The New Emperor

Couldn’t wait for Emperor V4 and Commandant to come out anymore, just biting the bullet and using v3 and some of the other subs with my custom stack for now.

I have two separate playlists, one silent, one masked. Both consist of:

Emperor v3
Power Can Corrupt

in that order.

by the end of this week I’ll more than likely be adding Inner circle. I’ll also add Emp v4 and and commandant whenever they are released.

Currently listening to the silent Emperor track at work. My patience with ppl is lower than usual, my speed of thought and productivity however are incredible.


i am interested to read what you think about sanguine

I’m about to leave a pretty detailed day 1 post. It’ll include what was noticed from each component.

Quite a first day. I now know subclub is the real deal. From looping my silent playlist, and then my masked playlist; meaning, I was exposed to each component twice, here’s what I noticed:

Emperor V3:

  • Extremely low amount of patience with people in general. I currently work in the Health care industry. Some of the patient can be rude and constantly talk over you, throw tantrums, etc. Once I began to be exposed to Emperor that was a no-go. I firmly asserted myself even more so than usual and even made a pretty slick comment to one of the patients without giving a damn about what the outcome would be. In the end, she calmed herself and even began referring to me as “Sir” towards the end of the interaction.

  • My speed of thought was incredible, it’s as if I had thought after thought without becoming mentally drained, and I also recalled info faster than normal.

  • Won’t lie, I purchased and downloaded these subs right after my lunch break. The purchasing, download and then playlist creation/sorting took me almost an hour at work, during this time I did nothing as far as my job is concerned. Emperor made me so productive that despite being an hour behind, I sill was able to catch up and clock put only 7 minutes late.

  • I also looked coworkers, and ppl in general in the eyes more courageously.

  • My walk is already becoming more relaxed.

Power Can Corrupt:

  • Can’t honestly say I noticed anything but of course it’s only the first day.


  • I calmed down a bit from Emperor by the time Sanguine played but despite me rushing to catch up on work, I still kept around 90% of my composure and powered through. I also noticed that my mood was boosted and I was singing and humming while working. Sanguine I feel is definitely a component that’ll take the edge off Emperor for me, especially because I can be quick to snap some days anyway. If I did feel irritation while Sanguine played, then it disappeared soon after.


  • Again, nothing major noticed, I’m sure it’ll take time to notice anything from it.

All-in-all I’m satisfied with my purchase so far. Hope to add inner circle tomorrow.


Great start to your journal! Looking forward to hear more.

Emperor, especially now that v4 is slated is really tempting. But I’m sticking to AM for 60 days (with a little EoG ST4 mixed in).

Man, sanguine sure is getting a lot of love lately!


I am interested to read more and more about sanguine for sure

What happened today:

  • Woke up 2 HOURS ahead of time, and with great amounts of energy.

  • Cleaned my kitchen and actually enjoyed it, I typically just see chores as something that needs to be done, but I was present and joyful the whole time.

  • Usually I drag a bit in the morning, even with energy, today I powered through my morning routine and left the house an hour earlier than normal.

  • My Daughter urinated in her bed which normally would piss me off. Instead I gently woke her up and washed her off. I calmly explained to her afterwards that if she feels the need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night then she should do so. She’s only 4 but it seems like she may have understood, we’ll see.

  • Got stares from Men and Women alike all day.

  • People seemed overly grateful if I let them pass me while walking, jumping in front of me in traffic, or held he door open for them.

  • I made a stop to donate blood before visiting my Mother in the hospital this morning. The woman who screened me, saw me and instantly starting sharing intimate details of her life with me, as if we’d known each other for at least 5 years. I just let her talk mostly but I did contribute to the conversation. It seems my presence made her super comfortable.

  • While I was with my Mom in the hospital, some guy I never met before greeted me as if he hadn’t seen me in a while. When someone else greeted him, he nodded his head reluctantly and said nothing.

  • My Mother told me stories about herself and my Father that i’d never heard before. She started telling me of some regrets she had had while being alive but just in a reflective way, she didn’t seem depressed. Me and my Mother have a good relationship but she seemed to enjoy my company more than usual, and our interaction included pretty much none of the fear-based rhetoric about life she sometimes spews when we talk.

