The Coronavirus Thread


How is the Coronavirus affecting you and your plans?

I’m not particularly worried for myself, though it has impacted several aspects of my life—from remote work to no movies (theaters all closed down), life is already different.

If the situation goes on too long, it may even slightly affect my subliminal plans! I can imagine reducing the hours for Khan ST3 if the action programming can’t be backed with going outside often!


Now is a great time to focus more on the healing until its all over. Bars, gyms, places to socialize are all of the road map at the moment. Probably until April when the temperatures rise.


Exactly. Perfect time to focus on introspection, breaking down what doesn’t serve, and reprogramming. Some of the negative effects of reconciliation won’t be as bad when others won’t be around to see them.


I do not think they will be open any time soon, not even June. We have to make sure there are zero people infected in the country or there is a Corona vaccination before opening these places again. Otherwise, the cycle just repeats itself.


With the Coronavirus, working from home and financial independence is easier than ever. Use the crisis to your advantage! Start by reading 4-hour-work-week for more inspiration (while in quarantine ;D).

By the way, great action taking @mecharc


If financial independence is on your mind, note that there are some great deals on the stock market!


Yes, I am going to invest in the big stock market index, like Dow-Jones-Index, Nikkei-225 or DAX which are already down around 30% and will go down even more (50-60%).


I guess its the best opportunity to invest atm


I first heard about Coronavirus while in Paris. We met an American couple that used the same travel agency we did to buy the Paris vacation. While chatting, we realized that we had also bought the same (now canceled) 8-day China vacation set for October. We exchanged numbers, realizing that we could be travel buddies.

The next morning, my girlfriend received a text from the couple with a news story about an emerging virus out of China and how they were going to see if the agency would refund their trip. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but something about this made me feel uneasy, so I started to do some research – downloading scientific journals and the such. Alarmed at what I was seeing, I began to prep immediately. I now have enough food and supplies to avoid leaving the house for literally 3-4 months.

I continued go to my day job until about two weeks ago, when I told them that they could either let me work remote or accept my resignation. At the time, everyone thought I was crazy and kept making jokes. Friday, my company officially mandated a work from home policy for all employees. Now, everyone’s sending me messages asking how I knew.

I intend on spending this time in a state of deep self-exploration while taking massive action (re: launching Q). I also intend on re-engaging with my creative instincts It’s a depressing situation, but we’ll gain nothing by giving into our fears and wallowing in pity.


I did my worrying when the epidemic started in China. My wife and kid are there to visit the grandparents.

Now I’m not worried anymore, they are safe.

The government finally started taking action here, although too late. However I’m not stressed out at all because of the virus.

This will lead to economic upheaval, but the ones who keep calm mind and adapt will come out as winners. I’m going to be one of them.

Keep safe, adapt and take action, my friends :wink:


Corona is latin for Crown.

It’s a virus initiated by the Deep State/Elite/Cabal in order to close our Crown Chakra’s down by fear. Our crown chakra enables us to absorb and ground in all incoming higher frequency light that is currently being poured upon Gaia by the central galactic sun.

Please do no be worried, as their is nothing to be worried about. Do not watch the mainstream news as they are subliminally programming you to be in fear! Everything is currently under control of the Alliance. Mass arrests are happening behind the scènes. Deep state is being taking down - expect a 2 week lockdown for almost every country, don’t be scared, be prepared!

Good luck, once this is all over earth will be a completely different planet.

There might even be a false ‘Alien Invasion’ initiated by the DP as their final action to survive. Don’t be scared this is all FAKE. Be AWARE please.

Much love!!


Guys, this isn’t going to turn into a fear mongering or conspiracy theory thread. I’m not anti-discussion and I love reading about and discussing conspiracies myself, but at this point, telling people not to be concerned without material proof is beyond my comfort level.

We recommend that everyone follow the guidelines laid out by their local and national health officials. For those in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control recommends the following steps, as outlined here.

  • Stay home when you are sick
  • Call your health care provider’s office in advance of a visit
  • Limit movement in the community
  • Limit visitors

And don’t panic. Use this time to develop your mind, body and spirit. I personally have limited myself to an hour a day reading the news regarding this to avoid stress, panic and fear. I’ve also developed a fairly intensive exercise routine to keep myself healthy. Take natural antivirals and vitamins to keep yourself and your immune system healthy (@Hermit, based on some of your other posts, this is something you can help people with if they have questions).

