The Magnum (Khan ST4 + Godlike Masculinity Terminus Custom)

Presenting, The Magnum ZP (Terminus Strength) :muscle:.

The First Custom of SwagKing.

Demystifying Magnum :crystal_ball:

Unveil The Modules

These are all the modules for this custom. Click the arrows below for information on why I chose them. You will find to-the-point, blunt, and even humorous explanations.

Khan ST4 Core

I enjoy the power of Khan. It’s really the subliminal that gives it all, and I’m a very sexual man, so this subliminal was fitting.

Godlike Masculinity Core

I am going into a particularly hyper-masculine environment with much challenge, adventure, and opportunity. It’s best to fit the part, and also I enjoy expanding my masculinity everyday.


Mosaic was added to tie all the elements of this custom and its stack together for smooth synergy.

Natural Winner

To embody the mindset of a winner, be a winner, and do winning activities.


Push this shit to higher levels.


I want the glory, the fame. Capish?


To expand these modules and the subliminal further, day-by-day.


To take the reigns over reality itself, and be the master of reality.


I enjoy dominance, in good taste. Time and a place for everything. I also love cooperation and communal joy.

Earthshaker: Authority

Leader. As far as I could remember. I want to expand my authority as a tool.

Invincible Presence

Enemy? Try me if you dare. The world is on notice.

Alpha of Alpha

I enjoy the concept of Alpha, though I’d rather be chosen and respected than overbearing and forcing others to do anything. That’s not good leadership at all.


To smooth out the reception of my authority, dominance, leadership, etc.


To learn from those that may be greater than I am. To absorb their secrets, their skills, and everything they took a lifetime building and integrating it 1,000 times faster, then innovating.

Power Awareness

To know the depths of my power on a spiritual and 3D plane level.

Power Unleashed

Activate and unleash my power.

Void of Creation

Hard hitting manifestation tool.

Emperor's Voice

An expert that guided, mentored, and left a great impression on me had a grand voice that emanates authority and I really admired that quality.

Direct Influencing Aura

Seamless leadership and influence in my environment.

Divine Self-Image

Who wouldn’t want the self-image of a God?


Wanted ZP (click for explanation)

Oh fuck. The physical shifting, face shifting, my enjoying of being a sex symbol, and the amount of sex I’ve got off this damn thing is amazing. I couldn’t leave it out my stack, even though this year is more focused on money, and conducting business. Surprising, Wanted is very good as a business title for me personally. It charms everyone.

Future Rotations: Ecstasy of Gold, Spartan , RICH, RoM, Emperor Fitness, Emperor: House of Medici, and/or Stark.


I have spent a few weeks strategically planning my custom for deployment to the Middle East. Seeing as I will have the opportunity for much networking and expansion this year in my life in general, and I am bridging over to a new chapter (full civilian life and self-employment, finishing university), I wanted to craft a custom that drives impact in my life beyond the other subliminals I have played.

Mission :rocket:

*Then the other effects of Khan, which is plenty of :peach: :peach: :peach: :peach: :peach: . Let’s get hyperealistic… I grind for the legacy and the legs I see :wink: .

  • Breakthrough in finances.
  • Finish degree.
  • Networking and build relations with high status contacts.
  • Win the various competitions overseas (athletics, physical fitness challenges, weight lifting).
  • Expanding Alpha Mindset.
  • Growing confidence to epic proportions.
  • A lot of sex (most likely when I get back)
  • Business opportunities.

Damn dude awesome custom you have there :star_struck: I like the combination oh Khan/GLM, that combination has been golden whenever I have played them together. A lot of presence and unleashing of your inner power as well. I’ve also heard a lot of good things about combining Tyrand with Void of Creation, and to have that together with Direct Influencing Aura will probably be insane :wink: DIA I have also in my custom and from the first loop I noticed I did not have to speak directly at someone to have them do something, I just walked in a direction and that person just followed me.

I also really like that it’s very tightly focused, it seem to have a direction it is going in. Following this one for sure, and it’s in Terminus strength as well. I had my first ZP custom with Khan a year ago in ZPT, and it was a beast for sure :innocent: :muscle:


Is not it quite redundant to have both? It is like bringing wood to the forest.
I mean Khan is the alpha of alphas in its base so I would assume that it is quite enough.

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Maybe to make sure that the sexual part is not overriding masculine qualities and to make them stand on an equal step?

Or even make them first?


@Achilles That’s a valid question and assumption. In reality, it may be redundant, though looking at many other customs made with Major Cores that are wide-ranging in their effects, they include modules that do the same thing that the core does. The logic here is that Khan is such a massive title that I wanted to bend its focus with the Module selection, with the sexual aspect being second in priority to power. I am sure if I chose Khan and R.I.C.H. or Ecstasy of Gold and various other financial Modules for a custom, it would primarily tune the custom towards finance and wealth. Per logic, I hypothesized it to be infallibly potent and in the direction I intended. Will that happen? Maybe, maybe not. Irrationally, I wanted more power, though I spent a few weeks deciding this, which was also for experimentation.

Furthermore, I can still use the seemingly redundant modules I licensed for future customs to add juice to Cores that may lack the Alpha characteristics.

On the case of redundancy, this was mentioned, though I admit this was 2020, and things may have changed. Another supplement to my reason for custom design choice :

Let’s say your line of thinking is completely right. Well then I may have just created an overpowered build that I could have spent less on. I would take that L on the front of having an efficient custom subliminal, and the next course of action would be to take the licensed modules to another build anyways in the future. Hope that clears it up, brother.


@Tobyone Thanks. I was really envisioning Khan + Chosen. You made it look really great. The wittiness in this journal and emojis are lightly inspired by your journal with the pairing. You seem to really be having a great time and the experience reaches across the screen.

Yeah it’s already an interesting ass subliminal. I thought I was actually a decisive person until I played this subliminal and it made people look to me for decisions immediately. That really caught me off guard.


Day 1: Subconscious Speaking, Psychic Phenomena, Mysticism, Intuition? :crystal_ball: (Backlog)


My Trance State & The Mysticism
It’s peculiar because I was having a conversation and reality shifted and it was this weird morph and trance state, where vital information, previously unknown, was spoken into my mind like a whisper. Intuition whispers? It wasn’t an audible voice telling me this information, but it was something powerful, inputting the information into my conscious awareness. I loved it, though that was woah/intense.

Void of Creation?
It was pretty damn freaky how things manifested the entire first day. It started with me mentioning my family to someone and me being the leader, and immediately after, the entire family showed up arbitrarily without communicating with each other and our mind was on the same wavelength in regards of what to eat.

Freudian slip: I was having a conversation and said, “My world” instead of "The World."

Takeaways: Increased self-image, manifestation, intuition and direct influence.



Whatever works for you, just listen to what your intuition says. I had so many creative ideas last year and mixed a lot, but the one that really suited me I tried, and then I reationalized it away :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: That’s the power of journaling as I went back to my old journal and saw just how amazing that combo actually was.

I like using some emojs now and then to break it off, especially if there’s a lot of text. But some days I’m not in the mood and I just keep it short.

I’m interested to see how Earthshaker Authority, Invicible Presence, and Alpha of Alpha will feel, let us know :slightly_smiling_face: That together with Gloryseeker and Entranced looks like a true showstopper :eyes:


Day 3: Transmutation Breakthrough with Greater Confidence

Gaining Personal Power

It’s been a fascinating day in privacy, contemplation, and meditation. Lately, I’ve had some intense feelings in my private life regarding romance. I typically don’t allow myself to experience feelings, but the rare time I do, it often ends with an unwanted result. The obstacles were worry, obsession, and high amygdala activity with a fear-based response.

Games are tools used to confuse others about their status and power and trick them into accepting a frame that disadvantages them, and that’s something I could not allow.

On the third day, I experience an effortless validation of myself from within. Instead of my self-concept being a void filled by ephemeral highs and distractions, I live with a grounded sense of confidence that I deeply enjoy.

The Obstacle Explained

The latest breakthrough is that energetic roadblocks are clearing up rapidly. Ultimately, I conquered my emotions, cut off my feelings, and detached by a substantial amount at will, which is something I struggled with in the past because of opening myself up way too much to others in life, which is allowing people to take power and the reigns of one’s destiny freely.

Mental Transmutation Breakthrough

With those realizations in mind and some progress in healing, I find myself seamlessly switching mindsets, frames, and beliefs more efficiently than I have been, and I hold firm conviction behind myself. Society and all its distractions can genuinely be an energetic enslavement, though the burden is an enduring pursuit of a breakthrough in liberation on as many levels as it takes. Destiny is contingent upon our will, generated in our mind with a frame that our highest self should set. It’s so efficient to convince a person they are less than what they are truly worth and subdue their ability to own their reality and destiny, keeping them boxed into a system of a skilled, nefarious puppeteer. Be it our closest associates, family, or elites.


Day 4: Reject Weakness, Embrace Old School


I have begun my new workout regiment and am rebuilding my discipline back to when I first joined military 5 years ago. Also because recon is going to snowball if I don’t do my part to stay congruent.

There’s going to be some small scale strongman competitions this year and I want to compete in at least one and take home something as a symbol of victory.


Society is progressing so far and at the same time declining. We’re so advanced, yet we cannot even trust the simple food we are eating. Everything poses a threat, and new research papers are being released telling me the basic foundational exercises I have done and my ancestors have done for so many years are damaging for men. It doesn’t really add up for me, because those before me were strong, and these days people in America are dying from higher rates of heart failures and diabetes, with all the modern medicine. It’s bad food and laziness. Even with conscious intent, we cannot control all the food we eat without growing our own organic foods and raising cattle.


Day 5: Paranormal Ability Resurgence & Khan Observations


Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Clairvoyance

These past few days since starting this custom, I’ve witnessed the resurgence of my psychic abilities from childhood with the new addition of clairsentience and clairaudience. It’s pretty uncanny as I saw myself in the future in my dreams, and the event played out precisely as I foresaw.

So I am theorizing that it combines Tyrant, Void of Creation, and Power Awareness with DEUS strengthening the synergized effects of all those modules.

Khan Is Never Easy

Having run a couple cycles of the notoriously hard, advanced title Emperor Black, I would say it was more smooth than all levels of Khan for me.

Khan is stern, challenging, and cold. It doesn’t allow for many shortcuts or cheats, as what it builds is substantial and authentic, worth pride.

An analogy I would use is Building a fire in Antarctica and thriving for the Nobel Prize photo-op.


Day 6: New Course of Action

Ran a 5 minute loop of custom at midnight. This will begin the start of my 2 week washout and I’ll shift the focus to wealth and business. May toss Spartan in. Big maybe.


I actually planned to do a custom with these cores myself but opted for khan/stark instead. Should be interesting to see how this plays out

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Ooo great. It will turn out well, from everything I am seeing. @Davisnwc . I have bridged over from Khan to Stark for one cycle.

What I love to see from myself and in other journals is the programs ran in various environments and the impacts it has on the subliminal stimuli’ output of the objectives. The scripts execute differently for me in different places.

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Thanks and good luck to you.

Makes sense that the results tailor themselves to your environment. Subclub subliminals are very versatile and holistic tools.

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Day 8 : 30 Year Old Man

LMAO my colleagues at work compared me to a 30 year old man, because of my drink choices, style of dress, and mannerisms. It’s quite hilarious. I just laughed at it, though it’s true.

It’s a mature masculine frame. Also, my flight got upgraded to First Class which was nice.


Day 14: The Godfather (Magnum, Stark, and HoM)

Ended 2 week washout early at 1 week. Added in Stark and had a huge energetic activation and it really got the custom gears turning.

Then played HoM on 3rd cycle day.


Celebrity Status/ Fame Effect in Full Swing


New Cycles

Day 3: Magnum ZPT, Ecstasy of Gold ST1, Limit Destroyer

I am now in Middle East serving as an official for my country outside of my normal capacity. Making dramatically more income and living very lavish. I have a maid, privileges, somehow a senior position by a stroke of luck and a lot of freedom. All the perks of high position with less hassle.

So I’m going to hopefully invest the income I make here into something great, finish schooling, and leave government work.

I feel like a kid again for the first time in forever. Full of joy, wonder, goofy, happy :rofl::blush::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. After a depressing year and harsh past few weeks. I am trying to shake that feeling of despair. Probably recon or overexposure. I have got great results though.