The journey begins with the first step

Howdy folks,

I just wanted to start a new journal here with my new stack based upon the expansion, restriction and balance stuff. Later this year I also want to do a custom but at the moment it is too early and then of course I need the experience from all of you.

So here is my stack (that is already written in the topic):

Expansion Renaissance Man
Since I am a creative person with interest in a lot of different topics, while also being a sensitive person I was thinking, this could be the title which builds upon my strength. I would not say that I am already a Renaissance Man, but I see it as fitting and want to see where it will lead me. First time using this sub.

Restriction Ascended Mogul
So, lets say I am building upon that strength of creativity, do I want to go in all directions and lose myself, try everything out? No, I want to have the focus of Ascended Mogul to help me monetize my creativity, build a brand (status) and be productive (not losing myself in daydreams). Hope this one helps because Mogul itself was helping me before. But this time it is in this ERB construct/method/model and I will see how it works, maybe I will switch later AM for Mogul alone or to switch it for Ecstasy of Gold.

Balance Emperor Fitness
I was thinking with being busy working a lot and building something up, I don’t want to lose myself in there too much, I still want a focus on health, I want a healthy and wealthy life in a healthy body. So while RM+AM focuses on the mind, creativity and working, I want to implement here the physical aspect and see how it goes. Maybe later I might switch it for Daredevil somewhere in the summer, maybe I just continue running from stage 1 to stage 3. With stage 3 I was thinking to “lock it” and by that being able to use EF3 kind of as single stage program and switch the restriction to a multi stage program if needed.

Listening schedule:
When I was listening to ZP before I had often a quick result in the first 2 days and then nothing. So I decided to change up my listening schedule and find out how it works. I was getting inspired by @Billions so I wanted to run only the days Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but since I run 3 programs instead of 2, I will run every of the 3 days just one sub so it is also just one loop per week per sub. By that I wanted to be sure to not overexpose myself. If it is not enough I can still find ways to adapt or I ask you guys how to proceed in the best way.

Anyway, don’t expect that I write every day, but I want for myself to keep a bit better track of what I am doing and what results I had. This is by the way the end of the first week on a rest day (weekend). I plan to keep each stack for 6 weeks, but sometimes plans change.


Wow, how inspirational. This is detailed and well thought out. You cannot lose with the stuff you use.Lol. I wish you great success. I look forward to your posts. Namaskar.:pray:

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Thanks man. But well thought out might not be enough, it also has to be acted out well. And as everybody says if you run a sub while not taking action(s), what should you expect? Miracle results will not fall from the sky.

As far as results I don’t expect anything obvious within the first 3 weeks, maybe just mental changes. But keep in mind, first you think different, then you act different and then you get different results, so changes in thoughts will not be stupid. Also I would say experiences in dreams can be “life changing” since the mind cannot differentiate between dreams and what we call “real life”, so any experience can start a new change, seeing yourself in a different light, seeing something is possible, questioning the doubt.

I have “felt” more productive but of course that can always be a subjective feeling of one or a few days, let’s see if it keeps coming again or improving. And I have felt more strong, but nothing to really measure at that moment.

I was also thinking I could change the Ascended Mogul by Commander, so I get the more intense productivity in, but then I miss out on the money scripting of the Mogul part. So maybe that is something to do later.

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Kewl. IfI can misquote a famous book, “Faith without works is dead.” Understandable.

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Ascended Mogul + Renaissance Man ZP is a surprisingly nice combo at least in my experiences. A good mix of productivity, boost in problem solving and coming up with ideas.

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I have to admit not all plans are done in detail, some stuff I am just going to try out, see if it works and if not try something different, but that is also why I want to keep a journal here, to see patterns that I run into, to get some self reflection. As I wrote in my other journal I don’t want to get into all the details here but keep a level that is ok for me and that I can see patterns.

