The Importance of Meditation


Hi, I’ve been seeing a lot of individual posts in this forum about meditation and how they improve the effiicacy of subliminals. Therefore, I decided to create a new thread to discuss the importance of meditation with respect to the efficacy of subliminal audios.

I would love to hear from both meditators and non-meditators.

Some questions to kick this off:

  1. Do you meditate?

  2. If yes, how frequently do you meditate?
    2A) What type of meditation? Mindfulness? Transcendental? Chanting mantras? Other forms of meditation?
    2B) What is your eventual goal? How does meditation help you out?
    2C) Do you think meditation played a part in the success of the subliminals?

  3. If no, why not?


I have meditated with Binaural beats and alone too.
I started meditating first time when I was in a serious crisis and found a Brian Weiss’ meditation book.
Meditation is good for your brain, mind and body.
Even it’s good for solving problems.


Has anyone used As above, So below on a continual basis. Starting with one of these in the morning, regardless of what the stack could be, could be beneficial.

I ask as this one seems to be most directly related to meditation, and aligns with some of the starting methods I remember reading about. Some I remember were, to imagine yourself in the 3rd person breathing air in and out. That was years ago. In Above, it tells you to imagine being in a void/blackness, which aligns with this as well.

The one I used recently, using three different “Landscapes”, That I allow my mind to bounce in between, while imagining these scenes within a void (This is also in Above). I imagine most minds attempt to tangent, I do this to short circuit any inherent ADD etc, that is probably part of anyone natural thinking.

Doing this allows the concept of detachment from thinking we cannot control, just allowing them to pass. So I guess it is cultivation of proactive thinking, and detachment from reactive thinking.


I have used Kamadev gayatri and Kleem mantra in the past as a form of meditation, although not recently. I have considered returning to this lately, although being in an environment with all bedrooms close to one another and how the voice becomes louder when chanting with headphones on, there are practical concerns to consider. It is possible I could do this kind of thing with a single candle out in a garden area away from the others.

During a period when I was using these two mantras, I had a murti I created as an image of Kamadev/Red Tara which I would annoint with ghee and perfume. Usually one or two malas per mantra in a single session. I also had a Vashikaran Kamadev mantra I used.

This practice worked incredibly well, improving my voice for the band I was working with to try and produce my songs at the time, as well as improving the reaction of people to my energy. When I would go on trains and chant the mantra internally I would see people falling into a loving or playful state around me with one another, and even saw interactions with some other travellers towards me.

Unfortunately at the time I was living with a man who was bipolar and coming out of an addiction to alcohol with no replacement to vent his problems onto, and the energy of Kamadev ended up driving him quite insane and having him threaten to assault me, and caused a lot of consternation in the house as he began to have delusions which even had him threatening to call the cops at one stage because he believed I had stolen the cone-piece to his bong (an implement I’ve never owned myself). Eventually I took the “easy” way out of leaving the house to live in hostels for eight months… but ended up not being able to escape whatever sick karma existed with him because he returned into my life 8 months later due to the landlord who invited me back to the place lying about the fact that he was going to be there, claiming he wouldn’t when in fact he was virtually living there full time. It took me a further full year to get their presence out of my life. As a result, my memory of the success of the Kamadev practice is marred by the violence and bipolar nature of that individual. So perhaps I need to re-own that practice in conjunction with Libertine and see how far I can push the aura.

In a way mantra work is a form of magic in and of itself, but it works on the self which then causes the changes in the surroundings. Its a way of aligning as well as quietening the noise that distracts from the goal.


I actively meditate. Typically concentration meditation. I’ve used a program called Meditation Mastery from Life Mastery Guild as well. Hopefully it’s ok I said that, as they are not a subliminal company. I have no affiliation except as a customer. I liked the program a lot and frequently return to it, but I’m presently in a phase of doing Shambhavi Mahamudra (Isha Foundation - 21 minutes) daily, which has an element of meditation at the end of it and I do their physical program Angamardana(30-40 minutes), which also has a meditation at the end of it. I don’t have time at present to also do the Meditation Mastery, which runs a half hour. Am doing Enochian Magic practice, as well, which I suppose one has to be in a meditative state to work with,

I’m looking for more focus and control of my mind, I guess. I seem to be all over the place, which should be evident from what I wrote in the first paragraph. In theory, the increased focus would help me stick to tasks related to my goals, but I haven’t been doing so well at that now. Re-evaluating presently, with a new plan of attack in the next few days.


I still haven’t gotten the habit down completely. I can recommend iAwake’s PMP for the brainwaves and Playne to get into the habit.

I do chant some mantra’s, but not really during meditation. I also do pranayama exercises, usually as a lead-in to meditation.

Meditations I want to do more with are to learn how to discern subtle energies so that I stop perceiving all energy as if it is coming from within me, and shamanistic meditations to figure out if there are guides or energetic beings out there.


Thanks for all the posts, it is good provocation to research all of the suggestions.

I purchased this book for 4 dollars, look forward to reading it.


Forgot about this thread.

  1. Yes, I meditate

  2. Fortune willing, every day. Feel grateful for every day that it happens.

2A. a mixture of orientations/methods at this point

2B. meditation itself is the goal. that is not meant pretentiously. it seems, to me, like a sane response to finding oneself existent, alive, and conscious. If you moved to a new neighborhood, you would walk around it and become familiar with it at some point.

2C yes. i think i may have less disruptive reconciliation because I sit down and (try to) shut the fuck up for a little bit every day. i think it can also be described as ‘sleeping while awake’, putting oneself into a state in which processing can occur more efficiently due to less blatant energy waste.

Wanted to respond before overlooking it again. Time to go for a walk. Thanks for raising this topic, @King