Testing Ultima stage 1


Today’s my first day of running Ultima. I started with 2 loops of Ultima test (A) back to back and while listening I felt some sensations on my forehead on the third eye chakra.
So I was feeling a bit depressed since yesterday due to some personal reasons and these depressing thoughts just keep flashing in my mind now and then, so the first thing I noticed after listening to Ultima is that I started consciously blocking those negative thoughts and just ignored them completely.
One more thing I noticed is that my subconscious was continuously urging me to finish off some pending work and once I completed that work I felt a strange feeling of joy and like a burden has been lifted off my chest.


Today’s my second day on Ultima. Listened 3 loops of Ultima test B. Felt same tingling sensation on my third eye chakra exactly in between my eyebrows same as yesterday.
After some time I felt a surge of positivity and strong feeling of motivation to complete all my pending tasks.
I felt more focused today didn’t procarcinated much and didn’t wasted my time on unnecessary things.
I even started reading a book on Morphogenic fields.


Today’s my third day on Ultima stage 1. I listened 2 loops of Ultima Test B back to back while reading a book on Amazon Kindle then 1 loop afterwards while resting.i didn’t felt any sensations today but after third loop I just went to take a nap since there’s nothing much I can do during this lockdown period. While sleeping I had a dream where I was arguing with my father and I felt so real like it is actually happening.
When I woke up I had a little headache which disappeared after some time,after that I felt really calm . Then I completed some work that I’ve been avoiding for s for a long time.
One thing I can say for sure about Ultima is that it’s making me more productive and pushing me hard to complete my daily tasks.


Today’s my fourth day on ultima. I listened 3 loops of Ultima test A . 2 loops back to back and 1 after a gap of two hours . Due to lockdown there’s nothing much to do I have stay home all day long. So i can’t really determine how Ultima effects my behaviour in outside world. But one thing I noticed that Ultima stage A effects my mood,it lifts up my mood and fills my mind with positive emotions and motivating thoughts . It also makes me to contemplate my actions and how they are affecting me .


Today’s my fifth day on Ultima. I listened 2 loops of Ultima Test B back to back and then 3rd loop after a gap of 3 hours. After listening the 3rd loop of Ultima I felt asleep, then while sleeping I saw this weired dream where I was in some weired place,like some abandoned village of Egypt,there were all these old ruins of sand,and there are these minotaur like beasts chasing me and trying to kill me and I was trying to escape them by running and hiding but somehow they always find me like they can smell my fear,and after a point of time I decided that now it’s enough, I can not escape them so it’s better to face them ,then I found a sword lying there and then I picked up that sword and charged towards those beasts and I even managed to defeat them.it felt really good after I defeated them.
Then in the evening a random thought just came itno my mind that I should utilize my free time and start learning a new language.
I also felt an urge to talk to one of my school time friend with whom I haven’t been in touch lately ,so I just made the call and talked to him it felt good talking. I think maybe Ultima is pushing me to start socializing.


Which do you prefer thus far, A or B?


@SaintSovereign so far I think Ultima test B is affecting me more.it’s making me more productive and I feel like it’s clearing some deep rooted limiting beliefs.
The dream that I had today on test B clearly signifies that it’s making me aware of my limitations and arming me with appropriate tools to distroy them.


Today’s my sixth day on Ultima . Today I listened 3 loops of Ultima Test A.
Something strange happened today, it’s really hard to explain but in the evening I suddenly started getting these random memory flashes from past . These memories are completely random and didn’t relate to each other and they just keep popping up in my head and then I started feeling like I just came back into my body after a long time and like someone else was living in my body from a long time and everything feels new and old at same time(i don’t know how to explain it, it’s really hard to put it into words)
And it felt really amazing.
This lasted for about an hour but as I continued with my work this feeling stated to vanish. Then I just returned to my previous self.


