The curse of having too many different interests

So I’m the type of person that gets really bored with one topic and I end up having multiple things I’m focusing on each day. Maybe it has to do with being an INTP.

A lot of self-help will talk about how you need to stop expanding your energy everywhere and that you need to focus on just one thing.

This is incredibly difficult for me because my mind just loves to race and come up with ideas on other topics while I’m focusing on something else.

I work a pretty comfortable sales job and I get a lot of free time to focus on my own interests.

Something I’ve found useful is to give 60-80% of my productive time (outside of work) to one thing consistently each day. I also take notes on each topic so it helps my brain compartmentalize each topic I’m learning or focusing on.

So this way I’m being disciplined when it comes to actually focusing on something for a long period of time but I also feed the part of myself that wants to learn or do several different things.

Interested in seeing how others deal with this curse. I’m sure modernity plays a huge role in this. We have access to more information than ever before so it becomes easy to become distracted by different ideas instead of becoming a master at one craft.


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Give meditation a try, and try to refrain from things that deplete dopamine. i have had very bad adhd at one point and my mind would race like crazy. Meditation for 20/30 minutes a day calmed my whole mind down and allowed me to relax and lose the racing thoughts. Then for the dopamine part lowering screen time and not watching porn did wonders for me


Meditation has definitely been helpful for me in general. I also agree on the dopamine detox. It’s something I’ve done before and I could certainly benefit from it now.

What I’ve realized recently is that it’s not so much that I had a bunch of different interests. I was just becoming obsessed with having multiple different sources of income to where that’s all I cared about. I’m glad I had that obsession because it jump started something in me but it doesn’t serve me as much now.

I had a period in my life where I didn’t care about money and then once I got into sales I started going more in the other direction and I completely avoided any creative interests I had outside of business/finance. I had so many pages of a fiction book that I had written years ago but I kind of abandoned it by just focusing more on work.

I completely ignored that part of me that wanted to write and now I’m slowly rediscovering it. My problem was more that I didn’t have any fun hobbies outside of playing video games and I wasn’t even reading like I used to do.


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For which part of his post?

Oh man i can relate to the multiple incomes thing 100%. Im sure you know now though its best to become a master at one thing rather then decent at 10 or least thats how i look at it. Then after you have that one big break or thing going for you then branch out to multiple sources of income with profits etc

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So many posts and topics these days. I definitely missed this and miss a lot of good posts when they’re first put up.

I think that teammates can make a big difference with this. I don’t even work with teammates and partners very much. But I think that the right ones can really balance this kind of an issue.

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