The clock is ticking

Lets face the truth !!.

The clock is ticking !! Tick Tock Tick Tock

We only have a limited amount of time on this planet. I am not hear to preach as I am not a priest but what i have noticed is everyone has a dream or a goal. Yet few know how to reach their goals or rainbows.

So share with the members how you intend to reach your goal whether its health, wealth or relationships.


Here is what I am doing for each of my goals-I’ll relate them to subs-even though all the subs influence my goals. I have some stuff to alter-to fully reach my trajectory but here is what’s on the docket now


  1. Going above and beyond with current work, asking for more responsibility and opportunities and receiving accepting new opportunities, responsibility, and more money
  2. Building a coaching business on the side, actively creating content, cohesive messaging, will start website soon, and coaching where ever I can with people to get professional experience under my belt, (I’ve done in house coaching and development with people for years but never paid on my own) )will start proactively marketing/ ‘creating’ clients mid-october
  3. Working on two-start ups that I cannot disclose more of now
  4. creating routines-and curriculum of what I want/need to learn and following them
  5. Reading Straight line leadership
  6. Reading Take Me To Truth (more for active spirituality)
  7. Writing and journaling every day
    8.Proactively taking time to think about my path and envision my future.

House of Medicci-wealth

  1. Teaching myself financial analysis, private equity, and everything I can in that domain. I work in private equity but on the admin/operations side, so looking to transition.
  2. Brokering deals in a legal field, I do not want to disclose currently. Working my network
  3. Create active time to spend with family

Azriel Q (Emp fit stage 4/khan stage 1/ Spartan/Primal Seduction)/stacked Survival Instinct-get in the best shape of my life, full health and 100% from any chronic pain/injuries

  1. Mobility work and specific strengthening every day at home
  2. Going back to the gym 5 days a week
  3. Intermittent fasting with OMAD
  4. Seeing doctors for everything that’s ever bothered me as a longstanding issue
  5. Looking into and taking on practices from alternative and holistic medicine-mindset and energy work
  6. Talking to woman I am attracted to whenever I go out, seeing the woman I am dating, slowly but surely working on my tinder game.


  1. Reading 48 laws of power
  2. Manipulating whenever I get the chance :joy: jk of course
  3. Just actively looking to stand up for myself authentically in more and more areas of my life with action rather than words or ‘show’

I must say you are doing extremely well @Azriel

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You have very structured goals with a definite action plan. I admire that in you.

I am sure you will reach where you want to be soon.


Great work Azriel now let us all be inspired by this gentleman.


Man For Himself

The description (like if you think it is well written :wink: ) already previews what my goals are with this sub. But anyways, I’ll enumerate here as part of the three domains which are implicated by my custom.


  • Read at 1000 WPM.
  • Master visualization
  • Utilize memory palaces and other visual techniques for memorizing various things, including all my credit card numbers as well as the things I am learning to succeed in Body and Spirit.
  • Read at least one book a month
  • Have outstanding focus (measurable through some tools i have on computer)
  • “Going above and beyond with current work, asking for more responsibility and opportunities and receiving accepting new opportunities, responsibility, and more money” as Azriel put it. This means working towards another promotion as well as overall exceeding expectations at work. Becoming an intelligent and multi-faceted in my profession.
  • Quit and/or reframe any habits that may prior to now may have been injurious.


  • Reach my strength goals, the key metrics being squat/bench/deadlift (300/200/300) by end of year.
    • Getting close! At my strongest ever right now.
  • Continue to practice intermittent fasting (2+ years now).
  • Reach 10% BF while also being muscular (no skinny fat, please!)
  • Have outstanding sleep quality (>85% average)


  • Complete the spiritual awakening that I appear to be going through right now.
  • Take my manifestational and imaginal capbilities to their highest levels.
    • Document thousands and thousands of manifestations.
    • Desired manifestations cross all parts of my life, including mind and body. Social manifestations are also involved as well.
    • I may even manifest good things for other people…and for the world.
  • Internalize Neville Goddard’s teachings.
    • Currently reading through The Complete Reader. Also following a good YT channel on the subject.
    • Later: Look at more lectures.
    • Skills here include the revision technique as well as consistently using the state-akin-to-sleep for good.
  • Truly appreciate the power of now.
    • Embody a mindset of nonreactivity except for the desired reality.
  • Meaningfully continue my meditation practice (a streak unbroken for several years now), potentially utilize various special meditations.

Prior experience with ACIM?

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in a way, but not too much, read Marianne Williamsson and heard her speak a few times.

Take Me To Truth is a book @Khan recommended

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@Azriel Are you sure that is the name of the title? :wink:

amended :wink: