The PMO/Masturbation Question


Hey everyone! I have a question which I’m sure many have thought of before but hasn’t been answered in generality on this forum…

I’ve been using Khan ST1 for some time and it’s been making me discover limiting beliefs and overall start to clean up my act. Here’s another thing I want to clean up: PMO. I’d ideally like it to not exist altogether in my life. I noticed my interest in it has decreased significantly since the start of ST1, however, I haven’t been perfect about it and some days I just swing all the way to the other end. In addition, I recently discovered that using Sapien’s Internal Alchemy series is a perfect energetic counter to PMO, so I don’t even experience the energetic downsides. As my life is right now, the only apparent downside to the practice is the fact that it wastes time and it’s a slight compulsion (not a fan of that).

So I call the masters of this forum—of which there are many, but I’ll point out @SaintSovereign, @Fire, and @AMASH—as I ask for a bit more motivation. I know that I can pull off the classic 90-day streak if I put my mind to it; the audios I’m using so far have already made it more feasible than ever before, but now it’s a question of why. In particular, does PMO hinder subliminal results? On the flip side, does NoFap/Semen Retention boost results and/or is a prerequisite to making results happen?


Thank you for your trust @SubliminalUser, it means a lot to me :slight_smile:

So that I can help you in the best way, can you tell me whether you want to stop PMO altogether because it wastes time and it’s a slight compulsion, or because you have a worry it may hinder your subliminal results?

By the way, for those who might not know the acronym: PM0 = Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm.

Until I read your response, I leave you with this video, which details the method I always use to make sure I don’t break a habit that I want to keep at for 30-60-90+ days. It works.


Right now, it irks me that it wastes time. It just messes with the flow of the day and I could be doing something else, or even just enjoying and becoming more comfortable with the silence as is. I’d like to practice being, after all. There’s also the potential effects on the brain & I don’t know if existing audios deal with those effects…

The issue of hindering subliminal results is longstanding; I’ve been concerned with it since using other authors’ audios. Those audios have been rather ineffective for the most part, though. That concern has been alleviated both through the results I’ve experienced so far with Khan as well as through the results others have experienced on this forum (while admitting that they may sometimes do PMO), but I will admit that it is still there. The concern becomes more relevant as I move into the stages of Khan that are particularly geared towards attracting other people as people who practice NoFap tend to note increased attraction. How that interacts with SubClub’s audio, I have no clue.


IMO, PMO (emphasis on P and M) would certainly hinder results, at least it did in my case. You would still get results forsure, but engaging in PMO causes you to not realize your full potential and slide backwards to a certain extent. Sure, you might see results. But you could be seeing even more impressive results without it. I’m talking about self-improvement results in general, not exclusively subliminal results.

What positives is PMO bringing to your life? What negatives does PMO bring? Do the negatives outweigh the positives? IMO, PM wastes your precious time that you could be doing something meaningful. It also makes you less motivated to do something meaningful. All for a quick dopamine hit (that is almost the equivalent of cocaine) to hide away from our discomforts. Sexual energy is the most powerful force in the universe. Why would you waste that?

In my case, PMO fucked up my development as an adolescent. It made me socially anxious to a debilitating degree, sapped my motivation to get shit done and improve myself, and made me depressed. I was deep in the addiction so maybe this doesn’t apply to you.

I haven’t thought about P or M since like December or January. Could be cause I was running Emperor at the time, but it’s nonexistent to me now. Over the past few years, I reduced porn to once or twice a week, but I could still feel it’s effects. I hated that feeling of taking 1 or 2 steps forward during the week, and then taking 1, 2, sometimes 3 steps back. Emperor made me cut out bullshit activities that were holding me back like watching porn and binge drinking every weekend.

I’ve noticed that semen retention helps sexually charge my conversations with girls. Doing O, I notice that I feel temporarily zapped and not as energetic until it builds back up. Like I said, sexual energy is the most powerful force in the world. Don’t waste it. Learn about sexual transmutation.


NoPMO has been one of the most constant challenges of my life since I discovered it. Before it, I thought it was normal for me to be tired and demotivated and felt it might be something to do with my personality rather than because I was masturbating or watching porn too much.

If I have to be totally honest, i have a form of erectile dysfunction thanks to too much PMO and too little sex. It is possible that Sex Mastery might fix this but I have yet to try that product out. Also extended Semen Retention can help with this.

But I digress. My main goal now (and it has been for some time) is to cut out Porn and Masturbation for the benefits it gives me. Mainly creativity, energy, confidence, deeper voice, clearer mind, harder erections, and saving time.

SubClub Subliminals have helped me master this discipline upto a point (mainly Spartan and Godlike Masculinity) but there have been times I have relapsed even with that help.

To your question though, I do feel that NoFap does help with subliminals. Like I have said before, and I will say it again and again mainly for my benefit: “Semen Retention is a Stacking Module”

So I do it to amplify the stack am playing. Like a mindshift rather than a goal.

There are times I do fail in this objective but the main takeaway is to not beat yourself about it. I treat it as a lesson and try again. The pain and self-discipline you gain from this challenge is worth it.

And regarding using Sapien Medicine, please heed the disclaimer that using other audios with SubClub might or might not break the effect of SubClub subs. But that’s your call of course.



Thanks @i_am, @raphael!

Yep, it’s nowhere near like that for me.

