Terminus Experiences + Stacking


I’d like to see how your Terminus experiences have been

Furthermore, for stacking, have you seen better results doing it every other day with a rest day after each listening day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday listening and resting Tuesday and Thursday) or listening every day to the terminus one? And with the normal versions listening every day or just alongside the terminus ones? If anyone has already experimented


Mo: T, T, T, Q, Q, Q
Tue: T, Q, Q
Wed: T, T, T, Q, Q, Q
Thu: T, Q, Q
Fri: T, T, T, Q, Q, Q


Mo: T, T, T, Q, Q, Q
Tue: Q, Q
Wed: T, T, T, Q, Q, Q
Thu: Q, Q
Fri: T, T, T, Q, Q, Q


Mo: T, T, T, Q, Q, Q
Wed: T, T, T, Q, Q, Q
Fri: T, T, T, Q, Q, Q

or some other way?

Wondering since I’ll have 2 terminus customs soon and would like to stack Dragon Reborn with it. Hm. Thinking if I should run it every day just more loops of the customs on some days and less on the others, or take some days fully off. So your experiences can help me with this but also would love to know what you’d think about this.

Also, for me I have noticed when I can completely let go Terminus REALLY shines. Eg when I got stoned once it’s like ALL the programming suddenly kicked in and I could be the one I wanted to be whereas before I wasn’t noticing anything. So since then been suspecting that it’s about disinhibition and letting go, and I realized this works after relaxing more and expressing myself totally freely on other days.


When I ran Stark Terminus for the first time it was the best feeling and state I’ve ever had. I was like a demigod if it comes to my mood, mindset, attitude. I even was singing to myself. :slight_smile: Then I took a 3-4 days break and it went back to “normal”. Then I started playing it according to the general recommendations 5xweek + 2 days off, then two loops every other day, 3 loops. I got really soft, passive and indecisive. I was really really calm and didn’t give a shit about anything. At some point I got some kind of reconciliation feeling a weird social anxiety. Then I reduced it to one loop per day (5 days, 2 days off) and still I was like that. Then I added the Commander and… oh boy, within two days I became someone I had always wanted to be. I gave up on that stack ultimately to do my healing stack. You could read more about my experiences here.


I’ve been experimenting a bunch with stacking Terminus and Q and I’ve found
More than 1 loop of terminus a day the next day must be off or at most 1 Q and/or Ultima Loop
I can run 1 loop terminus stacked with 3-5 Q loops for 5 days
I can run 1 loop termins 3 loops Q later that day and 6 loops Q the next day before going back to Terminus and 3 loops Q the following day. This has yielded the best results

Saint recommends not stacking terminus subs


I’ll be the one to make Saint reconsider his recommendation :smiley: … or at least I’ll definitely be the outlier on this. 2nd custom coming soon, can’t wait :smiley: Will be stacked with DR

So do you think I should do it like this

Mo: T1, T2, T1, T2, Q, Q, Q + stacking modules/ultimas
Tue: Q, Q + stacking modules/ultimas
Wed: T1, T2, T1, T2, Q, Q, Q + stacking modules/ultimas
Thu: Q, Q + stacking modules/ultimas
Fri: T1, T2, T1, T2, Q, Q, Q + stacking modules/ultimas

Or… run a loop of terminus ones on Tuesday/Thursday too… or… hm what do you think?


here’s to making it work !
You’ll likely have to experiment to find your optimal but i would do

T1 and Q in one day
T2 and Q on a second day


T1 and T2 one day
Q the next