Tell me your boundaries

What boundaries do you set with girls?

I know so many people, and I need to be able to cut out toxic ones as fast as possible while differentiating from the ones who are worth my support in difficult times.


Quite a broad question, but I have the same boundaries with women that I have with everyone. Treat me with respect and thoughtfulness, respect my boundaries or get out of my life. I’m very relentless in cutting people out – and honestly, I feel like you have to do this to maintain some kind of sanity in today’s crazy age.


Disrespect my values and i tell you to stop and never do that again.

Cross my drawn line again and your out.

The tricky part is to realy know who is a frend -for that some circumstances have to happen.

Then you know


Bit Vague, suppose it also Starts off with

What Boundaries you set off with your own self.

Reminds of the book Radical honesty quite the funny read if you have not come across it.

I know first hand the price I paid for having to “compromise” my boundaries due to “circumstances”, I end up paying a heavy price on many fronts, some of that still bugs me today.

Think this topic leads up to a good lead to the new chosen from within

And we’ll, love it or hate it, pcc is powerful shit.

Alot of this is about growth as we all evolve I guess, and our awarness levels increase.

How many boundaries have we allowed to be cross across many times.

Who really holds our best interests across space and time.


Would you tolerate a depressed/negative (regularly in phases) person around you who shows you the utmost respect?

Do you have specific ones you like to share?

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Do you loose your energy with that person?

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I recently cut someone off like this.

if a person doesn’t want to be helped, nor are they doing anything to help themselves, then they’re not worth the time and energy, because (and this is a proven thing) their negative attitude and mindset will eventually rub on to you, and regardless of how much they respect you, ask yourself this: “Do I want to be around such low vibes on a regular basis?”

your circle, regardless of how “close” they are to you, needs to be constantly re-evaluated, cause if you wanna stay a winner, you gotta sit with winners, and if you’re around the right people, you won’t even need to clarify boundaries, as they’d acknowledge them on their own (as they most likely would share the same kind of boundaries).



Had to think about this one. In smaller doses, yes. I’d probably try to help them resolve the issue. If their constant negativity began to hurt me somehow – like affecting my productivity, absolutely not. But, I don’t judge people just because they’re going through a phase in their life. If it’s something chronic, I would let them know the truth of why I’m avoiding them. I’m just very candid and upfront about such things.

The last person I cut out of my life had a habit of making little comments that served no point than to try and diminish a person’s sense of self, particularly when he was obviously wrong about something and was attempting to deflect.

He had done something to a mutual friend that was blatantly morally wrong, and when the individual tried to address it in a very thoughtful manner, the other individual kept saying “I’m not talking about this, I have better things to do,” and kept talking over or interrupting the person he harmed. Finally, when the mutual friend asked him specifically why he was being treated this way, the individual I dropped just outright ignored him, even when the mutual friend inquired multiple times.

I don’t like this kind of bullying, so I went off on him myself and cut all contact permanently.


Boundaries come from self respect, self respect come from self love, self love comes from being unconditionally loved.

But boundaries do change with experience, as you realise what was deemed acceptable when in a helpless state becomes an outright deal breaker. Getting screwed over by partners, workplaces and especially family members are hard lessons designed to form strong boundaries.

I used to think that workplace mobbing and being asked if I was stupid was normal, now anybody who screams at me or tells me to fuck off gets no service, and I don’t feel any way about it.

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I feel a strong impulse to help
But I know this not always good for me

Usually it’s in the general demeanor they give

If they have this view of men as just men, this obscure entity sooooo different from them they should fear and have to find only the best ones cuz we are weird

Or if they can see a potential best friend or partner in me and treat me as such.

Also just how quickly they are willing to school you on the spot about your general essence. This instantly shows me the woman needs to leave my life. Not because I have a toxic ego but because I’m very honest with myself and am always looking to critique myself and be the better man in every situation. So it’s clearly just rotten behavior by them being used to talking down to guys


I don’t like being touched generally or having people be really close to me physically other than my Wife
I used to be really open about my life. Now I get accused at times of being super secretive. I don’t understand that. I just don’t have any desire to open myself up for unnecessary drama or criticism.
I have no desire to hear about someone else’s sex life. It’s not my business
Don’t play your loud shitty music around me


Secrecy is a good thing. I wish more people understood that they have to be selective who they share information with.

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I have read this thread and I think there are some good points.

Here is what I think:

For the conscious mind, read “When I say no I feel guilty” by Manuel Smith.

For the subconscious mind, run something like Ascension, The Boundary, Untouchable, PCC, Manupulus, and/or Pride Unbroken.

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