The Stages Of Physical Shifting

Wanted to open a discussion on how the different stages of Physical shifting in a subliminal changes you and makes you feel. I feel like this might help new people and others see how other people react to Physical Shifting and to correlate it with their experience. My experience comes from me and the data I’ve gathered so far from using my WHOOP while using my custom which has Facial Morphing, Emperor: Heigh Inducer, SPS: Endocrine System, Physical Shifter: Sexiness and IQ Booster. Here’s how I would describe the stages so far that I’ve experienced (Now obviously this is all pure theory and personally what I feel like are the stages I’m going threw):

Stage 1 (Preparation): This stage prepares my body for the physical shifting so that it optimally moves smoothly. Usually in this stages I would experience increased hunger, increased need of sleep (8 hours is no longer enough and I would need at least 9 hours of sleep to optimally perform according to WHOOP), recovery might go sub-optimal because of the fast rate of physical shifting which I experience (The body has to adapt to the quick physical shifting and this seems to make sense since my recovery on my WHOOP has been less then 50% even though my sleep and all other factors are optimal), increased fatigue/tiredness (To be honest these normal side effects might be able to be reduced by putting Serum X in a custom if your making one). One last thing and honestly it might not even be related to physical shifting is much less desire for girls and much more desire for work and fitness (This might purely be based of the effects my custom gives.)

Stage 2 (Adaption) - (In progress for me): This is the stage where I sort off reach a baseline and it’s the stage I’m at and will talk bout it right now. Hunger is stabilized I will have more hunger then before starting the physical shifting sub but it won’t be as much as Stage 1 where I want to eat anything that is considered food even though it might not be healthy for me. In this stage, I usually go for more clean/home cooked foods instead of fast food and instead of deserts I would go for more fruits instead. In this stage, my sleep and recovery are reaching optimal levels which makes me wake up refreshed and thriving to workout and win the day (Recovery and sleep in this stage are measured by my WHOOP). Fatigue/Tiredness is much less where in Stage 1 it would be every day but in Stage 2 it will happen when I go do a “Off day” (Partying, going out or eating fast food all day).

Stage 3 (Optimization): Keep in mind all in all stages are somewhat intertwined and work off each other to build up upon different stages. I can’t comment on Stage 3 yet since I’m not even in that level yet but I would loved to hear out people talking about their experience about it.