The Capitalist King


I’ve been running my Mogul and Mind’s Eye stack - 3 days with 1 loop of each subliminal every day - and plan to carry on my goals of visualization, learning and wealth.

I woke up this morning with a strong urge to switch all my modules in the customized subliminal to focus on a wealth building subliminal. I am tired of hearing my inner voice (and my auditory imagination pushed out in the form of certain people) telling me all sorts of negative stuff. Perhap’s Mind’s Eye is focusing on my auditory imagination. I am not so concerned about the lack of QL or Limitless in my custom stack now as StarkQ, Mind’s Eye and EOG themselves all contain a form of QL or Limitless to some extent.

Also, I am realising the importance of financial power. Without money, it’s very hard to achieve a lot of things, including control of my own reality. Once I am comfortable with my financial status, I can move on to other goals.

Therefore, I aim to run my customized wealth creation subliminal for 6 months at least and it should be a step up from my Mind’s Eye-Mogul stack.

My customized modules will include:

Core Category:
StarkQ (Wealth Creation, Inner Circle, Social Status, Learning Abilities, Wealth Synchronicities, Entrepreneurship)
Mind’s Eye Corp (Wealth Visualization, Learning Abilities, Wealth Manifestation)
EOG ST4 (Ulltimate Wealth Creation)

Emotional Healing
Blue Skies (Self-Love)
Inner Voice (Optimize Auditory Imagination, Audio Output from my subconscious processing)

Financial Success Realty Shifter (Shift My Reality to Financial Success)
Secrets of Akasha (Absorbing the collective consciousness of the wealthy)

Results Enhancement
Informaticon (Conscious Information Acquisition, Works in coordination with Secrets of Akasha)
Submodel Alpha (Scenario Replaying for most Optimal Scenario.Train my probability and risk taking abilities. Works in coordination with Secrets of Akasha)
Omni-dimensional (Analyze and Approach problems and challenges from limitless angles. Works in Coordination of Secrets of Akasha)
Merger of Worlds (Strengthen connection between subconscious and conscious mind)
Yggdrasil (Manifestation of Opportunities, Making the near-impossible situations accessible).

Some ideas/actions of mine as listed below:

  1. Aim to improve on my Chinese and Japanese language proficiency again as these are key markets I want to be involved in.
  2. Very much interested in how wealth is approached by people such Elon Musk , Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger.
  3. I want to improve on my maths and probabibility abilities to be able to calculate risk and find out the best outcomes for creating wealth.
  4. Social status is somewhat important to me also - StarkQ will cover that and I can manifest my way through with Mind’s Eye.
  5. Sales, communication ability and being good at talking is also important. So perhaps in a sense StarkQ is a better choice here than Emperor.
  6. Knowledge is Power.


Just made my order - also included the I.Q and Cognitive Booster. When it is ready I will make my transition from my current Mind’s Eye Q and Mogul Q Stack and start recording my the rest of my journey here.

Anyway, I feel that I’ve gained some good insights in recent days and my understanding of how to approach the use of subliminals has become clearer.


I want to see everything 50 steps ahead.


I received my custom-made subliminal early in the morning yesterday and I ran one loop of it when I woke up.

A few times while listening to the customized subliminal, I had this undescribable feeling of becoming bigger in size.

Otherwise, there was nothing else to report really and I have been largely busy today after deciding that once again I will work on creating my commercial research report which I can sell to the public.

Another feeling that popped up throughout the day was this feeling of fear and doubt. I don’t know whether it’s reconciliaton but the feeling of fear is so distinct. It is a feeling of fear and desperation that this customized subliminal might not work for me just like most other things that I’ve tried, and I would end up asking myself, “Am I screwed? Am I fated to be relive my life of misery everyday?”

I also had a urge to go watch some porn online but my inner voice was telling me, “Hey. porn isn’t real - you’re just looking at pixels. You’ve got the power in you now to seek out something real that can replace porn.”

A strong feeling of wanting to go out and meet people to connect with also popped up. Due to various circumstances including the lockdown and the need to watch out of my schizophrenic relative at home, I haven’t really been out much and my social circle has been very much reduced.


