The Power of Semen Retention


I’ve read about many people’s experience with it and the unbelievable benefits, some claiming to have their social anxiety cured, becoming extremely confident, stronger mentally/more self discipline, physical improvements (better hair, skin, more muscle growth, etc.), people being more drawn and attracted to you, mental clarity, better cognitive abilities. The list goes on so I’ll just summarize it, according to people who have done it, it’s an upgrade to your mind and body.

So I’m really intrigued and wanna try it out for my self, I’ll update in 50 days and let you guys know about any significant changes. It’s an amazing challenge when you’re doing nofap, recently I let go of that nasty addiction because of my faith and nofap has been pretty easy, but absolutely no release will be hard, it’s crazy because I haven’t made it no where near even 5 days since my teenage years. But my view on porn and sex has changed lately and it seems more achievable than ever.


all the best!!


Nofap was just as difficult for me as no release is for me now. I’ve been on it for 2 months now and first 2 weeks was almost unbearable in avoiding releasing. And then, it just suddenly got easier after that. I still watch porn from time to time, but I haven’t fapped to it. But I’m not sure about benefits that follow with nofap, although I did notice that my skin has gotten a bit oilier for whatever reason.

But I hope you find those changes quickly that I haven’t seen so far.


Semen retention benefits are real. But it’s nothing far fetched.
If you are a bitch now, you will still be a bitch after retention.

What matters is that you take action in fearful situations. That will help you more than anything.

But porn is clearly bad for your mental, shouldn’t be watching that shit anyway.

“recently I let go of that nasty addiction because of my faith” You a muslim like me?


What practices are you doing? NoFap or dry ejaculations?



NoFap, dry ejaculation sounds too hard lol.


ive been staying on this path for about a month with one release, its definitely a challenge if your not used to it. glad you started this, maybe we can share whats worked for us and if anyone gains the legendary ability to dry fire haha


when I fap I feel drained and low energy and everything seems dull. Its difficult for me to enjoy nature and feel it, same with music,it doesn’t touch my soul as much, when I fapped or been on a binge session. While on nofap life seems more beautiful. Once you relapse or binge though you will realize what the benefits are for nofap especially if you have had a long streak going. it’s a night and day difference and you only really realize it after you fapped. While on nofap superpowers feel more subtle in my opinion


respect bro, keep going!


keep going!


The first two weeks are the hardest I found. But I didn’t experience some of the things people online talk about, like they often make it sound like chicks will be running to you on semen retention. I think belief may play an important role in this, if a person thinks they will get those kinds of powers on retention, this could cause a powerful placebo effect. It may help some people to think that they are more attractive or valuable because they changed something about themselves, such as doing semen retention, yet the most powerful thing is their change in self value.

However I did notice a change in my way of thinking and did feel like I emitted a more positive energy. I found it easier to look in people’s eyes and chicks did smile more when greeting them. It’s like at the core I felt like I had nothing to hide or be ashamed of, so it opens me up more. I agree with @Grimm1390 that life seems more beautiful too.

It’s a great thing for a guy to try. Good luck! Doing this during the virus lock down is tough. Not being able to get out and usually being at the computer gives a lot of tempting moments.


completely agree, very challenging situation. this is the time to test what you are really made up of an dhow much you really love yourself…


Been easy so far, I think what it took was having some sort of identity change, it came from a very emotional moment for me when I realized giving in to desires everyday will drag me to hell, that I was making excuses before knowing I can make the right choice every time, and I thought there’s no way I would let something like this beat me. After that I deleted everything and installed one of those chrome extensions that block nsfw content and sites, but that might have been unnecessary for me because that shit doesn’t even trigger me anymore.

I think the only way us humans change is in highly emotional events, if you think of the origin of your trauma, and the most memorable times in your life, or when you changed at the core level, it’s almost always from emotions, logic and words on their own don’t have the power to change a person.

I wrote that because I believe it relates to subliminals, I think the most powerful subliminal will be one that triggers you emotionally, I hope highly customizable and personalized subliminals are the future of this industry as they are the absolute most effective.


Am on a NoFap journey myself and I have decided to retain Semen for at least 5 months after which I will decide on whether or not to have sex sooner or later.

I am 2 weeks in since my last relapse and the maximum time I have held it in was for two and half months.

The advantages of semen retention are very clear for those who practice it. For me there has been:

  • An increase in confidence
  • Feeling more masculine
  • More testosterone which is proved by better morning wood
  • Deep, smooth and clear voice. Loud if i want to be
  • More social
  • More energy although some days it flatlines
  • More cheerful although while performing Semen Retention there will be some moments when you are moody (which feels like subliminal reconciliation)
  • Along with a good diet, NoPMO also aids in faster weightloss. I am doing OMAD+Keto right now and I lost one kg the day before yesterday when normally I lose between 300 to 500 gms a day on a normal OMAD and keto.
  • Your intelligence also feels higher. Brain fog decreases
  • More motivated to succeed
  • Before the lockdown, I have noticed more woman attraction and even women hitting me up in my Facebook messenger when I am active on fb. Uninstalled Fb and Instagram for the time being
  • Less hours of sleep needed. Some days you rest longer though but feel well-rested. Feels like a sort of healing
  • Strong, confident eye contact

These benefits are off the top of my head. There are more and the many NoFap videos are proof of that.

PS: I recommend Semen Retention with a total dopamine detox for full crazy benefits. Your mind clears up after that and chasing success will be easier once your dopamine is balanced. Cause that makes it way easier to do the things that you felt too lazy to do before (like learning, reading, exercise, working, creating, etc) and makes it more enjoyable and fun.


I’ve also thought about similar things. One that is kind of a hypnosis to trigger emotions, but also has the embedded subliminals. I haven’t tried The Elixir yet, but it sounds like it does something like that.

I still find though that the emotion has to come from you, external forces don’t have as much power, and one glove doesn’t fit all, it may not even fit the same person twice. Like I’ve had some powerful emotional religious changes too from years ago, so I know what you are talking about here, however the power of them faded over time. This left me with a lot of confusion and disappointment. Now my beliefs are being challenged again and nothing, old or new, is really having that same punch from before. A strange place to be in.

I’m kinda rambling so I’ll stop here. But I’m glad that you’ve found what works well for you!


You’re right it has to come from within. As far as religious changes go, I had one before this, a long time ago, and it just changed me, I don’t see how the power of them has anything to do with if you yourself changed, unless it wasn’t an actual change but instead motivation which eventually fades. Beliefs get challenged, faith does not, faith is unconditional belief and that may the difference between our approaches to our religions.


It’s hard for me to explain unless I get into my whole story. So I guess just imagine a sudden, incredible closeness to God, so close that you change overnight, you feel invincible and your view of yourself and the world completely changes. However, even though you still have strong faith and learn more and more, the closeness eventually fades as the months and years go by until you no longer feel anything.

I believe faith can be challenged, take different Bible interpretations for example. A person could have very strong faith in how salvation works based on their interpretation, but then someone could show a different one that contradicts that. Should the person not consider the other option because they want their faith to stay unconditional? If yes, what if the second interpretation is the correct one?

Maybe I misunderstand though, is the definition of faith more “generic” to you, such as faith that God exists? Because I can see that as something that stays more in an unconditional state for most people.

Sorry, it wasn’t my intention to derail this thread.


I was wrong. I have come to know that the benefits of semen retention are great.

Porn consumption and masturbation are poisonous. It is the sole reason the western youth is so destroyed today.