  • While driving, it seems as if I can read the flow of traffic easier and make good judgments about which lane is going fastest, in order to keep my travel smooth and at a steady speed, I’ve noticed this on both highways and city streets.

  • Added inner circle, which actually gave me an anxious feeling until I lowered the volume a notch, after that I felt decent.

  • Caught myself, several times today thinking that I am an Emperor and/or god. I noticed these thoughts most while cleaning my kitchen, stating to myself that I deserve to be in a clean environment, and also as I walked out and about while running errands.

  • I feel absolutely NO Fear when looking ppl in the eyes now, even total strangers. How the hell did that happen in only a day and a half?

  • It seems as if Emperor and Sanguine both give me the best feelings while those loops are running. The sense of personal power i Feel is godlike while Emperor is running. I’m already starting to feel as if I’m the greatest being to ever exist. Sanguine uplifts my mood and even if I get annoyed while it’s running, I get centered again near-instantly. On Aura I feel slightly good but no major feelings, PCC gives me calm social confidence and a “IDGAF about the outcome feeling” while I socialize. We’ll have to see how I adjust to Inner Circle.

  • Had a few women refer to me as “baby”, although that may just be the way they normally address people.

I’ve decided to run my current stack for 4 months, rather or not Emperor v4 and commandant come out during that time. afterwards, depending on what’s out, I’ll either run QL or alchemist core. I really thought that the previous sub producer I was with was cream of the crop when it came to subliminals but damn. If that other producer is the “Rolls Royce” of the sub industry, then subclub is the “Bugatti”.


Forgot to mention that I’ve been wide awake since 4:30 am EST and I’m still not tired, seems the energy boosting aspect of Emperor has already kicked in, not sure if I’m gonna run out of things to say about this stack lol.

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Are you listening with headphones? You seem to be switching between masked and ultrasonic. Have any distinct differences in how you feel when listening to these? At what volume do you listen?

Yes, I listen with headphones. I’ll be using speakers occasionally. I feel the effects are more pronounced when I listen to the masked versions. I listen between 40% - 60% volume of either format, depending on the level of noise in my background.

Wonder how much that would be. This is on laptop or phone. What kind of headphones. I’m running the Bose QuietComfort 35

I run subs off my phone. I use 8 different Bluetooth devices, and also a pair of wired headphones for my subs. These devices include AirPods and Powerbeats pro

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I have to admit this too. When on masked I feel, immediately, some kind of aerial mind, like if I begin to fluctuate.


Today I mostly feel as if I’m handling stress very well. Overall my demeanor is calmer than it has been the past few days (including the couple days before I started running the stack.) Stares from women still occurring and there was even a moment where a couple crowded around to talk to me. They were coworkers and it was just casual conversation though, nothing more.

Everyone also seems to enjoy interacting with me today. One situation where I’m surprised I remained calm is where basically I just found out my check will be short over $200. I work from home on Saturdays and I’m not physically in the building to clock in, so my manger has to adjust my time for Saturdays before the payroll deadline.

The system had errors this morning and so I couldn’t advise her of what happened until a few moments ago. She apologized and said she’ll do what it takes to make up for it, even if she has to pay me herself. The old me may have been overstressed but I’m handling this rather calm and politely. usually I’d damn near flip when it comes to money.

Also starting to notice that I’m becoming a bit more serious, although it seems everyone around me is acting goofy. This is the same thing I noticed when I ran an Alpha Male subliminal with another producer a couple years ago. That one was a multi-stager and on some stages I was more serious than others, it did grant me a fantastic sense of humor though, once all was said and done. With this current stack, I’m retaining the sense of humor, but choosing to focus on working more and joking less.


Lots of fun socializing today. People seemed to enjoy my sense of humor even more than usual. More IOI’s from female coworkers. Women either stared at me as they walked by or would look down when I looked their way.

