The philosophy behind Subliminals - A Review

It’s been three years that I’ve been listening to Sub’s. I want to note that the only subliminals I’ve every purchased and listened too are SubliminalClub’s.

First, I’d like to share my overall situation I had back then. I have been highly depressed, had no motivation and have been in da “deep hole”. I couldn’t feel life, feel anything. It was a catastrophy since I was new to University. Then I randomly wanted to figure out if there’s a professional subliminal that may increase my intellectual ability to understand things, to make me curious and to “ignore” my depression. Though I’ve always been a skeptical, I yet gave it a try. The first Sub’s I’d listen to were “Emporer” and “Limitless” (the Q versions of both back then). At this point, I’m speaking from my personal point of view: It did work. And how did I notice? How could I be sure that it’s more than just a “Placebo”?

Well, the explenation is quite short: Because I started becoming a “real life” description of both Subs. Emporer gave me a lot of motivation, made me more confident in my being. It allowed me releasing my energy. Limitless made me more capable of understanding things, which was great. Both had and still have a long time effect. It helped me understanding that I was more than a grieving individual. Further, I was becoming succesful at my job.

But did it cure my depression? No, and as it is recommended by all Mod’s, you should not think that Subliminals are magic pills. They’re made to motivate the psychological part of your brain while they can’t fix its neurological part, and even if they do sometimes. This is where I noticed that I had to go to a doctor and take Antidepressants. My experience with all subs got better after all.

And what about science?

Well, if you ask ChatGPT or other AI’s about subs, they’ll tell you that there is no scientific evidence that it is working. But note that the scientific part of testing subliminals isn’t different to what me and all users are experiencing. Subliminals are positive messages that your mind receives to increase your ability in whatever you choose, or for spiritual readers: If you believe that good energy affects bodies, then subliminals are the best source for gaining positive energy. Generally speaking, if you believe in positive manipualtion, you will also believe in subliminals. That’s it in conclusion.

Btw. I am also suffering from ADHD and managed to pass the hardest exams at University. SubliminalClub’s subs will help you to reach and increase your potential. This is what my personal experience has taught me.


You are also young, as your brain matures, and you gain life experience, you’ll notice things subsiding, or you finding ways to better cope.


Agreed. I’m 23.


Men hit their cognitive maturity after 25. So you have some time, don’t be too hard on yourself. Do the best you can with what you have,.


I support the overall messaging and spirit of your post. But this one line is not entirely accurate. There are some lines of evidence supporting the efficacy of subliminally-presented suggestions for promoting behavioral and growth shifts, and (when asked properly) even ChatGPT will elaborate on them.

But yes, you’re correct, that there is nothing overwhelmingly conclusive. (Remember though: there are not 1 million research studies even looking into this in the first place.) There are however quite a lot of results that indirectly support the potential effectiveness of these resources.