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The Legacy
True Social

Most of the time Ultrasonic is on, I try to keep myself Hydrated

Day 2: Wow I have just found SubClub literally yesterday, and now I am here writing RAVING Reviews and documenting my progress. I slept with ultrasonic on, but I have found out that I wasn’t putting it loud enough above -80dB is recommended.

I got up feeling tired and sluggish, but when I got up after meditating to Legacy + True Social I bursted with energy. Today I feel more abundant, and decisive, and surprisingly confident, altough today’s Sunday I feel Productive. I got done far more and feeling FAR less distracted, I decluttered my email addresses.

Today has been surprisingly LUCKY for me, as I found a lot hidden gems and hacks in life.

  • Online Driver App Subscription (More vouchers which is generous)
  • Web App to unsubscribe unwanted emails
  • One Email technique to merge upcoming emails to one Inbox
  • Good Payment plan on Mobile data usage
  • Spent less time overthinking
  • Felt energetic as if I were on Ritalin or Adderall
  • Focused towards my priorities and take action
  • A sense of confidence and wisdom
  • My friend took me out on a dinner with one of the Best Noodle Place in Town I didn’t know before
  • Printed my Vision board and put it on my wall (though it failed)

Side Effects:

  • Restless (Feel like a Machine, Always wanna get more done)
  • Difficulty Sleeping, I slept but don’t feel rested
  • Uncomfortable feeling inside my Ear Cannals (Just now)


all this in day 2…:slight_smile: sweet

all the best, keep posting your updates…


Day 3:

Morning, everyone, I slept late and got up at 4:30 AM, I had MAJOR Difficulty sleeping and feeling restless and horny LOL.

I got up, feeling surprisingly okay, eventhough I feel I needed so much more rest, I consider myself to be a sleep guy, I couldn’t stand lacking one hour of sleep or it will mess my day.

Though today feels okay, I got up looked up myself in the mirror, I got eyebags, and for the first time I saw myself and I thought Wow I looked so HOT and Sexy, literally. I don’t know if it’s Placebo (Placebo still works yo!) but I feel good being myself.

Update later.


Day 3:


This was one of those Could-be-Better days, I feel Strong though. I know that this will pass.

So I am getting more decisive to invest in things such as good food and better programs (a result I get after months working on my money mindset). So I bought 2 more complimentary programs: Regen and Elixir, these are meant to help me with my inner healing and also to help me fall asleep at night, because Emperor was too harsh hehe. I was reading their review so I think I would benefit from them

I am less concerned about voicing my boundaries and feel bad to the point that I want to say to them if they have crossed my boundaries.

Short story I felt like a loser on Day 3, so much clutter and distraction and wasting my time. Probably because of Full moon.


Day 5: Now taking some time for myself. Day 4 was EPIC Healing on my side, it started of cool, then I did some regen + elixir + rebirth in the background.

It was full moon, and A LOT of emotions and Traumas got resurfaced, so I played with my crystals and done some energy healing.

Waking up I feel so good and fulfilled, my eyes were hurting from the amount of tears from last night.

Ever since I listened to Regen and Elixir I slept really good like a baby, while on the daytime I listen to Emperor.

Though I am considering to get Ascended Mogul first for the fundamentals just to keep things more focused.

Side note: I found myself more sexual since there is Sex Mastery Script in Emperor, it does bothers me, sometimes I would masturbate 2/3 times a day and it could be draining.

Would be nice to get some advice if I should keep on Emperor or switch to AM in the meantime to get more focused results.


Especially in a stack like Regen and Emperor, reconciliation can hit you hard. I am not sure how familiar you are with the concept of reconciliation but you can read more on the topic here on the server by using the search function (Especially the posts from SaintSovereign are highly recommendable) but one thing I want to say, is that reconciliation can make you switch subliminals to often where you end up sabotaging your own results.

I would keep your current stack, as I myself started off with Khan (a very dense subliminal) and had no fundamentals but still got great results. The only incidence where I would recommend a switch is if your goals differ from the subliminal. Emperor is difficult and will be merciless in creating your perfect life, achieving all your results and creating an empire out of nothing. If you have a 9-5 job and want to keep it, switching to AM might be better a better choice…


Hey @friday I appreciate you for your feedback and comments, yeah I am very familiar with the concept of reconciliation, I have been doing shadow work and energy healing for awhile and the “yucky phase” has been almost the thing I look forward too, I feel super good right now also knowing how much I have healed and cleared last night eases me.

I had a private convo with a senior member in the forum before, he also mentioned to stick with Emperor, and if the Sexual part bothers me, he recommended to stick with the Emperor V3, I did a muscle testing on that, guess what, it was spot on, right now I am feeling super good playing V3 in my laptop. I can feel I am changing for the better, I can only feel that this is working.

Thank you for your presence <3


Day 8

Woo it’s 8 Days already.

My Dreams and Visualizations are getting more vivid, I had some dreams about traumatic experiences with my aunt, my dad, then some friend in high school, and college, it really goes DEEP. I have been having difficulty dreaming for ages, I rarely dream, and since I have been using subliminals they are starting again. I do enjoy dreaming.

Some Reconciliation Phases are Awful. Yesterday I had some priorities but the resistance seem so strong, clutter, procrastination, laziness, lack of confidence and energy, difficulty sleeping, feeling restless, even MAD, almost depressed. The Worst part sometimes I thought they are me, not the reconciliation process, and once I have realized that they are only the process I can heal the emotional and mental resistance around them.