Today’s my seventh day on Ultima. today I listened 3 loops of Ultima Test B.
Today I had some really intense dreams they felt extremely real. Then after waking up i was having a little headache which went away after 10-15 minutes.
Then I just went into contemplation mode and started thinking about my future,
What I want do in my life?
Where my interest lies?
And many such questions just started popping up in my head.
I have no answers for these questions which made me feel a bit depressed. I’ve felt like I don’t really know what I truly want and how am I going to achieve it?
I just felt bad about how much time I have wasted and still I haven’t figured out how to approach further.
Today’s I just felt lost.


Today’s my first day on Ultima stage 2 (A) .started with two loops that too with a gap of two hours in between. Today I felt the same sensation on my third eye chakra that I felt when I started listening to stage 1.
I felt really good while listening the track,the time just flew away, I didn’t realized how quickly 1 hour just passed.i felt amazing afterwards,really motivated and a feeling of euphoria just took over. Had a pretty intense workout session in the evening. I was not doing any kind of workout since past two weeks because gyms are closed due to Corona virus outbreak. And it feels really boaring working out at home without any equipments.
But today I felt really motivated and had a pretty good workout session pretty sure it’s Stark Ultima pushing me .
Truly looking. Forward to what stark Ultima has in store.


Today’s my 2nd day on Ultima Stage 2. Yesterday I have a marathon of dreams, I have seen like 4 to 5 dreams back to back in a row, I don’t remember all of them but in one dream I was in a new gym doing cardio on a treadmill and there was a really hot girl beside me and she was checking me out.
Then after waking up I had a pretty intense workout session.i think stark Ultima is pushing me to take care of my body.
Then around 12 PM I started playing Ultima test 2 . I listened 2 loops back to back, had that same tingling feeling on my third eye chakra and skull but I didn’t lasted long,It just vanished after 5 to 10 minutes. Then afterwards I started studying and I noticed that i am more focused today and I am not getting distracted.
I also felt an urge to socialize but due to lockdown I have to stay at home.
Ultima stage 2 is also making me feel really good like I’m high on some drugs.


Today was my third day on Ultima Stage 2. I have listened 3 loops today, 2 loops back to back in the morning and 1 after a gap of 3 hours. Yesterday I had some dreams but can’t remember them . Today I felt really tired and slept for About 1 hour in the afternoons. Today I felt really frustrated from staying at home. I felt like there’s nothing happening in life and i’ m stuck in that same old routine .
I don’t know if it’s some kind of reconciliation but today I felt really lathergic and bored .
So today emotionally I was in a neutral state. One thing I noticed since I started using Ultima is that my appetite has increased.i start feeling hungry in every 2 to 3 hours.


Today was my 3rd day on Ultima stage 2. I listened 2 loops of Ultima today.
But I have nothing much to journal today beauce I wasn’t feeling well today, so I stayed in bed most of the day. Let’s see what’s in store for tomorrow.


Today’s my 4th day on Ultima test 2. I listened 3 loops today, 2 loops back to back and 1 after a gap of 1 hour. So the day started really great I was in amazing mood today I was feeling like everything is under my control and I can alter my reality at will. Today I had a pretty intense workout session and completed all the tasks I have planned for today. I felt really energetic today like I could take on anything that comes in my way.
So after the 3rd loop I took a nap and then I had this dream where I was on the stage in front of thousands of people and delivering a speech I can hear my voice it felt so powerful, and the crowd was chearing for me they are screaming my name, then after delivering the speech when I went to the backstage there was a beautiful girl waiting for me and she just hugged me ,she was amazingly beautiful, everything about her , her eyes, her voice , her expression everything was just perfect, I felt a strange connection with her.
Even after waking up her image just got stuck in my mind.
Then in the evening I received a call from one of old friend with whom I haven’t talked since past 6-7 months and we had a great conversation, she kept on launghing even on silliest jokes, it felt like she just doesn’t want to put the phone down. That was definitely Starks scripting.
Let’s see what’s in store for tomorrow.


Today’s my 5th day on Ultima Stage 2. Listened 3 loops back to back felt a slight sensation in my skull. Complete all the tasks that I have planned for today. Emotionally felt really good . Had a really productive day. Stark Ultima is definitely making me more productive.