The foundations - subliminal - the nuances of pure freedom

So after a long time masturbating intellectually about what freedom is and isn’t, I’ve come to certain conclusions. Of course, I didn’t use all of this time to “enrich” myself, but for a solid foundational subliminal.

This post is divided into 2 parts, first is for issues and second for solutions. Also, this post can’t explain all the intricacies of our perceived reality.

** Part One **

1. Survival: I think I don’t need to say much about it, but our survival instincts were build for conditions far different than we are in. It is the main driver of everything we do mostly. There are other instincts which override this one a few times.

2. Sex: This one is also as potent as the first, sometimes more. As it has the added bonus of pleasure. Whomever we meet, we subtly analyze their sexual market value, for a lack of better term. If not for the next culprit, it wouldn’t have made it to this list.

3. Social Programming: Books upon books, are written on this one. Irony, that they end up contributing to it. Whatever be the domain of human performance, it is present there. Validation, authority, consistency and commitment, attachments, judgements, the list goes on. This is the most buggy code ever written running on the greatest computing machine ever build (brain).

4. Emotional Conditioning: A subset of social programming, but I wanted to make it more precise. Each and every thing we perceive has an emotional impact, and it strengthens with further encounters. Another thing, We want everything to be emotionally challenging or impacting it gives us a high of it’s own. *People don’t want to see life as a life, they want to see it as a “hero’s journey” where they face hardships and “conquer” them. All forms of marketing (product, idea, thought,…) is based upon us wanting to feel different emotions.

5. Ego, perceptions, reality: Again, social programming. People live their whole lives over the superficial social beliefs that society has established. Someone opposes your opinion – Fuck! that’s a threat to my tiny little ego. My “social value” will decrease, I should say something fast which brings the power back to me, so I can feel content once again. That’s how we perceive everything. Through the ego filter.

6. Language: We think in some sort of language always, it is used as the ultimate tool for reinforcing all the faulty social programming. We consciously think in language, and it gets imprinted into our unconscious through the feelings the words elicit. Great tool to bridge conscious and unconscious.

7. The need to feel special and talking oneself too seriously: Everyone wants to feel important, feel special, I call it unique snowflake syndrome. We believe we are special, entitled and that everything should be given to us on a sliver platter. Or in other cases, we want to feel that there’s some “special” purpose for which we were born. And that our “journey” should be legendary. And everyone should admire us after we fulfill our “destiny”. Also we tend to take ourselves too seriously, as if we are the enlightened ones who are intellectual and has great depths of character and knowledge.

** Part Two **

1. Destruction of social programming: It is the general objective of the foundation, to detach from “negatives” is more efficient than keep loading “positives” and yin-yang-ing them. It would be more desirable to uninstall all the buggy and heavy social programming and installing much lighter efficient code.

2. Destruction of faulty patterns: If I start addressing each issue, for example, each of my fears, it’ll take me forever to complete, it’s more efficient that I destroy the fear creating mechanism which keeps popping a new fear a new day. These “mechanisms” are just thought patterns, which can be retrained.

3. Reframing: Used in therapy, changes the perceptions easily. Can be used to reframe all the meaning we give to things, IN REALTIME.

4. Awareness: Becoming aware of us following all the social programming, is half the work done. Easy to remove any unhelpful pattern once we’re aware of it. Awareness also transcends thinking, under awareness, thinking becomes non-destructive, and more intelligent. “Power of Now” talks a good deals about awareness.

5. Minimalism: Less amounts of thoughts, or “still mind” makes the mind work much more efficiently and with more focus. The “positive” Inner voice isn’t as helpful as a still mind also called, magnetic mind.

6. Language and tags: The tags we give to everything we perceive is how we reinforce all the faulty beliefs in ourselves. “Good” “bad”, “positive” “negative”, and many other twins which leads us to judgements and adding the meaning society wants us to. Better is that, we use helpful and unhelpful which makes life much easier to navigate.

