[STACKED] EmperorQa V1.5 + Regeneration


Woo - Hoo !!

11 days ago I have just came across SubClub for the first time in my life, and now I am raving to try new Sub, I can’t believe how things are really unfolding that rapidly.

Here’s a bit about me:

I am beginning an online coaching business since May 2019, but hasn’t gotten the result, I feel that it’s finally time for me to step up so I can make this a full time career. I got enrolled into a marketing course and got myself 2 business coaches.

I easily got distracted and cluttered, brain fog are common, in the end I just play games, watch training video, or read a book, or even meditate and do inner work instead of doing things that really matters. I really do want to make coaching business happen, so there’s that.

With Emperor hopefully I can:

  • Be more decisive
  • Prioritize and take action
  • Gain complete confidence on me and my coaching business
  • Clear and focused mind on actions I need to take
  • Increased energy and less fatigue, as an introverted empath it’s a bit hard to keep up with the energies around me
  • Becoming The Best Version of Myself by upgrading my Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual capabilities
  • Improved Money-Beliefs
  • Courage and Resilience to get out of my comfort zone
  • Do what necessary for marketing and selling

So after my PM with @AMASH I got intrigued to test Emperor Q, I was a bit worried since this is EXPERIMENTAL at the first place, also I don’t wanna move from versions too much. I was using Emperor V3 / V4 previously. Then after reading some RAVING Reviews about EQ, I knew I had to move, I did a muscle test on it and YES it suggest me to do this.

Tonight I get a Clairvoyance Vision of @SaintSovereign Approved my request to test out EQ, and It really did happen as in the dream. I am so grateful.

So the Version I am running is Emperor Qa V1.5 I try to loop it as often as possible changing between masked and ultrasonic in my room. At night I play Regen to help with sleeping and emotional healing, I use Superchargers 1-2 times a day (Elixir, Legacy, True Social). Will commit doing this for 2 months and see the progress I can achieve with this stack.


  • Burning Itchy Eyes
  • I played some music, and I was Happy and Dancing High on Music as if I was on Weed LoL, and Ended up binging music for 1 hour instead of working.
  • I also suffered Mental Energy drain and Tiredness for a few hours, it HIT hard, maybe because I was dancing for 1 hour too but there is that
  • Lose interest in Gaming, I have been on a gaming streak for 5 days - Chess Rush, but now I don’t even wanna touch it as if it’s a rotten food, I just don’t see any sense why I want to play it
  • A slight distraction got in my way, some brain fog, but deep down I know It’s gonna be okay and I can get productive tonight
  • I had an hour sleep and I was planning to sleep more, but NO, I got super woke and charged like as if I had a cup of coffee, which I took later on
  • Finally I spent my night getting productive and writing this review which I have been putting off all day

Will Update tomorrow.

All the best for The Testers !!

The Legacy of The Upcoming Emperor

I look forward to reading your journal :slight_smile:

Yes, you’ve asked me what would work best in your solution, and I highly recommended you jump into EmperorQ with us! I believe this is the right thing to do.

  • I feel like I am in Energy Borderline where I feel either super high and excited or crashing hard

  • Sometimes feels heavy and yes burning eyes again


Of course Friend, I am happy that you recommended me this sub, I am enjoying my journey, definitely will document my results.


Day 2

  • Did a Lot energy work from Regen and it cleared a lot of shit
  • Felt Tired all throughout the day because of the energy clearing, Slept 16 hours, partially, not all at once
  • Woke up tired but filled with energy in the late afternoon, chose to refine my Youtube High Vibe Music, danced like I am high, Dancing while listening to Emperor Qa is another level
  • Got tired from 1 hour of dancing and went sleeping lol
  • Managed to get some productivity things in the end of the day
  • Got some Spiritual Awakening Breakthroughs (Long Story, I can share if you want)

Day 3

  • Woke up okay
  • Ears Ringing
  • Eyes Burning
  • Throughout the day feeling tired and sometimes energy spike that last for a bit
  • EQa feels like a lighter sub which effects sometimes barely noticable
  • Definitely more decisive
  • Now I give an actual shit about the work I do and the impact I wanna create
  • Subtle Confidence and Productivity Boost
  • I felt Passion and Drive to work towards my goal, I have more mental capacity
  • Struggled with Clutter and Distraction (browsing, youtube, blogs)
  • I have so much energy to work on my goals though I don’t know what are the things I NEED to do
  • I did things that would scare me, I stand in my power (Guided Live Meditation via FB Lives)
  • Felt horrible after (reconciliation of some inner beliefs saying I am not worthy)

Update soon :smiley:


This is exactly my problem. I have time and energy, but there is no direction.
Possibly with enough time and emotional/internal growth, this problem will go away.



