The return of Invictus

Aight, so there are many questions that need to be answered, so I guess that’s how this journal is gonna start, so prepare to read quite a bit :grin:

“Where did you disappear to for 30 days?”

Well, short answer: I was locked up in jail :joy:

Now, I don’t wanna sound like a crazy mofo here, but honestly, as scary as being in jail sounds, it turned out to have its own flavor of fun, which resulted in me becoming the most popular guy there with everyone, including the cops, as I was doing magic on a daily basis, and even ended up coming up with new magic routines while inside, as my creativity levels were at an all time high :joy: (yes, we had playing cards there).

“Does this mean you won’t run WANTED Black anymore?”

No, it does not, as even though I, to some degree, blamed WB for the situation, it was actually my own stupidity that landed me in there, along with me being at the wrong place at the wrong time, and I can’t blame any sub for that.

What happened was a result of me not realizing the crowd I was attracting, along with me trusting every random person I meet as if they were my best friends, which is all on me :sweat_smile:

“Where are you headed now?”

Well, there are 2 directions I wanna head in simultaneously, one has to do with my “mastery of the physical world”, as @SaintSovereign puts it, which I still believe needs a lot of work, as the clarity from sobriety also made me come to terms with the fact that I’m wasting so much of my potential, as well as money, I mean, I spent over 150k in the last 8 months on my bad smoking habits, which is very embarrassing if I’m being honest, so with that habit gone, I’m gonna focus more on getting my money up, but not with a new business or something, but instead by utilizing my social skills and popularity more (just last week I finished a training course with AlJazeera media institute, called “Distinguished Media Appearance Course”, a good warm up for the new journey up ahead :wink:).

The other direction is my bodybuilding lifestyle, and as of today, I have started a “cycle” :muscle:t3:

I won’t mention the compounds I’m on, but this is now going to be my new way of pushing myself to the limits, as I have come to the conclusion that due to me fucking up my hormones back when I was 18, I have ended up capping my natural limit due to my own negligence, and while I started using Testosterone a while before “disappearing”, it was cut off due to no access, so now I’m on it “properly”, so while I won’t be attributing all of my physical changes to subs alone, you gotta keep in mind that if I do post, it’s for my own research and “self-hype” (plus I’m curious as to how they interact together).


I had a inkling it was a matrix attack


@Invictus Missed you. Happy you’re back


Glad your back and well man.
Great to make the most of, and an adventure even, of such a difficult situation.
Hopefully it didn’t effect your work.
Quitting smoking will help support your cycle and generally bodybuilding goals as well.
Will you be running the protagonist still or do you have a new custom/ stack?


What a hella story except that about “cycle”.
But that story is somehow better than a Hollywood movie :slight_smile:


Will you have a record in your register or something, I mean can this episode have some impact on your future life, career, etc.?

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Hahaha nah that’s a bit too far fetched :joy:

Appreciate it man :pray:t3:

Thank you bro :pray:t3:
And nah, my dad contacted the HR saying I traveled for an emergency, so I just ended up using my annual leave balance to cover it up, so it’s all sorted now :+1:

And yeah, much more serious focus on bodybuilding, along with wealth :muscle:t3:

As for the stack, no I won’t be running Protagonist at all :upside_down_face: even though I don’t blame that custom, the idea of running it gives me PTSD/anxiety :joy: but there’s a new custom that I started testing today, and it really blew me away with its expression today, but in classic Invictus fashion, there’s another custom on the way that I wanna quickly test out, so after that I’ll stick with the one that I end up choosing.
Whichever custom I do end up choosing will also be stacked with KB st1 :eyes:

I barely even touched on the stories of my days in there :joy:
Just to give you some context, we had:

  • 2 actors & producers
  • an ex-motorcycle racing champion
  • 2 locally famous rappers (one of them being my cousin)
  • a magician (me, duh)
  • a horse racing champion
  • 2 young millionaire entrepreneurs
  • a pilot with 20+ years of flying
  • Qatar’s 23rd best tennis player

These are the main ones I was hanging with most of the time, and still keep in touch with :grin:

Nah, Just some random drug tests here and there, for any banned substances (not including performance enhancing drugs).


Welcome back bro, enjoy your ride.


Care to share your new customs?

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You know what I’m going to ask :slight_smile:

What are they!? Will they included WB and Khan Stage 4?

I had planned to run a similar custom as the protagonist soon. Will proceed with caution if/when I do.


@Invictus : Looks like jail in Qatar is a good place to make high level connections! :joy:


This has to be the craziest thing I have read on this forum so far :rofl:


Not even his craziest post hahahahaha


Are you sure you were in jail and not at some Gala event :slight_smile: ?


Hahaha I will post about them soon guys, it’s just that I don’t wanna post and not commit to the one that I posted :sweat_smile:

As for this, I would caution you to be a bit careful in terms of how you go about it, too much popularity too quickly is bound to get you in some sticky situations :upside_down_face:


Lucky me… Even the thought of being famous makes me anxious.

I avoid all interviews, my name isn’t mentioned anywhere and I’m strict about that.

I don’t post on social media. This forum is actually the only place I engage in any kind of conversation.

I should be protected from the types of situations you manage to get in :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I also do my best to avoid any kind of social contact with new people xD

Just be careful @Invictus


Haha I’m doing my best with that, which is also why the “long answer” in the first post will disappear soon, as I don’t want more mention of that online, just for it to come bite me in the ass later :sweat_smile:


It looks like 28 days is at the super low end of punishment for such charges in Qatar.

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I am very curious about your experience with KB. On WB your stories with your girl were hilarious and I bet with this one you could have even more bizarre :slight_smile:

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It’s not like this thing would be the same for everyone, nor would it be repeated for the same duration.

Anyone else in this situation at any other time would have gotten 6+ months, with a fine.