The Commander Ultima Thread



Planning to use this for meeting days.


I am going to combo Commando and Libertine on the weekend and see how it pans out.


Any results from using anyone??


I’m actually curious to see who ran it and how was it? Would it be good with executive?


I use it with Executive … crazy powerful !


How do they mix? What type of effect do you have?


How did it make you feel? How did it effect your aura? Did you sense a pattern of different reactions from people?


Executive and Commander have a lot in common. Commander adds a very strong feeling of confidence.


It is something like ultra focused with super confidence, much more than Emperor


I’ll try it, do you run them back to back?


@Fire @SaintSovereign meant to ask about something I read on the sales page for this product. States it uses the newest energy cultivation technology. Does it use the same type as libertine V1 or V2?


@WhiteTiger i will test commando and executioner tomorrow


Hope you kill it with executioner


morning Executive, afternoon Commander then my custom sub with Sanguine as core


Tried commander today before I went out. I didn’t want to use any other Ultima titles than elixir at the moment but I had to try the Commander. It was one of my favorite superchargers.

When I was out I felt more powerful. Similar to the supercharger but a bit stronger. When I made eye contact people did look down most of the time. Thoughts were aligned to the purpose of my mission. No day dreaming. People also got out of my way easily when I walked in their direction. Plus I felt as if I gained some height - probably due to better posture.

Having been less confident when going outside in the past week this was a nice change.

Now I want to use it again tomorrow and see how it develops.


Yes myself and WhiteTiger are starting a new project called “Executioner Loaded Weapon”. Your welcome to come onboard if you wish.


its on!!!


Trying commander tonight, I’ll run executive in an hour.


Commander makes you way more aggressive in a positive way.