The Rise of Eros


Hello there :slight_smile:

After I ordered my custom Q-Sub Sunday evening I decided to start a journal to record and support my journey and also to help this amazing community to see some more insights about the Modules I use.

So first of all let me introduce myself.
I am Maltaner and my friends call me Malti so this is the Nickname I choosed for my custom Sub becaus I think that I resonate better with it then with my real Name.

I am from Germany, 33 years old and started around 4-5 years ago listening to subs.
I already listened to some heavy scripted subs and I am not very prone to reconciliation so I decided to pick TĀ² for my Custom Sub.
I am also more the stubborn type sub-wise.
So I think I need some power but I am also aware that rest is very important for powerful Subs like that like Saint pointed out.

I am more the quiet nice guy type but Subs especially from Subliminal Club already helped me to be more outgoing and self-confident.
This already helped me with my Behavior in my job.
I am working in a traffic adrministration (sorry I donĀ“t get a better translation for this in germany itĀ“s called Verkehrsbehƶrde) and therefore I have to control road works and tell the workers what to do and what not. So a self-confident and quite commanding appearance is very helpful.

So while I am writing this I am listening to my first loop of the masked version of my Custom via headset on my Computer. So far I am not noticing much I would say.

And now let me introduce you the composition of my Custom Q-Sub :grinning:
The main purposes of my sub is to be succesful with woman to work on my physical appearance and to get better at shuffling (cutting shapes).
I tried to choose modules which mostly resonate with my natural personality type.

  1. Khan St 4 Core - The main big gun for me to get more succesful with women and to get even more self-confident. IĀ“ve runned Khan St 1 and the Q Version now for quite a while and also for around a month St 4 (the normal one) and I think I am ready for St 4 Q TĀ² now.

  2. Quantum Limitless St 4 Core - This should be helpful for me especially in my job but also to get better with my shuffling practice (as soon as there will be a Dance Skill Module I will swap this in :smile: ) learn to write and speak better in english (so writing this journal should also trigger the QLQ script for me). I already runned QLQ St 1 and 4 at the beginning of the year for around 2 months and it also helped me with controlling the negative impact of stress.

  3. Regeneration Q Core - I decided to integrate this one for my healing because I still need some profound healing and I assume that this one is more profound than using many Healing Modules that would consume some valuable spots in my build.

  4. Extreme Exercise Motivation

  5. Inexhaustible

  6. Serum X - These three modules should help me with my training and my physical change. IĀ“ve used Emperor Fitness St 1 and 4 before without huge success so I decieded to use instead for one of the three core-spots QLQ which worked better for me.

  7. Male Enhancement - I think donĀ“t have to explain this one xD I will measure the size of my Phallus at least once a week. IĀ“ve just measured it before starting my first loop and got 14 cm (5,51 inch) in lenght and 13,5 cm (5,31 inch) in girth. I hope that regular measuring and sharing it will count as action taking on this front. Because I think that being open to share this intimate thing is already a huge step.

  8. Physical Shifter- Sexiness - This module should steer my physical changes in the direction of getting sexier which hopefully increase my chances of getting more succesful with woman.

  9. Aura of Craving

  10. Spheara Magnetica

  11. Direct influencing Aura

  12. Auric Overdriver - The auras take a bigger part in my Custom as I think that this fits my personality type better than putting in tons of active seducing modules (which already should be adressed by Khan St 4). The aim is to create a irresistible presence of sexual energy to attract women to me. The direct influencing Aura should help to furthermore increase the influnce of these auras. Auric Overdriver should increase the strenght of all Auras in my build.

  13. Instant Spark - This one sounded amazing to me especially the emotional upheaval effect. This could also be social wise be very helpful to make new acquaintances even faster and to evolve more deep relationships with others not only with women.

  14. Focused Arousal - This should be a good adittion to the sexual auras to even more increase the attraction effect on women.

  15. Long-Range Seduction - This one should help to leave in the women I desire an imprint like effect even If they are not close to me.

  16. Temptation - This should be my ā€œactiveā€ seducing Module besides Khan St 4. I think that this one fits my personality type much better then the more proactive ones like Earthshaker or Instant Seducing Tactician. Especially the sense of mysteriousness sounded very appealing to me.

  17. Lion IV - My social alpha-ish Module. Perhaps I repeat myself, but under all Social/Alpha Modules this one fits me the best. I really like that this will create a relaxed state and sense of power at the same time

  18. Omnidimensional

  19. Tyrant - They sounded a bit mysterious to me not totally understanding what they do but I somehow felt that these can be very powerful Enhancement Modules and then I just followed my first impression to chose them and no other Enhancement Modules.

  20. Overdrive - I think to have succes with woman there should be Succes in the Equation so there it is xD

And surprise supriseā€¦

  1. Financial Success Reality - Yeah you will wonder if I accidently wrote down one module to much but no I really have 21 modules in my build. While building it I wasnĀ“t that aware that 20 was the absolute cap, so I chose this one in addition to have just a slight Financial Factor in my Sub. I later tried to let it remove but it was to late and I got my sub with 21 Modules.

