The Commander testimonials


People who used The Commander, would you mind sharing what is was like and what you gained?


I listened to it yesterday before a phone interview and it definitely gave me a sense of dominance for the call. Other times in the past when using it more regularly I’ve noticed definite signs of submission from more people as I went about my daily activities


Commander is a awesome product, it’s time for commander Q


Superchargers cannot have a Q version. Q is done using a computer but superchargers are made using voice actors.


have you considered background sounds? in beyond limitless there is a supercharge version without voice actors


There is also a stack module called Admiral and Commander for “The Commander”.

I like the supercharger. It creates a vibe of power for me.


how long is the run time for this one?


Commander will give you more confidence to take your place and say what you want to say! Will make you more dominant (when I mean dominant, I mean that you will do what you want to do).

Really helped me expressing myself at my job and closing some deal :wink:


I think this would be a great add on to EmperorQ[quote=“WhiteTiger, post:8, topic:3833, full:true”]
Commander will give you more confidence to take your place and say what you want to say! Will make you more dominant (when I mean dominant, I mean that you will do what you want to do).

Really helped me expressing myself at my job and closing some deal :wink:


I think this would be a great add on to EmperorQ


But I’ve always been more receptive to hypnosis, subliminals are working me slowly from inside, I see the difference over months and months of progress. I can compare myself to the “me” of 6 months ago… not the same man (see, I’m calling myself a man hahahaha and not a “guy” or something) and the person I was a year ago, we won’t even talk about it.

I could use some kind of confidence hypnosis and make really good progress fast and really change stuff in your life quickly. But the hard truth is… even if you have that quick boost, how are you going to maintain it over the long term? You just had a couple of suggestions telling you that you are confident or something, it’s not a really deep work tailored to your experience that will slowly make you understand things of your past or life and evolve with you.

This is where subliminals shines, they take time to work, but will teach you in a deeper way, make you understand yourself to another level completely! Hypnosis didn’t change my vision of myself, hypnosis didn’t helped me feeling better with myself… Emperor did, Khan did, Stark also helped…

Commander will supercharge the effect of subs, because will help you “acting” differently and change your behaviour, but will never replace a subs… not sure if the strong “commanding” hypnosis in the commander could be added to subliminals because the commander use the consious part of the brain to act… not only the subconsious.

They were meant to go hand in hand, not be used “one or the other” :wink:


Will the commander be good to bundle with Ascension and Regeneration? I’m new to subclub and want to fix nice guy syndrome and heal my conflict issues. I avoid conflict being small or big as much as I can. Childhood trauma



The Commander is about marshalling all of your resources. Pulling together and integrating the diverse parts of yourself in support of your guiding visions.

The guided experience of the Commander lays the foundations for an identity of Self-Mastery. As the identity of self-mastery and powerful self-determination is established, it can then be projected out onto the world around you; as the feeling of being a leader, a person of solid foundation and clear vision, comfortable wielding power and making decisions.

So you can see that the first part of that process is similar to Regeneration. The second fits with Ascension.

And don’t worry about ‘how long it will take’. That’s a distraction. Instead, hold the determination that you’re going to do good things whether or not a subliminal helps you to do them. That attitude, Determination, will paradoxically enable the subliminals to help you more effectively.


that sounds awesome the way you described it, when do you run it?


I ran it daily for I think 2-3 months. Nowadays our major program tracks are all 60 minutes in length. Previously they were about 45- minutes. So I’d take one major program track add one or two superchargers and voilà, it’s a meditation timer!

So, in short, I’d use it with daily meditation.

Once the current generation of Q-build programs were published, major program tracks increased to 60 minutes in length. So, one track by itself is already a perfect meditation timer. So, for now, I’m taking a break from superchargers. Every so often, I’ll play one before sleep.


is the commander as good paired with statk as it is with emperor or eog?


Considering that Tony Stark is the leader of the Avengers and Stark Industries, why not?


@Rhinesuchus - when reading The Commander sales page, we see that “Using Commander alongside Emperor, Khan or Ecstasy of Gold will be a powerful combo, allowing you to further expand on your status, dominance, authority and charisma by utilizing your conscious mind even further. Or, use it standalone and still receive powerful effects.”

And since StarkQ also deals in “status, dominance, authority and charisma”, The Commander is a good companion to StarkQ too.

The reason why StarkQ isn’t included in The Commander sales page is because StarkQ was made after The Commander. Hopefully they update it.

Also The Commander is a good standalone. So you can’t go wrong there either regardless of whether StarkQ works well with it.


just downloaded this bad boy, gonna play it during my morning routine and see how it goes.


@Rhinesuchus Keep us updated about your initial first time experiences.