My manager pulled me to the side this morning and was sure to tell me that Monday I’ll have the check that includes the pay for my missing hours. Later on in the day she also wanted to take a picture with me for the office pot luck that we held, shrug

Had a situation piss me off earlier in which I felt my child’s Mother was neglectful and I had to take 2 hours off work in the middle of the day to get the situation resolved for my Daughter’s sake. When I asked her a particular question about the situation via text, I never got a response. She called me 7 hours later and offered to buy me dinner which she did, I’m not sure if she did that out of guilt but I still plan to address this situation when I see her face to face, since it seems she won’t respond via text.

My social confidence was pretty good today overall but I realized that after leaving work that I still have certain fears that revolve around women and relationships. I’m not terrified, it’s more like past bad situations I had that had more of an effect on me than I had realized and so I meditated and did some energy work to release the negative energy.

Yesterday and today, I notice that I’ve been extra helpful in regards to my job, as far as increasing my productivity and not minding doing overtime.

Between Thursday and today, I was up for 23 hours, got 5 hours of sleep afterwards, and my energy levels stayed high for the a majority of the day.

Last thing I’ve noticed over the past couple days is that I feel uncomfortable as hell when I’m not doing anything productive. I get anxious and keep feeling something inside of me push me until I get up and start getting things done again.

Journaling now while the events are still fresh in my mind.

  1. Had a dream that I went to a Chipotle inside of a mall. This was the slowest, sloppiest and most dingy chipotle I’d ever been to. Disgusting sums up the word. Apparently the Manager couldn’t handle the impatience of the customers so he started yelling at them. Before he could even reach me, I started calling him out for being a pussy. Everyone began to walk away including myself while the Manager and I still shouted at each other. I then walked around other stores at the mall. Here’s where it got weird, I walked into a candy store where my pants dropped, and for some reason I didn’t try to pick them back up, nor was I embarrassed. I have no idea if that part of the dream was supposed to symbolize sex lol.

  2. Woke up tired as hell. Procrastinated on some things but after 30 minutes, mental, and then physical energy came surging to me out of nowhere, as if I was being supplied with what I needed to start my day. After serving My Daughter and I breakfast, I layed down for a power nap. I had a 2 part dream, basically I rolled over while awake and when I fell back asleep the dream continued. In this dream there was this strange building where my coworkers and I were being trained. One room seemed to be hosting some type of religious ceremony though, filled with some of the Women at my job that have a crush on me, which was not only a tough room to get to, but also navigate through because everyone kept getting in my way. In the other room where I was training, it was pretty normal, just ppl sitting and listening to a lecture.

  3. When I finally awoke that dream made me realize that I have areas of my subconscious that are untouched and probably full of unfamiliar feelings to me. I heard voices and saw ppl I’ve never even known to exist in real life. I also woke up angry, angry at certain events in where I feel I was potentially manipulated within the past few months. No way to know for sure unless I ask the person, but I’m sure they would just lie since they strike me as being weak deep down anyway.

  4. My anger was channeled into motivation automatically to get up and complete all the tasks I procrastinated on. Knocked those out of the way and now I’m sitting here and listening to my stack )starting with Emperor as always).

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I am listening during my sleep. One time every week i wake up groggy but then i am fine. I tried one week to stop listening but again i had one random day that i woke up groggy and tired

Update: My ex and I broke up a week ago. She told me that she unexpectedly met someone else and now they’re dating. We broke up because she stated she simply had no romantic feelings for me anymore and honestly my own feelings about her were all but gone as well. Although I’m not surprised that I was calm about the news, what I am surprised about is that I literally don’t give a damn at all about the fact that she’s dealing with someone new so soon, and even letting him spend the night. Sanguine/Emperor combo is something else. I simply recognize that I can’t control any move she makes and my mindset towards women and relationships is changing drastically anyway so as far as I’m concerned there’s a great chance that whoever she’s dealing with won’t be around long, and even if he is, I couldn’t care less either way.

Right before our break up I was considering an open relationship anyway because I was becoming jaded, but still actually wanted to build a life together since we share a child. Oh well, I just see it as a chance to enjoy my freedom for a couple years while I get my shit together.


Sanguine makes me feel really really zen.

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Sanguine is not be underestimated. Amazing that its effects are so strong so fast, being that I’m running it along 4 other programs too.