My immune stack is currently elderberry, tumeric, garlic, sovereign silver and few loops of … :wink:


Copied from my Journal
@SaintSovereign Thread should be pinned up - Thank you

KHAN ST1+ST4 QL4 110/110/110 US LOOPS
Additional Masked Loops 5/5/5

  • very high stress here while our government is shutting down the land
  • since the outbreak of SarsCov2 i was collecting all available information in my brain
  • china was fighting the virus and the whole land is like an army - and they didnt succeed
  • i realized that if this virus reaches europe the game is over
  • at the moment i realy feel like the guy in the movie limitless - NO JOKE!
  • i was/am highly effective in getting the whole picture and was able to manage all the
    necessary things to close my office and protect my loved ones
  • this process was surreal but i was working and deciding on a total new level
  • today i finished the whole process
  • we are all at home now and waiting for the curfew
  • i highly recommend this stack in this cataclysm
  • KHAN ST1 for Trauma healing (current Traumas)
  • KHAN ST4 for Leadership and Impact of decisions
  • QL4 to see the bigger picture and to be like the guy in Limitless

I switched to masked only in the morning to get an uninterrupted sleep. Sleep is realy bad seeing the world collapse. Dont underestimate this virus. Dont make the same fault like italy. Talk to your loved ones and prepare them. Get as much information as you can in a short time to see the dimensions of this virus. Plan your life for the next year and prepare your consciousness to be under curefew until a vaccine is ready for use. This will last at least one year. Dont be fooled by Trump and the announcement that the test started yesterday with the first subject. This experimental phase will least at last 12-18 months until the vaccine is ready for use. Best and fast europe scientists searching for a vaccine. They announced several times that it will take ONE YEAR minimum and that a medicine cure is SCIENCE FICTION. Google will help.
Take care guys and get ready as fast as you can.

Triage means that in italy doctors will NOT treat patients over 80 years anymore.
They are seen as dead.

Its like drowning only slower


In memorandum of all who died - Rest in Peace :cry:


You Have To Understand Its Spreading Primarly Over Social Contact -

Speaking - Without Symptoms For 14 Days - Speaking Is Like Spitting But You Dont See It -

This Steps Will Get You A Maximum Of Security Possible At The Moment

  • Dont Touch Your Face - Keep Your Hands Clean - Soap Is Fine! Min. 30sec

  • At Least 2m Or 7ft Distance When You Are Speaking To Another Person

  • Example Touching: At The Cash Machine - Use A Paper Tissue To Push All Buttons And Chuck It Immedeatly

  • Ffp3 Mask Is Fine - Dont Forget Your Eyes! No Mask? Keep Distance

And All Should Be Fine Talking To A Person Standing 2m/7ft Away

  • See Every Puplic Space As Contamined

  • See Every Person As Infected And Try To Get Distance

  • Your Handy Is Like A Nuke Bomb - Dont Give It Another Person


If You Are Sitting Side By Side And You Dont Speak Nothing Will Happen

The Solution For The World Is Simple But Not Easy To Implement.

Thesis - We Need Speech Hygiene

  • Reducing The Output Of The (maybe) Contaminated Sputum In The Puplic Area

  • Source: Mouth And Throat

  • Main Driver Are The Group Of Asymptomatic People Running Around 14 Days Spreading The


  • Classic Symptoms Of The Infected People Are Not The Snuffles - You Are Hiding From The

False People - For Sure They Can Have Both At The Same Time

  • Main Symptoms Are Dry Cough And Sometimes Fever And Flu Like Symptoms

  • Today Was Announced That They Maybe Found Two New Symptoms - Loss Of Taste And Loss

Of Smell But This Is Not So Important Atm - Only For Differential Diagnosis

  • Be Careful With Fruits Or All Other Non Packed Foods People Are Touching Or Speaking

(salesperson) - Reported From An Italian Medical Doctor - A Woman At The Front - Google It!

  • You Have To Understand That When You Speak You Generate A Cloud Of Droplets

  • Those Droplets Are Floating Like A Cloud For A While And Then Fall Down On Any Surface

  • The Effect Of Accumulation Will Do The Rest

  • The Cloud Affects Your Conversation Partner If You Dont Have A Security Distance Of Min.


  • Small Rooms With Many People Talking Are A Worst Case Scenario Here

  • This Crisis Is Like An End Time Scenario And What Do People Do In Fear? Talking

Understand It And You Will Get All Scenarios And Solutions To Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones

  • Speaking Only At Home

  • Dont Speak If Necessary When You Are In A Public Area

  • Lower Your Voice - Reducing The Output

  • Keep Distance 2m 7ft

  • If You Cough - Take A Paper Tissue

  • If You Sneezing - Take A Paper Tissue

  • Dont Use Your Phone In The Puplic Area If Not Absolut Necessary - Speaking!! Whatsapp

Is Fine But Dont Talk!

