TDCS (Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation)


A while back I spent about 6 months daily using an anxiety/depression montage with a TDCS machine. I found it to be beneficial, though I took a break from it when the banana cables became corroded and broke and I only recently have ordered new cables, electrodes and sponges.

Has anyone else experimented with TDCS?

Which product gives the best "being in the now" feeling?

Wikipedia page on this subject.


12-06-18 @ 5:06 PM
Never heard of it, but I’m interested in finding out more about your experiences with it.


I used the montage that is supposed to be beneficial for anxiety/depression for about 20 minutes a day 4 to 7 times a week for about 6 months. It seemed to blunt anxiety on an ongoing basis and turn down the negative internal voice. It was beneficial.

There is a great deal of information on various montages and their benefits (accelerated learning, quicker development of physical skills, etc etc.) Including scientific studies and a variety of devices. Applications of TDCS have been used to help accelerate the training of military snipers and other applications have been used by professional and Olympic athletes.

I figured this was something that people who are interested in self development might be interested in, that some here might already be doing, and there is plenty of information around the internet if someone wants to get into it. Entry level is pretty cheap for this. You can find basic units on ebay for under $30.




Interesting. Been wanting to try this for awhile.




I wonder if we can experience this flow state only as a reaction at this one time or is it creating an adaption to reaction, by when receiving stimulus multiple times, it creates neurons that support this new and faster ability and, when the action is repeated without stimulus, the neurons already support neurology that automatically help you run through neural pathways that support doing this strategy faster. If adaption happens, the speed of strategy afterwards would not really be a necessary criteria to activate those neural pathways.

Am I on the right path or this is off?


I don’t really know how exactly it works but it does and it seems to get more effective over time. This is something where if you try it you notice things happening. Shifts in state. Muting of internal dialogue. Reduction in anxiety. That is what I have noticed using the montage that targets anxiety and depression. Seems to me to be more efficacious than an anti-depressant, but that is my experience, it may not be the experience another person would have and of course that is only for one montage. There are a number of them targeting different areas.

One thing that is nice about it is if you really want to try it you can pretty cheaply, though I am not trying to promote that or convince anybody of anything. I am just sharing because I actually use it and have found it beneficial and some people may feel it is worth trying out.


This kinda stuff is what The Emperor’s Lounge is for. Thanks for sharing. How long do the effects last after using TDCS? I’m very much interested in testing this – but I don’t want to have to do it 5-6 times a day, unless that makes the effects more permanent.


For the montage, I have used, and I can’t make blanket assertions for any other montages or even for this one, I have found that once a day and even missing a day occasionaly allows the effects to remain. This is my subjective experience and I wouldn’t be surprised if the effects lasted if used less frequently. I should also mention that I do 20 minute sessions. It is entirely possible that much shorter sessions could also be beneficial.

I also want to try some other montages, but one only has so much time.


I’d like to try the montages that deal with accelerated learning and focus, but I am not sure what might happen if more than one montage is used each day.


TDCS discussed in a podcast focused upon nootropics.