The Joint Venture [JOIN NOW]


Okay, so I and @Simon were discussing about opportunities we can work on jointly. It applies to everyone here on the form who would like to join in.

Basically we are planning an online business we can start with virtually zero start up costs and which can be scaled. So if you are running titles with financial goals, this thread can be a opportunity to TAKE ACTION.

Post it here if you want in. Also list out you ideas which can be implemented for a joint online business.


We’re just in the ideas stage.

We do not have an actual business yet, and do not wish to be banned by @SaintSovereign for promoting one.

There is no intention of soliciting money from anybody. The plan is to bring together our skills and/or networks.

If the founders wish to not allow such a discussion, it will be fully respected.



If its dropshipping, FBA please count me in,


One great idea to start this thread off is, Twitter marketing.

Twitter is a platform which isn’t as shallow as other social media platforms. Instagram and Facebook, for example, are 90% spam or similar content. Whereas Twitter is a platform where people have a distinct voice. Also, Twitter is taken much more seriously than any other social media platform. It is relatively easier to get more exposure on Twitter.

How it works:

We basically make a Twitter account group which circulates each other’s content around getting us all more engagement from the people over there.


Yeah, one important detail I missed, are we permitted to form alliances on here?@SaintSovereign @Fire @DarkPhilosopher @RVconsultant

Thanks in advance.


Interesting that this thread is here as I just came up with the second idea in going to start running with (the first is a progressive media outlet/channel but that would be primarily Canadian based). Something along the same lines as “The Attractive Man” (YouTube it if you’re not familiar) but not solely focused on dating & pickup. I have a name for it already but I’m gonna keep that close to the chest for now


YouTube is more work compared to Twitter. I know of dudes who made $2k+ in the first month of joining Twitter.


I’m not restricting myself to any one platform, yet. I was just using that one YouTube channel as an example of what my idea is. I don’t go on Twitter often so I’m not overly familiar with it but I suspect the model could translate over (or could at least be used to promote videos)


Now that is a different story if you want to post videos over YouTube, I’m sure there would be people here ready to help you.

Personally, I have tested all platforms and Twitter is most generous in terms of getting exposure to your stuff. I had 100k+ impressions in first 20 days on Twitter.

You can use Twitter to build an audience for your yt channel too


I’m selling 100k+/month on Fb our own physical products. So don’t count it out.


There’s potential on FB but it’s harder to build an audience there. As far as I experienced. Although Twitter was my personal idea, any other ideas are also more than appreciated.


Guys lets meet at a central airtport and discuss ?


Also, that might be your trade secret, bit how does that work?


Interested to know more and contribute


We’ll allow it for now.


Me too, I’m I’m massively interested but need to know what the heck I’m doing.


“We’re gonna start a business!”
“Great! What does it do?”
“We don’t know!”
“Well, I dig the enthusiasm. A for effort!”

Having hilarious ideas about what constitutes a “central airport” :slight_smile:

FB and I really don’t like each other, even more so after the Oculus Quest 2 fiasco. Don’t ask, we do not speak of it. Mistakes were made.


I have several programs/courses/books on social media marketing but struggled with content creation. I’m building my arsenal of recording equipment right now. Just got a new DSLR for Christmas, for which I already own a Rode shotgun mic, also recently upgraded to a Samsung Note 20 Ultra + Zhiyun smooth x gimbal & a USB-C powered shotgun mic. Now that I have an idea for the kind of content I want to create I’m going to start mapping out a course + free content I can give away (Youtube videos, ebooks, etc.) for lead generation & list building.


It works as any advertising channel…

Facebook is just a tool.

What you really need is proper business fundamentals.

Understand your customer. Learn what he needs. Figure out a way to serve him.

Then figure out an angle that makes you different from your competition. Use that to design your advertising/sales pitch.

Take care of your customers needs well enough, so he wants to buy from you again. Think more in terms of client, not just a customer.

When starting, use 80% of your time to figure out how you are going to sell what you are offering. Business cards etc. are a waste of time for now.

I don’t know if this was helpful to you, I’m extremely sleepy. :stuck_out_tongue: Not thinking straight.

However, if your fundamentals are sound, any advertising channel can work.

And I know the fundamentals work from my own experience, so there’s that.


Lol for now? A see a ban hammer coming my way.

Although, thanks!