From EF1 I didn’t see an improvement of sleep, the nights after it my deep sleep was just 30 min per night, not good yet. And I also feel a pain on my right hand at my thumb area, don’t remember breaking it or something like that. I have to see how it works out the next few days/weeks, maybe I have to get an experts opinion.

Note here about contents I consume:

At the moment I am listening an audiobook about High performance habits from Brendon Burchard. Very good book, not much is new but it points me to the stuff that I didn’t do yet so I can fix it.

Knowing and not doing is not different from not knowing.
(From that quote: Being able to read and not use that skill is not different from the people who cannot read.)

That is crucial for me because I know a lot but I don’t act on the information I possess. But that should not stop me from listening to audio books and get more information about interesting topics.

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As always with life, there are things happening and then there is a change of plans. That is why I changed the journal name from the ERB (Expander, Restrictor, Balancer) to the new title.

What happened? Limitless Executive came out, I wanted/needed/had to try it, since it was my favorite program so far and it was an intense relationship with that sub again. I ran it first 15 minutes, then a few days again 15 minutes, didn’t get that much positive results, but then recon and it was 1-2 days. Then after that I tried it for just 3 minutes, it took like half a day or a day and I was more productive than before, with less effort finishing stuff I didn’t even think about having on my plate for that day.

So with that program that I don’t want to miss in future stacks, it does not that much fit the ERB profile. It is a program that somehow benefits me a lot, but it does not build upon my strength and it doesn’t restrict me that much, except if I counted daydreaming/planning (minds eye? dreams?) as a superpower of mine and restrict it to reality/taking action.

And since I got the recommendation for my custom to pair it maybe better with Emperor instead of Ascended Mogul I want to try those two first in a stack and see how they fit together for a cycle. If it is good, it will be put to the list of suitable custom ideas. I remember somebody (@BLACKICE ) mentioning that it took 2 years from the first draft to the custom. Might happen to me also, might be quicker.

Anyway, have a nice day everybody who reads this.


While I was thinking which sub would fit for the 3rd spot in my stack (I was thinking about long term programming with Ecstasy of Gold) things changed (not for the long term, but for the short term, building a solid base) and I will go for Sanguine.

So far Limitless Executive not only was giving me the opportunity to execute, to act instead of procrastinate but also or because of that giving me more energy. Was lying awake for a long time in the evening (no sleep before 12pm), but when I woke up at 5am I was more awake than normal.

Also what you can see here as a proof (and that is not a fake) I am continuing with the journal instead of letting it sleep but lets see how long that will go :wink: .

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Since the beginning of the week (so this is DAY 4):

Limitless Executive + Emperor + Sanguine

By the way do you guys also get the effects of the sub a few hours later kicking in or is my brain just a little bit slower than the average subclub brains? :wink:
Thinking about switching to listening before sleep so I have the effects already the next morning instead of listening in the morning and then wait until afternoon til it kicks in.

So it is day 5 today.
Day 1 was listening to Limitless Executive and Emperor for each 3 min, day 2 rest, day 3 Sanguine for 3 min.

Something changed either because of Emperor or Sanguine or the combination. Since day 4 strangers start conversations with me while I run errands. I am not used to that, but when passing people they either say hello or start a conversation.
It might take a few more days to get used to it. But this is definitely an affect of the subs.

Today I would listen to Emperor and Limitless Executive but I read at Executive that it is recommended to limit it to 1 time per week so maybe only Emperor today.

Seems that limitless executive has upgraded my actiontaking. Let’s say I started at 0 and my goal is 10, the average is now at 1. Still a long way to reach my goal, but it is just the beginning.

Ran Emperor today for 15 min instead of my normal 3 min. Didn’t experience any obvious changes today, but leveling up bit by bit is nice, there is no need for instant gratification.

Had a conversation with my boss today, the situation felt a little bit fake, not like reality.

The story of yourself that you tell yourself holds you captive at a certain level.
Change your story, change your life.