The Primitive Brain and Dopamine

The fun thing about human brain is that it still act on it’s basic primal instinct,this brain still doesn’t know the difference between real experiences and the one on screen.
That’s why Porn industries/hard drugs hijacks our hormones through this mechanism of our primal brain.
Now I came to observe that no matter how knowledgeable, educated or spiritual we humans are,that primitive brain still doesn’t care.
Talkless of the pleasure/reward hormone/neurotransmitter called Dopamine.

Sometimes I pray to stop the production of this dopamine,but how could I enjoy my meals? How could I enjoy sex without it? How could I have fun with friends without it?. Dopamine important to enjoy life.

Now Porn,Hard drugs,Alcohol overloads the brain with dopamine in excessive amounts to the extent that small activities like singing, having fun with friends seem less enjoyable. The fun part is that the mind and the body does not act in congruence with this activity that the brain sees as pleasure,that why after sessions of PMO or smoking feelings of regret step in.
Now as an addict of all these activities that hijacks the reward mechanism of the brain, who wants to excape the Trap.

What sort of activities do you think an addict should indulge in to measure up to the dopamine that PMO & alcohol offers?

Do you think that our brain isnt designed for such experiences?

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In addition to seeking help by qualified people, there might be things to help people wanting to tame their dopamine.

Modules such as Foundation, Eye of the Storm, Stop Porn and Masturbation, and Stronger could help.

There is a phenomenon called “supernormal” that if you look into, it might answer that question.

Dopamine doesnt work the way you think it works, here is a 10min clip explaining this perfectly:

Did you read the link that was posted in the stop wanking thread you also commented on? He explained why there is no direct substitute for porn and you don’t do it that way.

Yes, it absolutely isn’t. This is why it’s so easy to hijack.