Very interesting.


I dreamt last night that I was nominated by somebody to be a member of my postgraduate university alumni committee handling growth and membership. And so I set up with a meeting with some people to solicit opinions on what actions should be taken.

Dream felt about 30% real.


The feeling of hopelessness, anxiety and a general loss in direction continues today. Am I screwed?

I must carry on - cannot give up.


Inner Voice module says: No.


A strange dream where I forgot where I lived. I was trapped in some remote town in England and wanted to get a bus or call a taxi to get back to my place in London. However, for some reason, I could never remember the address of my home. It even took me a while to remember where I stayed towards the end of my time living in London when I woke up.

Having said that, I spent a significant amount of my life living in London and memories of it seem to have faded as time passes. My time back there feels so distant and detached.


A possible web design opportunity from a former client of mine who wants me to help with his new start-up. Need to brush on the additional skill-set required first. Told him I will need a month.

I am meeting my first web design client next week.


Feeling very tired and beaten up today. Perhaps it is because I ran two loops of my customized subliminal.

So while it’s an unproductive day so far, I feel the need to go back to focusing on my “I Am”-ness and my “I(A)magination” with meditation and reading.

That’s resonates more with me than whatever chakras, frequencies, vibrations which don’t mean a thing to me.

“I Am” the source of everything.

And let me go back into the silence.


Change your conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live. Do not try to change people; they are only messengers telling you who you are. Revalue yourself and they will confirm the change.


I Am the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End.

“Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled and continue feeling that it is fulfilled until that which you feel objectifies itself. If a physical fact can produce a psychological state, a psychological state can produce a physical fact. If the effect (a) can be produced by the cause (b), then inversely, the effect (b) can be produced by the cause (a). Therefore I say unto you, “What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye have received them, and ye shall have them” (Mark 11:24, E. R. V.).”


Thanks for the reminder buddy!


Sounds familiar :wink:


Fragments of my dreams yesterday -

  • Once again playing with my web design layouts in my dream
  • Was in a library where a librarian was desperate to get in touch with wildlife photographer I knew because she had to contact him before her meeting at 10 am and she couldn’t reach him on her phone. I found a couple of his contact numbers on my whatsapp and asked her to give try calling him. That was towards the end of the dream.
  • Was at some lounge area in a business conference when somebody approached me and sang praises about how I had built up my consultancy business from scratch. He even showed me very professional photos of myself in my office that were taken by the media and published on the newspaper.
  • Some other young chaps at the business conference also approached me and asked me to visit their exhibition booth.
  • I ended up sitting next to a guy whom I realised was from Boeing, and he became interested in knowin more about me when he realised I knew somebody in his company.
  • I got to know a member of a famous boy-band, and he decided not to go for dinner in his chaffeured car, and instead stay around where I was and have a conversation with me. We ended up speaking about music, and he obviously asked about my favourite singers.


I woke up feeling motivated - I will improve my web design and development abilities by learning something new everyday. This mentality is to continue for 6 months.

Today will be a break from subliminals.

I decided that from now on, I will use my customized stack once in 3 days. The other 2 days will be for Mind’s Eye and Mogul as usual.


In addition, last night, I decided to start a gratitude journal. This gratitude journal would be in the form of nightly whatsapp gratitude conversation to myself where I stated my gratefulness to over 20 things that have happened in my life - past, present, manifested, unmanifested.

In a way, this gratitude journal has a Neville Goddard slant on it, with myself using it to do some revision as well as “feeling it real” experiments.

I will do this nightly for a month at least. The first night doing this was quite exciting.

And this is what I wrote last night for the no. 23 thing in life that I am grateful for.

23.Thank you Subliminal Club for creating such fantastic products. I get energy shifts in the day and fantastic dreams at night.


I’m wondering if Inner Voice is responsible for making me start that gratitude journal. It also helps the development of my mental diet.

I look forward to working more on my gratitude journal tonight.


Interesting that you are experiencing the effects of Gratitude Embodiment, without that module being part of your custom. Maybe it’s in EOG4?