The Commandant - Thread


I want to assist Sovereign in determining how many people would be interested in buying the Commandant super charger.

If enough people show interest he will compile it.

Please drop note in this thread if your interested in a super charger that amplifies emperor. Taking emperor to a whole new level.

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I recall this being a status-supercharger. Don’t limit yourself only to Emperor, you’ll miss the Khan-crowd. And the financial crowds, they could do with some status and presence as well.


Supercharger for Emperor or Khan also? Anyway, I want it :slight_smile:

The Legacy decently superchargers Ascension, Ascension Mogul, Emperor and Khan. How could Commandant be different than The Legacy?


I am also interested :slight_smile:


@Dmitry it would raise your status. Imagine Richard Branson walking into a room full of people. Heads turn room goes quiet.


I would buy this but it would be nice if it was similar to true social which you dont have to sit and meditate while listening the track


I’d be interested, it would be really good if saint could post a thread for his current plan for new product releases


I wonder what will happen…when it combines with Primal Seduction…guess。it will be fun…I am in


I would be interested in status supercharger.


I’d be interested as well


I’m in! See what happens adding it to EoG…


Boom!! Im into it!!


Fiiiiiiiiiiine. I’m sold. I’ll work on it after Alchemist.

Main Discussion Thread - Khan

Thankyou Sovereign…

Thankyou everyone here iin the thread who has offered to support Subclub for the next project…

If anyone has ideas that might help enhance the commandant sublminal feel free to leave a comment. Ultimately we want to keep assisting Sovereign and Fire in making this sub the next best thing since the desktop pc.


I feel like this status enhancement can be also reached with The Legacy, as it gives out a certain alpha/dominant vibe.

I’m curious how different this one will be from The Legacy.


@xingliao Status i believe is King whether its dating or career. Why do girls chase celebs ? Why do men look up to certain celebs and certain entrepreneurs and their senior peers.


It will be interesting to make a some kind of table of comparison between Legacy, True Social and Commandant so no major overlapping occur.

Building a stack, what works together/what not?

@Dmitry Good idea i think Commandant should focus explicitly on raising social status.

True Social gets out of your head and turns you into thr talkative silver tongued play boy think of Russell Brand.

Not clear how exactly legacy works but i think it gives you the mental strenght to plow through any hurdles…think about the Juggernaut


Sovereign can ypu please make thia super charger compatible with Khan.


Is any supercharger not compatible with Khan?