Terminus-StarkQ + SanguineQ + RegenQ+DaredevilQ+PCCQ


Ok so after a crazy month with swaying emotions i knew it was time for a change. So i switched over to Stark a few days ago and sanguine as of last night.

Wow what a fucking awesome combo. I woke up this morning with a complete 180° change in attitude. So much as my wife noticed few minutes after being up. Back to kicking ass again !!

Here’s a song to go with today’s mood.


How many loops of SanguineQ?


I listen whilst I’m asleep and In the day time.

Total listening is 16 hrs a day/night.

12 hrs StarkQ

4 hrs SanguineQ

So i get 8 loops of SanguineQ in a day

I take the afternoon evening off from listening for about 8 hrs, then start back up at bed time.


Didn’t realize it till now. I’m running regular sanguine not q. Works great though.


Wow lots of motivation today. Got day off no work but getting lots of things done with a desire and drive; that’s the key here. Actually wanting to get things done. Nothing better than your subconscious mind pushing you to get things done instead of pushing you to procrastinate.


sanguine is a awesome program. very relaxed and powerful


I decided to add Regeneration to my stack as of this morning. So for so good. I’m just running loops right now to see how it goes. I’ll customize the ratio later depending on how i respond.

Lots of childhood bad learned behaviors that i need to get rid of. I am noticing how it’s impacting opportunity to have healthy relationships.

But noticing it is the first part right? I used to not notice these things within my self. I’d go around damaging relationships thinking it’s every body else. The victim role. Which isn’t true, it’s within my self and how i react/show up to the world around me.

I am replacing these broken tools that were handed down to me with top of the line high quality tools now. :grinning:

Starkq is definitely making me more social. Striking up small talk every where i go automatically. :+1: More like a social shhhllluuuttt!


How do you like regeneration?, what about khan total breakdown?


So far i probably got 6 loops of regeneration in. Too early to see i think. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have something. I was thinking about Khan total breakdown. But after reading the sales page on regenerating i felt like that was the one so i got it.

What do you think about total break down? How were your experiences with it? :grinning:


Crazy dreams on regenerating throughout the night. Lots of things coming up. Having some fits in my sleep. Woke up a little irritated today.


Lots of weird thoughts are coming up throughout the day time regarding my past. Like things that have happened that i didn’t like how they were. But not sure what to make of them or if i even do. Regeneration is digging things up.

Any steps i need to take conciously when these scenarios come up in my mind? Or do they just go away and clear up? Like for instance a bad situation where i witnessed my parents fighting like crazy comes up from my childhood; what am i supposed to consciously do?

Any thoughts it’s well appreciated. Thanks


If you can just simply observe the thoughts and feelings. They come and go on their own. One of my favorite things to do is everytime I catch myself in some thought or feeling I check, is that actually happening right now? Or, is it just my own thought? A feeling is the shadow of a thought. Our entire experience is created via mind,consciousness, and thought. If it’s more of some feeling without a clear thought I just check well, is this (experience, feeling) reality or is it my own thought again? Since it’s all created inside out via mind consciousness, and thought. Our experience is generated within. It’s not actually the outer world creating or causing our experience. Me, I like to take it one step further especially if I have time. I just check, would I like to change it or control it? Could I let go of wanting to change it or control it? If there’s still something left and I just want to zap it out I might just check could I change this feeling into love? Would I? When? I’m not checking with my mind because it’s the personal mind that got me into this mess. That’s just what I do and it works for me.


Thanks for that perspective. Sounds good. :wink::+1:


So far so good. Socializing comes naturally with strangers. I find it easier to speak my mind when i disagree on something, ie with boss, relatives, strangers etc. I feel like it’s easy to influence someone if i needed to.

Feel motivated around the house , more energized to get things done especially after a long day of work. Vivid dreams all night long everyday now.



My God, people coming from out of the bushes just to talk to me lol. And they’re just dying for any words I’m willing to spit out of my mouth. I like it. :rofl:


Hi good people…
I have been running regeneration Q and noticed when ever I run it I get very angry…
Any reason why this is happening…
I am also snapping on people all the time.
I run the playlist over night so like 8 loops.


@pacman, I almost replied here, but I’m realizing how many questions get untouched when in a person’s journal. I’d have never seen this had I not read all the way down.

If you post this in the questions thread, that will get you a LOT more attention. A title like “why is Regeneration pissing me off?” would gather curiosity fast. I’m using Regeneration Q and Limit Destroyer Q myself, and it’s been smooth mostly. If you make a question in the thread, I’ll elaborate more.


Woke up tired and cranky today. At work still out of it and lots of driving to do plus some actual physical work. Today is the bad mood reconcilation day i guess. Fuck dat shit. Today I’m the fuck it alpha i guess.


Today is a good good morning. Woke up tired but motivated now.