So my journal perhaps will also tell you if a custom sub can also work with more than 20 Modules.

For now this should be enough because as english isnĀ“t my mother language it took me some time to write this so far :sweat_smile:

I hope you enjoy my journal even thoug my language isnĀ“t the best.

Ah i forget to explain the title of my Journal.
Today I just read an article about Starfox the Broher of Thanos.
His original Name was Eros(which is besides the Name of the greek god of Love).
His superpower is the ability to stimulate other beings and to manipulate the feelings of others.
It isnĀ“t very surprising that he uses his powers to get tons of women to letĀ“s say make love with him :smirk:
When I read this article I thought that this descriptions matches my subliminal composition astonishingly good.


Good luck. May you have your own Eros-snaps with this custom sub.


I will follow it closely .
Almost 14 subs are what I want to order so with khan4 and QlL 4 .
Keep us posted


Thank you @raphael :smile:
I will give my best :+1:

I will @rajeshwer :grinning:

So letĀ“s talk about my first day after my first loop yesterday evening.

I slept very bad, not very deep and restless but for my surprise I was really awake mostly powerful and in a good mood today.
Could be coincidence but also could be some of the modules already kicking in like QLQ because even now in the evening after a long stressful day of work I was really motivated and cooked a nice vegan Burger with fries and vegetables.
And I already cleaned up and now I straight began to listen to my sub and write my next journal entry.
And all this after I slept very bad last night :sweat_smile:

So I`m really looking forward to what will happen if I sleep long and deeply :grin:

I can say that externally there wasnĀ“t really somethin to observe I think but internally I really was relaxed most of the time and self-confident in most situations today.
Also from time to time I felt that socialising felt easier to me like when I get a little bit drunk but not too much.

So I think after the first loop and a not so restful night this was quite a promising start.

LetĀ“s see where this journey will lead me to :thinking:


Because the subs will work the best when you take action I decided to use again my vacuum pump.
I used it last year for around 3 months but didnĀ“t noticed any growth of my Phallus.

But perhaps in combination with the Male Enhancement Module this will be some action taking the Module needs to kick in :thinking:


Today IĀ“ll take a rest day because last night I also didnĀ“t sleep that good.

Motivation wasnĀ“t at the level of yesterday but still quite good.

At the weekend I will listen to my loop after waking up.
IĀ“ts possible that it will help me to get better sleep at the weekend but on weekdays I donĀ“t have the option to not listen in the evening.

But I have to say that phases where I have sleep problems are not unsual for me.
Had these also before listening to subs.

Btw before I started with my Custom I had 3 full days without listening to any subs.

Before I listened to Khan St. 1, MindĀ“s Eye TĀ², Sanguine, Aura, Sex Mastery and Emperor Fitness St.4.
And for around 2 weeks I had no sleep problems although this already was some amount of subs.

I also like many others in the forum noticed more and more angel numbers and numbers likse 15:51 and so and.
But the number I see more often than any other number is 37.
And the special about this number is itĀ“s multiples are 111, 222, 333 and so on.
Did you also happen to see the number 37 more often while listening to subs? :thinking:


I slept much better this time.
I could slep 6-7 hours without waking up and after that additional 1-2 hours with a light sleep where I got up several times becaue I already where quite well-rested.

I just finishes my loop today.

This time I used my Bluetooth in ears with my phone, so I could clean up my kitschen in the meantime.
The last 10 Minutes of my Sub I tried to meditate but the Sub gives me a very powerful, activating and unrestful vibe.
I feel kinda motivated to just get things done, so meditaing isnĀ“t that easy in this state :sweat_smile:

When I finished my loop and looked onto my phone it was exactly 11:11 AM and i really didnĀ“t planned this when I started my loop :sweat_smile:


Last Night I also slept very well although I listened to my Loop on Sunday noon.

So I decided to take a rest day today because it seems to be reconciliation.

So until now my listening pattern was the following:

Wednesdey - 1 loop in the evening
Thursday - 1 loop in the evening
Friday - Rest Day
Saturday - 1 loop in the noon
Sunday - 1 loop in the noon
Monday - Rest Day

Today I plan to run one loop in the evening again.

In the meantime I can surely say that Extreme Exercise Motivation is already starting to effect me.
Yesterday during my Shuffle training I was so focused and trained very intensely.
Inexhaustible also seems to work already.
For these modules I generelly think ItĀ“s hard to say if they are really doing their work or if it is just placebo.
I think the longer I am in to my sub the clearer this will get.

My overall motivation is still very high and i think that the stress reducing effect of QLQ St 4 is getting better and better. Also although I have the insomnia problem actually I am mostly very awake and full of energy during the days.

On the aura and physical Shift front I canĀ“t see any changes now but I think that this will need itĀ“s time.

Besides the first good progress I have from time to time the urge to either increase the number of loops I listen or to even quit the sub and listen to a whole other program.
But I think this is some quite normal reconcilitaion which comes with the power of these subs.
So itĀ“s best to let the sub do itĀ“s work and just take it easy.

