming an unrivaled prodigy in my field. I am turning my business into a mega corporation.

I am making the world a better place to live in. Everday in everyway, I move closer to discovering my true self, Charisma and genius.

I am man who is truly in touch with his masculine core. every day i realise that i am more and more able to embrace my masculine qualities that I might have been afraid to accept before, and lI et go of the fears that bind Me from my masculine potential. With such potential unleashed, I see other men looking at me with a desire for leadership – they crave for me to lead them, and show them how a true man lives.

I am Calm, nonchalant, focused, dedicated. I have a sense of relaxed mastery in me. in any situation I notice myself becoming so relaxed, but at the same time have an unshakable sense of power coursing through me.

I am always winning no matter what I do in life. This is because of my unrelenting motivation pushes through all failures that happen. Failure has disappeared from my reality. What exist in its place is a learning tool. I also let go of negativity, and everyday I feel as if success is inevitable.

I am developing the focus and desire to work to unimaginable degrees, as I turn myself into an absolute machine of productivity, allowing me to excel and master anything I wish.

everything that i feel limits me is Self created limit and is simply a matter of not seeing other options. I look beyond, and limits disappear.

After dominating my I, I come back home, spend time with family, have dinner and fall asleep quickly, easily and deeply, and wake up completely rejuvenated and ready to dominate the next day.

P.S these are jus descriptions of my modules


All jokes aside, all the best with this new custom. I am sure the struggles you face will seem very temporary in the near future as the sub guides you to achieve your goals.


Consciously affirming this to yourself will possibly aid you in your Progress, especially if you do it right in the morning and before going to sleep.


Yess! I thought why not


that is why i drew from all the descriptions, so that I am reminded everyday about the journey


That was a mistake in my opinion, you deliberately chose a compact subliminal for quicker results and then you went for Terminus² which is somewhat counter-productive if you look at it.

With Q you would of been able to run your Custom a few times a day, with Terminus probably once a day and now with Terminus² who knows, you can probably only run it once every 3 days.

Just my humble opinion.

Good stuff, it increases the conscious connection to your unconscious scripting. An interesting thing would be if upon purchase the Q-store also created a similar Affirmation chart for users to increase results through the before mentioned method.


What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger


We’ll see about that kind approach :wink: , still the best of luck to you.


@SaintSovereign a $10 (or more) addon option available upon each order…please??


Q-Stores A.I program would be able to create a script similar to the one above in only a few seconds.


That is actually no bad idea


Nah. People will assume that those are the affirmations inside the Subliminal. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Consciously choosing to do this like @mecharc is a great idea. :+1:t2:


I read the sales pages over and over again
for my affirmations :joy:

seriously though-I do find it orients me to the results I am actually getting and re-affirms it


@Azriel Don’t give away my secret.


Today I woke up Early morning…Half asleep, I remembered about Beyond Limitless Ultima. Threw my head phones on and went back to sleep.

Maybe because i played it durimg sleep, I didn’t really feel anything different.


This is a cognitive enhancement and productivity booster. What exactly were you expecting to feel upon running while sleeping and just waking up?