So I play Regen throughout my night to help me cope with the restlessness from Emperor V3, the effects has been strong and my emotional healing which stucked for a while emerges again, I am happy with the results from regen and combining it with Elixir.

Yesterday I am guided to go to a pool near my house and for the first time a guy approached me, there was an empty bench, but he chose to pick one right beside me, he seemed cool, we talked, not too deeply but there’s that. It surprises me because that has never happened before.

On my way back, there’s a cute short girl who smiled at me, I was wearing a shirt with “Sm;le” Written on it. Felt Good.

One thing I have found to be useful when doing reconciliation is to do energy clearing, so when these RESISTANCES do come up, I can clear them right away

Summary: A week Mark.

A. Emperor Review:

  • Awakened Sense of Confidence: I got this, I can make this dream happen
  • Evolved Boundaries: I no longer tolerate potato people taking time in my life, I could just leave the convo or ignore em completely, they felt that and left my life.
  • Emerging Passion and Inspiration to take action and be emotionally attached to my goals
  • Newfound Energy to do stuff that doesn’t interest me
  • Taking more action right away instead of procrastinating for weeks
  • Inner Belief that I am a Badass, I am Cool, even Hot and Sexy (LOL!!)
  • Social connection and I make Humor too, sometimes often irritating and rude, but I throw it anyway, I wonder if I will be a jerk if I use Emperor too Much
  • I get more Sexual, and I kinda believe I can get any women I want, I choose, that comes with a side effect of more masturbation and getting more horny than ever (Maybe I am really turning into a jerk)
  • FOCUS When I am at it, when I am working while listening to Emperor, feels like I am on Ritalin/Adderall, I don’t even wanna engage with people around me, I am just super INTO IT.

Side Effects:

  • Increased Hotness and Horniness (You can see my humor there)
  • Increased sexual desire to have Sex, having trouble controlling them
  • Blurred lines between Jerk and Badass
  • Restlessness
  • Difficulty Sleeping wen listening at night

B. Regeneration Review:

  • Uncontrollable Crying which is GOOD, It’s a form of release for stuck unresolved emotions from major and minor trauma, crying by itself can be incredibly healing (Trust me, I am a Self-Love Coach !)
  • Deep Sleep like a baby with dreams, sometimes bad dreams about stuff and emotions I need to work on
  • A New Found sense of healing, I got up with a sense of being a new person
  • I see trauma as a past and learnings, and ready to rewrite a new chapter in life
  • More open to receive love and compassion, also to give it to myself
  • Make self care a priority, Fill your cup first
  • Getting in touch with my emotional body as I have been shutting it down for awhile now I am unlocking it as a part of my wholeness

Side Effects:

  • Reconciliation can be painful and uncomfortable if you are not familiar with shadow work
  • Resurfacing Traumas - which is also why we do emotional healing in the first place, this can be disturbing, but not bad
  • Uncontrollable Crying - Get yourself a pack of tissue (another humor from Emperor)

So there’s the review Day 8 !!
Will do further Update

here @jstation


wow your explanation is so detailed. Keep going!


Of course @dhc I am a God among Men !


Hey Everyone EV4 has been a tremendous journey for me, unfortunately I am stopping it and moving to EQa V. 1.5 because someone recommended me to try that.

Here’s what happened so far:

EV3 hasn’t really gotten noticeable results, it’s mostly nice and wasn’t as Kicking as EV4, the sexual desires are lower, but I didn’t get much done, nothing much to report, I went back to EV4 as I waited for my EQa application to be reviewed, a bit more desire to get things done.

On the Night I have been listening to Regen while also doing some energy clearing sometimes. My sleep has been long deep and insightful, sometimes memories would come up, ones that were hurtful and those resurfaced and released. One where I fought with my earthly dad to protect myself where he was physically abusive and another one where he humiliated me in a seafood restaurant. I feel so good and honestly Productive listening to Regen, yes quoting someone from this forum, I have to agree that Regen is indeed a crucial Sub.

I sometimes talked to my body “body, body, body, show me things I needed to clear and heal” sometimes they would show up in dreams, feelings, or intuitive knowing. Energy clearing while Regen running in the background masked or ultrasonic has been working better too. I can’t give regen enough credit for assisting me with my healing that I have been trying to accomplish for past few months by myself. Regen allowed me to cry and release unconscious stuffs.

The Superchargers I am using Elixir, Legacy, and True Social have been a life-changing ride, especially Elixir and Legacy.

I can really feel I am absorbing the lights and upgrading my entire being as I am reprogrammed for better things. I can sense the tingling sensations in my body and the healing energies in my heart.

SURPRISE !! Yesterday while I was lying down and daydreaming I get a vision of my higher self fighting dark evil beings single-handedly and realizing how powerful I really am. Physically, I am awakening inner sense of power and confidence, and having spiritually more awakened, so I have the ability to connect with my higher self, usually he is wearing a golden armor, last night I connected to another being with a different energetic aura and his armor too is different from what I have seen. I genuinely believe this happened partly because I am Inhaling so much more light from Elixir Supercharger.

Here’s a drawing of my higher self’s new armor that I caught a glimpse on.


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