  • Dont Give Your Phone Another Person

  • Desinfect Your Phone

  • Imagine A Waterfall Persisting For Some Time In The Air While You Are Talking - Thats It!

Dont Risk The Life Of Other People Ignoring This Knowledge

This Steps Will Slow Down The Pandemie If All People On The World Follow This Simple Rules.

Unfortuanetly This Will Not Happen. Only After Lock-Down With Curfew This Behaviour Modification Is Unfolding Its Power. Mankind Didnt Have The Required Awareness And Discipline. So Goverments Have To Assist With Lock-Downs And Curfew For A While.

Companys - Puplic Authoritys - Police - Firefighters - The Army And All Others Have The Awareness And The Discipline We Need Now.

The People On The Street Not.

I Know That We Have Very Skilled People Here In The Forum Who Can Spread This Information Through The World Now!!!

Its Not Perfect But The Best We Have Atm To Generate A Worldwide Effect Instantly

Name The Campaign: Only Speak If Necessesary - Speech Hygiene - Fighting Sarscov2

Get The Main Infection Mechanisms And The Driver We Know At The Moment And Spread It On All Channels You Have. We All Have To Give Our Best Now To Stop This

I Dont Have The Ressources To Do That. My Part Is To Give You The Information.

Its Not A Matter Of I Or You.

We Have To Act As A Collective. Its A Matter Of: Yes WE Can

Maybe We Can Change The Development Of This Epic Crisis.

Andra Tutto Bene

Alles Wird Gut!


What’s with the shouting? We can all read lower case just fine.

Just went out to post a package. Didn’t wear a mask. Didn’t wear gloves. Spoke to people. Used an ATM without a tissue. Used a printer at Staples without a tissue. I simply didn’t touch my face, used some hand sanitizer afterwards and washed my hands when I got home.

So maybe I’ll catch it, I’m ok with that, I’m not going to be a prisoner to fear. Other people are welcome to take whatever precautions they like.

FYI, around here the crazy grocery shopping queues have died down, went into one and it was mostly empty and almost fully stocked. Even bought toilet paper without trampling any little old ladies.

Oh for fuck’s sake :roll_eyes:


Thanks for pointing this out. I forgot the word like.
Our Scientists said today that 99% of the infected will survive. They expect a rate of 1% if the hospitals are not overhelmed. WHO Death rate is around 3.5%. Estimated infected people in Germany over time around 60-70%. Goal stretching the time. Get a calculator and read before you are posting here. Its not time to debate. If you dont like the facts leave this thread. Its time to get serious now!


I know the numbers. Doesn’t change anything for me.

Like I said, other people are welcome to take whatever precautions they like.


Sorry i didnt want to be rude. Its time for me to relax now. It was a hard week with hard decisions.


Probably a good idea. Apparently stress affects the immune system. :slight_smile:


This is one of those times when I drop my forehead onto my desk and regret not learning more about trading on the markets sooner. People I know have been making thousands every day for almost two weeks, just betting on people panicking and prices dropping. Next, they’ll bet on people believing this is a good time to invest and make a profit out of that. By the time the COVID-party is over, they will have made several hundred thousand at least. All while laughing at how predictable human behavior really is.

Personally, I kind of agree with the video AMASH posted on his EQ journal. Getting this thing and overcoming it will leave instructions in my immune system and likely my DNA that make it easier to resist the next variant. I don’t look forward to the experience, but if I do get this thing, I intend to accept the challenge and bash it into submission like an Emperor. I’ll kick it out of my body so fast, its feet won’t even touch the ground.

I did experience a bit of a regression being stuck at home with minimal social contact. So EQ is punishing me with a headache. :slight_smile:

The one thing that troubles me is why this extreme reaction? It’s difficult to compare of course. Influenza may be more lethal but has far less cases. Its older brothers SARS and MERS had far higher casualty rates (10% and 36% respectively), but COVID isn’t done yet.

But why are the politicians turning this into the worst thing since the bubonic plague? I’m inclined to start believing conspiracy theories this way. Or that the US is just looking for a nice distraction that they will then use to launch their new election campaigns. Sow panic now, blame the competition for it later. As long as they don’t have to deal with actual issues.

The most troubling thing is that it coincides with a (intentionally created or not) very fragile economy. This weakens the economy even more. The disease combined with the failing economies is like two mild storms coming together to form the perfect storm.

And even though for me it currently means little more than my local bakeries being sold out one hour after opening from inconsiderate hoarding *********, I have to wonder what the world will look like once people stop staring at this pretty shiny thing called Corona and realize the world went to heck in a hand-basket while they were distracted.