I want to stay at a maximum of one loop a day at least until Thursday then I have one week with only one loop a day and then I will see if i raise it to 2 loops on On-Days.
But I will make it dependent on how the reconcilitaion is developing.


I forgot to mention that also the weight lifting today was very intense and felt a little bit easier than before because i could focus very well.


So after one week on my customn sub I want to give you a short resumƩ.

Positive Changes:

  • quite high overall motivation and especially for working out
  • procrastination is going lower and lower from day to day
  • I begin to enjoy social situations more than before I would say but itĀ“s quite hard to tell because besides at work and at home with my family I donĀ“t have any social situations regzlarly and I think that this wonĀ“t change in the near future because of Covid-19
  • it gets easier for me to express emotions and feelings and I slowly begin to feel more comfortable with it
  • itĀ“s easier to be myself also in front of people that I donĀ“t know. So itĀ“s a clear rise of my self-confidence.
  • I feel more calm and relaxed also in more stressful situations
  • I overall have more energy for quite everything IĀ“m doing

The Negative:

  • my sleep wonĀ“t get really better. IĀ“m waking up very often and have more problems to get to sleep.
    I have many dreams each night but most of them fade away really fast so I canĀ“t remember most of them but I know that I dreamed like around 5 dreams and more each night.

So far this insomnia isnĀ“t a real problem for me becaus I am mostly awake, powerful and motivated during the days.

The urge to change the sub oder to stop it is slowly fading away but I still have from time to time the desire to listen to more loops a day and to listen to it every day.

This evening I will listen to my next masked loop and tomorrow I will try out one ultrasonic loop in the morning and one masked loop in the evening.
Friday will most probably be a Rest Day.

Later this evening I will measure my Phallus again after one week but I am pretty sure that there are no changes noticeable so far.


I like how you capitalize the word ā€œPhallusā€.


DidnĀ“t even recognize it :smile:


So as I thought after one week no change at all.

Still at 14 cm length and 13,5 cm girth

This will take some time :smile::+1:


Last night I slept better and I slightly remember one dream but not in detail.

I remember something that there where two hot lesbians and then both of them startet to crave for me and one of them then told me that she is bi.
ThatĀ“s all I remember from this dream.
Would be funny if this would turn out as a prophetic dream in the future :joy:


This morning I listened to one silence loop and this evening after my workout I will listen to my second loop today with the masked version.

Today I had the impression that especially my female coworkes where smiling more brightly at me and most people seemed to be more polite and nice to me.

For example on my road works control today the workers on three different work sites where really noticeable polite to me and seemed to be relaxed and smiling and laughing when I came to control them.

Is it possible that the modules in my custom somehow makes the people more friendly in their interactions with me? :thinking:

I thought that this where really over the norm today.


Ah I forgot something.

Yesterday I found a site about angel number on this forum but I donĀ“t remember who posted it.

I said before that I do see the Number 37 very often and the site says for it:

Angel Number 37 is a message from your angels that you are currently travelling along the right ā€˜life pathā€™, and you are encouraged to persist in this vein. The Ascended Masters are with you giving you guidance and assistance when needed.

So I take this as a sign to stay on my custom and keep proceeding on my way and keep doing what I am doing at the moment. :grin::+1:


Today something strange happened to me.

Some time at the early afternoon at work I suddenly begin to feel like I were aroused out of the blue.
But it did not really felt like normal arousal.
I canĀ“t really describe it.
I felt some energy down there but I would classify it more as a disturbing, highly active and nervous energy.
So this state did distract me a lot but after now after some hours it dissipated.

I donĀ“t know where it came from and what it was but there is definetly something going on.

At that time I also sensed something like a shift in my perception, everything felt strange but I have no idea what was going on.
Perhaps some sort of reality shift?

Today after three days in a row with 2 loops a day this being the fourth one I felt a little exhausted and not as motivated as in the days before so I take this as a sign to make a Rest Day tomorrow.


Hello again.

The reasons I didnĀ“t wrote new journal entries are that there didnĀ“t happen that much in the last days and my motivation and good mood from the beginning dropped to normal levels.

But just some minutes ago when I arrived at home after work I noticed that my body odour had changed.
I am not very olfactory sensetive so I canĀ“t describe it very well but I would say that itĀ“s some intense moshus like odour but definetly a masculine odour.
It is the same odour I had when I used a subliminal from a competitor some time ago which definetly contained Pherome Optimization in itĀ“s script.

So now I am pretty sure that either my custom contains modules which directly alter/optimize your pheromone composition or it somehow does it in an indirect way.

But this is definetly the first physical change I noticed since running my custom.
And this really isnĀ“t placebo or imagination.


Thatā€™s simply amazing !!
Which module you think could have done that ?


Difficult to say but I would bet on Physical Shifter- Sexiness because it aims at physical changes in the direction of getting sexier and more attractive.
As I said I am not sure if there is any direct Pheromone scripting somewhere in there but perhaps this module can lead to this if the subconsciousness believes that optimizing the pheromone composition will help to achieve the goal of the module.