Texting game resources? (PUA /Online Dating)


Does anyone have any links to good resources for texting/online dating game/PUA?

Thanks in advance.


Why do you worry about text game so much?

You only need to text her to set up dates or communicate with her when you can’t meet for a longer period of time so that it’s “still on”. But you will never “seduce” her over text only with good text game.

Only worry about how you act and come across in real life until you are very very advanced.


Thanks, but…

I am only interested in finding decent resources, not really in hearing about why I shouldn’t want them. That was the purpose of the post.


I know :wink:

But I wanted to drop that before recommending something as more people might read this.

My personal recommendation is “Matt Artisan - Seduce Her With Text”


I remember coming across some information some time ago. Uh If i find it I’ll link it here for you. Just general or something specific of interest?


Whatever you can point me to, I am sure would be compelling Lowrider.



I recall seeing an ad for thesocialman.com a while back. They had a program call how2txther. Not really sure how good this was and how much it is now.