The Art of Photoreading


Does anyone here have experience of photoreading?

I attended a course on photoreading many years ago - the most successful cases seemed to be those who could master the contents of the book and apply them straightaway. For example, someone who had never learnt French before photoread a book on learning French and managed to make a fluent speech in French.

My main difficulty was actually trying to get into alpha state while trying to photoread. I gave up after a while after not being able to achieve the alpha state at will…


Alpha state can easily be reached by Binaural Beats. Once you reach this state, you should make a conscious trigger to get into it at will. It takes practice though. Your mind can do anything at will, at least if it is programmed to do so. Look into the Raikov Effect, you’ll learn al psychological tricks you need.

Always when I give people advise they don’t actually look into it. So please do. If you truly want to be able to photo reading. I guarantee this is what you’re looking for.


Oh thanks, I didnt know this existed before. A phenomenal thing to train and learn and a great idea for my next book :smiley:
I also suggest using binaurals. There are some very great companies out there who make highquality binaurals. I dont know if I am allowed to say who it is but it actually doesnt matter. They all work in a similar way


I’ve got the program in audiocassette form but have not gone through it.


Can you recommend some? I’ve tried so many binaurals but they don’t really seem to have an impact on me.


There are some good on youtube, but I made very good experiences with the ones from iAwake


If you could reccomend some binaurals for photo reading that would be amazing. I tried photo reading around 5 years ago, but only using brute force methods.

And are you a photo reader?


Probably Alpha or Theta waves. A Binaural Beat is simply two different tones played through the ears creating a third tone in the brain based on the subtraction of these two distinct tones.


I know theta waves are good for learning but alpha waves are on the other end of the spectrum

When you are in an alpha state that’s when you are the farthest from communicating with your subconscious


You’re thinking of Beta. Alpha is a relaxed state and perfect for learning.

Frequency range Name Usually associated with:
> 40 Hz Gamma waves Higher mental activity, including perception, problem solving, and consciousness
13–39 Hz Beta waves Active, busy thinking, active processing , active concentration, arousal, and cognition
7–13 Hz Alpha waves Calm relaxed yet alert state
4–7 Hz Theta waves Deep meditation /relaxation, REM sleep
< 4 Hz Delta waves Deep dreamless sleep, loss of body awareness


Exactly as stated above. Alpha is the state next to theta. The flow state as many of us may know is right between the gap of Alpha and Theta. Being 7.83 Hz which is also the frequency of earth’s magnetic field, called the Schumann Resonance. I’ve been looking for a good Binaural Beat at 7.83Hz if you find any let me know. Otherwise I’ll make one myself. Good luck.


We are really getting off-topic here but I am really wondering about this “.xy”-frequency-stuff. I mean it seems like you could target results with frequencies very precisely, for example “10.34 is for reading books and remembering faces etc”. Is there an actual list of expectable effects of these “.00” ranges?
Sorry, I dont know how to formulate my question better, hope you understand what I mean


Iawake has Schumann resonance tracks.


Thank you.


Yes. Also our body has certain frequencies embedded into it. When one of those frequencies is not coded into our body we might have a certain disease like cancer, ADHD, ADD. Anything like that, this is also the reason for genetic sickness in the family. It can be solved by finding a solution number to your problem. A man called Lloyd Mear was the master in this and has resolved many issues people had in the past.

Frequency wise I do think I have a chart somewhere with loads of frequencies on there. I’ll check later and if I find it I’ll sent it over.


iAwake is always good. I’m also a fan of bliss coded sound. They were some of the first brainwave tracks I felt really worked. They have a Schumann Resonance track but they also have one that might be better for learning or photoreading called Brilliant Mind


The Schumann Resonance one sounds much like the tracks from Inspire3 the Nitrofocus series. I’m using this daily to get me into the flow state.