7. Ego taming: Could be added into awareness, ego is the social identity of a person. It is what makes us so vulnerable to social programming and getting triggered or emotionally unstable. It makes us feel hurt and all other unhelpful emotions. This is why we impose meaning and judge everything. With awareness, we turn off the ego at will, and see everything with more clarity.

Master Key: Indifference

It is the most powerful practice for self mastery. We can be indifferent to social programming, we can be indifferent to meanings and tags. We could be indifferent to emotional impacts things have on an everyday man. This is what I think is freedom. We can be indifferent to all the unconscious instincts and cravings. All it requires is awareness and a strong will.

Note: This post do not contain all the information I gathered and all the insights I got. And there’s more to come


Love it @Victor, waiting for more parts. Interesting read.

I moved the post to emperor’s lounge. As it isn’t something concrete yet. Also, I urge the users on the form to engage with this post so that a powerful foundation subliminal could be built.

If you get my philosophy by reading the first post you are welcome to point out faults in it, those who didn’t give 2 fucks about the long post, my philosophy here is:

Simplicity. Getting back to the natural state we started out with.

We started out being indifferent, and unapologetic. All of the “personality” is mostly imposed where by words or by actions.

The perfect foundational subliminal shouldn’t be there to add any benefits, for that we have a good amount of subliminals at shop and Q. It should be more about peeling back the onion and bringing back the carefree self we were.

Sex – one of the most powerful driving source of all human action.

Oscar Wilde said, everything is about sex, sex is about power. He’s talking about the power of society and it’s leaders upon everything else.

I did a survey in regards to it, and almost all men (93%) admitted that their partner cheating on them would be the most devastating situation that could happen to them in near life. Imagine the power of sex.

Specific scripting about taking away the “power component” out of sex will definitely help.

Master key still remains indifference.

“Indifference is the strongest force in the universe. It makes everything it touches meaningless. Love and hate don’t stand a chance against it.”

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Okay, another thing I found out by myself. Close to indifference, or maybe not.

This is a concept of an old phycology school called psychosenthesis. It originated from the works of Roberto Assagioli. The concept is called disidentification (funny, it isn’t even in my keyboard’s dictionary).

This concept in simple language states that, Whatever a you identify yourself with, has power over you. On the flip, whatever you disidentify yourself with, you have the power over it.

I think the concept would already be in use in most of the subliminals. But I think more work can be done on it. It can be a major part of the foundational subliminal.

Imagine not being fazed out by society’s faulty conditioning, because you disidentified yourself from it. And hence have power over it. You’ll be untouchable, golden!

One last thing which the subliminal could use is, changing the dynamics of the mind.

Our conscious minds were made to direct the subconscious, which is responsible for all action we take. I’m not sure about the unconscious though.

Most of the time, it happens that the instincts drives us, or the emotions (subconscious) and the conscious mind comes up with rationalizations for why we acted that way. That is what influence is made up of. Emotional stirring for getting us to act.

Another scenario, we think of doing something consciously. The mind shoots a boat loads of fears causing us to the state of inaction. And we look for outside motivation to “cure” it.

What I’m suggesting here is that, the user thinks of something consciously and the mind bend it’s beliefs, perceptions, etc. to set the user in a optimum state of mind that he/she can achieve it effortlessly.

It can be applied to almost anything we do, even learning. While learning a new thing, the mind moulds our perceived reality to be as efficient for learning that particular thing, as possible.

Needless to say, one would need a powerful will and right intention to succeed in doing so.

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@SaintSovereign, is this something which is achievable through subliminals?

Okay, here’s a very obvious thing I came to realize with more introspection.

The world of duality

It’s the thing that has been scratching my mind for a long time but I could never put my finger on it.

Here it goes:

Everything we do, it’s either to avoid pain or to get pleasure

Everything. Even shifting while sitting in a comfortable couch. There’s not a single action that doesn’t falls in this duality. In my opinion it’s the ultimate thing on which all traumas, fears, anxieties are based upon.

You see, when there’s a fire, everyone but a few runs away from it. The few who goes through it, we have a special name for them, heroes.