That’s great. I heard Emperor has anti-porn scripting, so this result makes sense. Based off of what Khan ST1 is about, I wager one of two things going on:

  1. PMO itself is holding me back.
  2. There’s a certain set of underlying limiting beliefs that have propelled the practice of PMO.

I get the sense that it’s more (2) than (1).

Right, this goes along with the widely held theory that this practice can help subliminals. It’s an interesting idea to think of SR as a stacking module. The problem in the past is that I would beat myself up about messing up a streak or something like that, which ultimately just led me to take away focus from other things.

Heard loud and clear! I speak for myself (and only myself) when I say that Sapien fields have synergistically worked with SubClub—or they don’t interfere altogether. Basically, it’s not a problem so far! :smiley:


@SubliminalUser - haha great to hear about Sapien Meds audios working well with your stack. I tried it out too but was too worried whether it would mess up my stack. So I reverted to using SubClub only.


I thought about confidence the past few days and I came up with this:
It seems like confidence is built upon sexual energy, at least social confidence, a type of confidence that makes you enjoy life and the people around you have a good time aswell.
Sexual energy and confidence seem to be one and the same actually, just difference expressions.
The problem with the subliminals is this: Your brain doesn’t know what porn is. It thinks what you’re doing is actually sex and it ingrains this idea. When the subliminal tries to improve your dating and sex life now, your brain looks up “Sex? What’s that? Ah, it’s what you call “porn”! Here you go, have more of it!”
It really is a problem that our hardware is so outdated sometimes :smile:


Just read Atomic Habits is the best book on habits I’ve ever read.

  • Don’t break the chain :slight_smile:


its easier said than done, ive been battling with porn for a long time…@hermit

need to rewire the dopamine receptors in my brain


That’s why we need real psychologist who can help you out with that. I mean, I could but I don’t have time for that. I would need an understanding of your life, the root cause and many more variables. I suppose you yourself are too busy to learn about all of it yourself. That’s why we need REAL people to provide you with the service of preventing negative habits.

Where are these guys at? With every problem comes a business opportunity. Someone needs to fill in that blank spot.


Reading through Your Brain On Porn’s website helped me tremendously. Looking at that resource was a major key for me. Understanding the addiction and its effects from different angles is vital. I knew porn was bad, but knowing it is bad because it was physically changing my brain kicked me into action. The testimonials on there were also extremely motivating and encouraging.

It will be uncomfortable. Embrace the discomfort and reframe it as a sign of growth and change.

Also, what are you using porn to escape from? Get to the root cause as @Hermit said. Porn usage is a symptom of an underlying problem. The rewiring of the brain doesn’t help either. But find comfort that stopping usage will allow the brain to rewire itself again and find homeostasis and balance.

If I can stop, you can stop. I was addicted for 15+ years. It caused me a lot of issues. Now I understand why I did it and how I got hooked. Now I’m free.


@i_am, what kind of habits did you have daily (if any) which let you quit porn? Did any of these subs have an impact on that?


Meditation, cold shower (used to do it every day, but became more less frequent), working out, reading. These things all helped in their own ways,especially when it came to discipline and how I viewed discomfort.

The important thing was eliminating triggers. I mentioned that I greatly reduced my usage to once or twice a week. Well, this once or twice would usually always come after drinking or smoking herb. I’d also eat like shit too when intoxicated. During the week I was usually always good. But when inebriated it was very hard to control myself. It was like I either needed food or some sexual experience. I stopped booze (and took a break from Tinder) and I was good.

Find your triggers. Eliminate them. Find your root cause. Acknowledge it, and work on fixing that.

The subs here have definitely helped a lot. It helped me quit booze with ease. Once that trigger was eliminated, quitting porn became much easier. When I did drink before I quit (and while I was running Emperor), I found it easier to say no to porn. The urge still came up but I shot it down quick. But now, I don’t even have an urge anymore. The subs also helped my mindset a lot and worked on that underlying root cause of why I kept watching porn in the first place.

The reason I quit booze was for a spiritual reason that came upon me. To be honest, I’m not sure 100% if that reason holds merit (might make a thread asking about it one of these days), but Emperor allowed me to say “if that’s true… yeah nope. that’s bad for you. don’t do that” immediately and I stopped right there. Despite constant pressure from friends and this culture that loves getting fucked up always. Man, I used to be the party animal wasting my life away.

Even the spiritual aspect doesn’t hold merit, I now clearly see how booze was negatively impacting me socially, physically, mentally, emotionally, and holding me back from my potential. I can’t go back to how I was. The benefits I see are too great. I feel the same way about eliminating porn.

Went on a tangent, but I hope my perspective was helpful to you.


Interesting you guys mention this. I have had zero interest in porn since starting Emperor. I don’t even think about it, and I didn’t really intend to quit. I had a pretty bad addiction up to a few years ago and had gotten it down to a manageable level with difficulty. Now, though, the urge is just gone.


in the first 30 days of doing emp 4 i didnt do much porn and i abstained from masturbation. but then i relapsed, now im battling the urge again.


Interesting, do you feel that this has impacted your results related to the subliminal? Also, is it easier to battle that urge now vs. before Ev4?


negative, im battling this, as this was the most easiest pleasure generating activity i had. its becoming difficult to battle the urge.


Does Khan ST2 have anti-porn scripting (or help us in that regards)? @SaintSovereign @Fire


excellent question… looking forward to the answer…