Hi Everyone!!
I am back ~

So a lot has been happening with my energy level and lifestyle.

I felt out and even mildly depressed for first few days, so that’s why I haven’t been updating, can’t really say much about the subliminal since I am adjusting a lot to the collective energies as an empath (with the collective fear n anxiety) so there’s that.

As for me these are the things I’ve noticed for past days:

  • Deep sense of Self-Love
  • Inner confidence
  • Setting boundaries that it’s okay for me to take some time breaks
  • Sleeping more Sometimes 12 hours ++
  • Eating Less (once a day with minimum urge to eat)
  • Most days I feel tired and drainned
  • Not that productive, but somehow I find ways to get the job done

I am planning to start using the sub again starting April with more stable colletive energy.



So recently I try to limit the usage to 2-3 times a day on nights I play Regen overnight and just last night I decided to stop Regen and switch it to Limit Break.

  • More Energy
  • More sense of Purpose in my work
  • I gained the push to do inner work and energy clearing
  • Took small actions towards my goals
  • I get creative taking actions towards my goals (like being creative)
  • Got a few tweaks which I can apply in my coaching business
  • I feel Ecstatic and Awesome though out the day for past 3 days (could also be the collective energy effect too)
  • Better energy levels


I have just done something that usually might have scared me.

I “fired” my buddy peer to peer coaching, I think I have reached a new level of boundary where I don’t tolerate other people’s bullshit as much.

We were working for past 3 months, and I don’t see him making any significant progress at all, I don’t feel he’s committed or even ready to get there.

I feel that he’s just in for the ride and not the transformation, so he didn’t do his parts well or take my “coaching” seriously.

Yeah, I feel good about this.

  • Good Energy, though later on crashed
  • Some productivity and some procrastination (perfectionism and failed to complete)
  • I don’t feel guilty setting boundaries
  • Willingness and drive to have tough conversations about truth in the most peaceful calm manner and willing to hear from the other side without buying into his bullshit
  • I am more assertive and intense

NOTE: Strange things been happening to me

  • Phone DEAD
  • Loss Wallet - Later on I found it
  • Saw 2 cats in the minimarket
  • Saw a catepillar
  • Broke my Black obsidian pyramid


DUDE I am a Jerk Now!

I set boundaries with my client who was not taking me seriously I sensed him, he was scared af, I calmly and composedly say the truth without sugarcoating around, it shocked him, he tried to laugh it off, but I felt he was shitting himself.

I called on and played with (Read: Teased) someone on a public forum where he was being a dick and offensive, I even enjoyed it, usually I would shy away and backed off bc I thought it won’t be worth it, but now I am almost addicted to it. Feeling Ruthless.

  • Improved Posture
  • I own my truth and I say it directly with “no fucks given” attitude or sugarcoat
  • More energy
  • I feel the need to set CLEAR boundaries and those who oppose are screwed
  • I teased a guy who was acting like a jerk to everyone and made joke about him
    (Which was arguably HARSH)
  • More Productive
  • IDGAF “Be my Bitch” Attitude which can be problematic at times
  • A sense of Leadership and Authority
  • I feel like A King, Wise, Stable, and Friggin Majestic, Untouchable
  • Confident, Self-Love, well rather Self-Significance
  • Sometimes I wonder if I am turning into a Narcissistic
  • Consistently wanna show off how awesome I am

I would be lying BIG TIME if I say I don’t see any changes, I don’t know if I like these changes, but I can tell you that it does something, I feel like Brad Pitt in that Fight Club lol.

Let’s see where this takes me.

Aside from that I am thinking to switch to Stark Q (which is Narcissistic Psyco lol).
If you are reading this, lemme know if I should switch to Stark instead, would it ease the social tenseness?

  • my muscle testing says I should stick with EQ


Maybe I should Stick with Emperor + True Social?

  • Last 2 days I do some work but failed to hit the goals I have set for myself
  • After a quick nap I played EQ - Energy spikes for short 2 hours and then tired
    (best FOCUS of the day, good to mundane task like messaging people, posting, writing, editing, etc)
  • Side effect: I wanna sleep again
  • Still get distracted by FB and stuff which I thought was important
  • Cluttered priorities, maybe just me
  • I feel good throughout the day

Been doing inner work with Limit Destroyer / Rebirth
A lot of junk resurfaced and cleared

Feeling Good about life