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My new process thread.

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@dorfmeister, try this; relax yourself, and think what are your goals with the subliminals. Then, choose one, remember that goal, feel how it feels without having it and then how it will feel once you have it. Feel the decision to fulfill it. Remember it, remember the intention and the good feelings.

Make it your priority - do all you can to fulfill it. Completely forget that you’re even listening to subliminals. Focus on taking action and just playing play on the subliminals when you can.

If it’s business, double your efforts and research into business, If it’s women, start approaching like crazy, start hitting up women on Tinder, and research seduction.

Stilness in action, relaxed determination. Trust your subconscious.


So at the moment, is your playlist a mix of Emperor and Limitless (ultrasonic + masked)?


Some people “need” their struggle. If they take responsibility, then the blame is one them for any failure. But if they continue to be victims, then they can blame circumstances and other people, and never need to go through the real pain of realizing they are the ones in control.

It is their life, their journey. It just means their life didn’t reach a point where it hurts more to stay in denial and blaming others than to take responsibility and take action. You can’t get them there with words. It will happen when it will happen, and then they will “wake up”.


Limitless gives me extremely deep sleep too.

I am not suing Emperor at this point in time, I haven’t for months because it is too intense for me. So I can relate that Limitless is great for sleeping.


I don’t remember any dreams anymore since I have started limitless. HOWEVER, I seem to daydream often and just find myself thinking about how to apply things I have learned.

I remember @SaintSovereign mentioning this as a feature included in Limitless.

Are you learning something specific @dorfmeister ? It might not work so well if all you do is relax and wait for things to happen.


Great. Well, how long have you been using Limitless? And which version, L or LX? And how long do you play it each day / night?


Limitless isn’t going to change your behavior the way Ascension or Emperor will, as it’s focused on learning. The way to see “changes” with it, is to be actively learning something. For example, I’m honing my music production and audio engineering skills for a new project, and I’m finding that I’m able to come up with better melodies in my head throughout the day, and recall them better when it’s time to put the melody together in Logic Pro X.

I’m also finding that my understanding of the essence of music from a philosophical standpoint has been enhanced. That’s how Limitless works. It’s essentially telling your subconscious to remove blocks to learning, as well as give more resources to learning and recall.

This isn’t directed at you in anyway, @dorfmeister but…

I cannot express how important it is that people realize that our subliminals are not meant to push you to really “feel” anything and they won’t even really prompt you to alter your behavior. Our subliminals subtly alter your thought patterns and when you begin to act on something, then you’ll observe and see the effects. This was a conscious decision that @Fire and I made, but admittedly, I understand why some of our competitors made the decision to kinda force views onto people, because those cause a subconscious reaction – either elation, or anger – and people use that feedback that the subliminal is “working,” even if it’s pushing them in a direction that’s not aligned with their true selves. Hence, why the six stage sets another producer puts out tends to have such a polarizing response. Some people seem to get tremendously positives results, others either get nothing, or it’s so overwhelming that they have to stop. When you look at the way the producer creates the subliminals, you’ll see that they are essentially applying a blanket set of scripting to EVERYONE’S personalities – which causes issues.

Hopefully, the upcoming Subliminal Supercharger product (more info in a bit) will fix some of this. Early testing is very positive – including be able to “feel” the subliminal more.


I think this is the right choice and the more empowering positive thing to do. Please do not change this.

Feeling the sub or not doesn’t matter. What matters the life changes. That’s really what we are here for.


Nice @dorfmeister I will be getting and starting emperor next weekend.


That is an interesting dream. What did you extrapolate from that if I may ask?


Any initial thoughts about your active state post usage?


Hey @dorfmeister,

Does that Light and Sound machine support Brainwave Entrainment tracks as well? Or only hypnosis tracks?

Thank you




And what did you notice in your state or any other things while running those errands? :slight_smile:


Does this mean listening to it once, or listening to it for hours the whole afternoon? It was not clear :slight_smile:


Can you tell me more about your state after listening to Libertine, and how you interact with people after listening?


And did you notice any changes so far thanks to Libertine, @dorfmeister?


Hello @dorfmeister, maybe that was unclear. Nobody is asking your results in that way.

Just: how different did you feel after Libertine? And did that state stay a while?

Not asking: did 10 girls break your front door and proceed to suck your cock in tandem after 1x Libertine? That is unreal and not what I am personally interested to know.

Just are you becoming a more Libertine person who enjoys the joys of life more, and do you have more of a sexual energy so far? But I understand if this is not interesting to you to answer :slight_smile: