The logic of some subliminal results

I was just contacted by a high ranked individual I used to work with and that now works at a very prestigious firm as a Partner.

He just wants to catch up, but regardless of whether this leads to a good career opportunity or not, it got me very intrigued about the possibility of this being the result of running Emperor.

It’s not like we had a close relationship or anything. We worked together for a few years and have met before once outside of work, but this was three years ago. Also, he is two levels higher in rank than I am, so that makes it even more unexpected…

Please don’t think I’m close-minded, but how do you explain this?? Coincidence??

I trust subliminals having an impact on the person’s mindset, thoughts, feelings and ultimately behavior. I understand that other people can pick up on those, and react positively, which then further supports those positive feelings and expectations creating a virtuous cycle. But how do you explain something like this? I haven’t reached out or been in touch in any way whatsoever, so where is the logic? Should I just consider this a coincidence?

I know many people here have experienced something similar and I’m struggling to understand the logic behind it. Thoughts??


Welcome to the wonderful world of manifestations, I am your semi-neurotic host, the exploring astronaut.
Take a seat and a deep breath in and as you exhale let go of your limiting beliefs and open your mind to the possibility of the unbelievable.

Seriously though, whatever lingers in your (sub)conscious mind creates the circumstances in your external experience called life. I know this is hard to swallow, take some time and read this line over and over again until the confusion settles.


Through your subconscious mind, you are connected to everything that exist in the universe.

How can you not be? You are a part of the universe after all, and so is everything else.


@Ichiban I am curious about the coincidence or manifestation aspects myself as some of the the modules in my two customs mention such things. Some of it I feel comes down to being open to anything and yet not having any attachments to an outcome or expectations of anything specific happening

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The opportunity is out there already. All you really do is tune into it, become ready for it and suddenly you perceive it. That is how manifestation works. Clarity of what it is that you desire and trust that you’ll get there, even if the road is not what you would expect.

The zero insistence on an outcome or expectations thereof is to ensure you don’t lock yourself out of the outcomes that you don’t realize are there. For example, a lot of people believe there are only a certain amount of ways to achieve financial independence. By being locked into only those ways, they are shutting out all the other ways.

It’s a hard thing to do though, following your feet without insisting on the journey they take as long as they get you where you want to go.


@DarkPhilosopher Basically what I just said

I know, we were in agreement. Great minds… :slight_smile:

I was merely doing it in my usual elaborate way. Plus, you said you were curious, I figured I’d go into it a bit.

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@DarkPhilosopher I understand and yeah I have a bit of scepticism at times because I have let myself get into thinking that there has to be a certain outcome or path for something to work. Obviously thats not true. Its why I chose Attachment Destroyer to be in my first custom and Financial Success Reality Shifter , Lion IV, Joie De Vivre , and Total Nonchalance to be in the second custom. To learn to let go and not expect anything to be a certain way. I would much rather be relaxed, go with the flow , and enjoy the process and not be focused on what the outcome is and how or when it will happen


Very interesting. I have read some books on the topic of manifestations but still never completely thought of it as real…

Let me explain. It’s not that I don’t believe, it’s that I don’t really see anyone out there that has mastered this to the point of showing that it is real. Like actually being able to learn the steps to follow so that you can manifest. Seems a very evasive topic, with very inconsistent results at best.

From what you guys said, I can confirm that eliminating attachment seems key.

I didn’t mention this earlier, but this guy that reached out did it through LinkedIn. Coincidentally, I had stopped all LinkedIn notifications and been completely disconnected from it since a week ago because I felt frustrated with lack of response from people I had reached out to. Probably triggered by Emperor too. I thought “fuck this, sick and tired of people ignoring my ass”.

Definitely seems that dropping expectations, stop trying, and getting into the mindset of accepting whatever happens might have helped


What I’ve realized is that not dropping expectations actually is counter productive, because someone who truly believes that they are already manifesting X doesnt “expect” it at all. By “expect”, I mean constantly look out for signs that X is coming.

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As with all things, it takes practice, but yeah actually all of us are doing it the whole time without noticing it.

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Tricky thing because if you care about something enough to look for ways to manifest it, how can you make yourself “forget” about it?

Even though you know you shouldn’t constantly check on something you will be thinking “I should not keep checking on this” which is probably as bad.

Sort of the same if I tell you “don’t think about a pink elephant”, no way in hell you can avoid a pink elephant popping into your mind.

I think this is where subs can help. Because you can make the effort to remove yourself from anything that reminds you of what you try to manifest. You can consciously “surrender”, while subconsciously you keep completely attuned with your goals. This way you can go on with your life, being ok with not getting want you want, yet at the same time work on making things happen without being aware of it.

Still, just a theory, but pretty excited to test if this is a way to make manifestation work. Definitely don’t know any other even mildly reliable ways.

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The mind ONLY keeps re-mind-ing you about what it feels you are incomplete on. That if you aren’t told, that desire will never be fulfilled, or that task will be left undone.
(This is the same principle that makes a Mind Sweep work.)

You will forget about it, when you believe that it is a done deal. No way it’s not happening.

Call it Faith or Confidence.
One way or the other, that’s where you have to reach with regards to your goal/intention.

Whether you choose strategic thinking and productivity tools, or you prefer reality creation, magick, and releasing methods - the end point is the same.

In this present moment, are you 100% sure that your goal is your default future?
That you are not going to get derailed / distracted, and forget about it.
That challenges, if any, will be overcome - whether by God/Universe or Intellect/Creativity.
That your mind is / you are open to any alternate/better paths to the goal.
(You may have a plan, but you’re not attached to everything going that way.)



Maybe he heard your name from another coworker or heard of your work from someone else. Remember since emperor affect people who you come into contact with, you must remember that those people are affected by your presence and action and in turns will act differently, which means they could talk more about you… And when someone’s name is heard more than once, they might get curious!

It’s the butterfly effect.


Tricky thing because if you care about something enough to look for ways to manifest it, how can you make yourself “forget” about it?

I dont see it as “making yourself forget”. The Law states that anything that you feel to be true, must be manifested, eventually. So if you can feel yourself already achieving it, then you’d naturally put your focus onto other things. Because you know that this thing that you want to manifest will find you at a time that is best for you.

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Yes, that’s the way that I started thinking about it. However, we both switched firms since working together so it is less likely that is the case. Still possible, though

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That’s exactly what I meant by that. “Forget” in the sense of “not pursuing” because you know it’s a done deal. This is still very, very hard to do. Everything around keeps reminding you that you still haven’t reached your goals, so it’s all about having faith. You need to feel that whatever you are after is coming, somehow.

By understanding the Law. Remember, once the feeling that the desired has already manifested, the subconscious mind has and will find a way to manifest it.

What Law in particular are you referring to? There are more authors and books on the subject than I can count and each has its own laws. Are you referring to a specific law, or just in general since they all pretty much say the same things?

The Law of Consciousness, as taught by Neville Goddard.