The Emperor's Library 📜

This is my way of expressing my gratitude towards the sub-club community. This will become a library of actionable knowledge I want to create for others and myself to log and store for true Kings who need a boost of power and influence over the day.

For background, I used to be a geek for life-changing knowledge but never truly implemented it because at the time I didn’t believe I deserved such power over my life. After starting dragon reborn and emperor I’ve decided I personally need a space to go back to so I never forget things that can really tip the odds in my favour. Now I thought I’d share over time these things for others to use and implement too.

All the best and enjoy :slight_smile:


How to structure each page of knowledge for clarity…

  1. Overarching title of the theme.
  2. Define the topic - Wider scope.
  3. Extra detail.
  4. Guide on how to implement practically (e.t.c Step by step)
  5. Common problems and how to overcome them.
  6. References, link to source or video with an extra practical explanation.

001 State Control

Basically, every emotional state literally always has a corresponding physiological posture and breathing pattern … Sounds simple right? It is. You’ll begin to realise that with less-than-positive states like sadness, the body is trying to collapse inward to guard the heart. On the other hand, positive states are usually more open and upright in nature. As you start moving through the world with this newfound awareness, you’ll begin to notice that you have always been in control of your emotional state the entire time, but simply haven’t been taught how to.

Step 1 - (Intention) Remember back to a time when you felt the way you want to feel right now.

Step 2 - (Re-position) Intuitively position your body posture and change your breathing as you would be if you were in that state. If you have trouble with this, just remember you’ve been going in and out of different states without intentionally doing so your entire life so go with your instinct.

Step 3 - (Patience) Hold that position for at least 2 - 3 minutes and you’ll begin to find yourself in that state.

Step 4 - (Management) With situational awareness, you must understand when your body is trying to move into a less desirable state and re-fix it back.

For extra practice at home:

Step 1 - Write down 3 contrasting states you want to practice.

Step 2 - Go into either the ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ state.

Step 3 - Then move back into a neutral position and shake it off.

Step 4 - Go into the opposing state then repeat step 3.

This will allow you to practice the intensity of the emotion and how far you can go into it. You may find less-than-positive states to be easier to go into for obvious reasons at first.

If you have trouble:

You’re more than likely trying to think your way into it rather than allowing yourself to move into it. It should be effortless as your mind and body are linked so use your body to influence the mind once your intention is set.

States useful in most situations:




List of States:

Attractiveness VS Repulsive

Attracted VS Repulsed

In Control VS Out of Control

Sincerity VS Insincerity

Trust VS Distrust

Anger VS Indifference

Certainty VS Uncertainty

Joy VS Sadness

Confident VS Unconfident

Relaxed VS Stressed

Excitement VS Boredom

Fascination VS

Clarity VS Confusion

Hyper Acuity VS Contemplation

Authority VS Subservience

Powerful VS Powerless

Conviction VS Disbelief


A very useful thread, thank you :pray:. Please continue to update it. Will read and apply as often as I can.


Cool thread.

Criteria and Values

Can be used in various ways, in this use case, it’ll be for directing your RAS towards a specific goal and have the ability to increase motivation towards the goal at any time.

Step 1 - Get a piece of paper (Preferably card sized so you can carry it around)

Step 2 - Write at the top that one thing you want to achieve.

Step 3 - As you read this, you’ll begin to picture that thing you want to achieve as if you have already lived it, noticing how good you feel as with every word you read and every beat of your heart, it only intensifies and vividly plays out in your mind naturally. With this, ask yourself, what’s important about having or achieving that thing? Because?

Step 4 - Write down the first unedited thing that came to mind.

Step 5 - Now ask yourself, what’s important about that thing you wrote down? Because? Remember first impression is always correct, resist editing anything.

Step 6 - Now for a final time, ask yourself, what would that thing do for you? Because?(What you wrote in the previous step) First impression without editing in your mind intuitively.

Step 7 - Now if you followed these steps correctly, you will have a title (The thing you want to achieve) with three things you wrote down.

Step 8 - Finally, hold the paper up in front of your face, and speak out loud everything on the paper in sequence (order you wrote it down) three times at least and then notice how you feel about that goal. You now also understand those important why’s of wanting to achieve that goal.

If you feel absolutely nothing, then try again and resist editing your answers and really try to get into the exercise and visualising and feeling the goal being achieved. This will be all intuitive as you already have the answers, your not making anything up on the spot so to speak, it about drawing out consciously what drives you to go after and want to achieve that goal naturally. It’s what you value deep inside. This will also benefit you in understanding yourself more and what truly drives you as it brings awareness.

Try this on a small goal first to get he hang of it. I’ll be writing in my longterm journal about the affects I experience from this as it’s powerful. Sometimes better to make two, have one with you in your wallet and one on your wall so it can’t be easily forgotten as I have made the mistake of doing till now.

Enjoy guys, I know this is a good one!