Taking massive action: a new dawn


So let me preface this thread by saying if you are overtly sensitive this is not the thread for you. If you bought into a 35$ program expecting it to completely alter your outer reality, keep journaling and see where your at a year from now, if you can even make it that far before program hopping. Don’t get me wrong, the subconscious mind is an extremely powerful tool. But that is all it is, a tool. Tell yourself your going to have a great night out, and you’ll likely have fun. Tell yourself everyone is judging you and thinks your awkward, and watch your body language shrink and shrivel. As above, so below. But the subconscious mind can’t make you go to the party, or talk to the girl, or follow through with that idea for your business, and that’s where I see this community struggling. Think of subliminal club as the catalyst. These ideas to start a business, the increased attraction your getting are all the seeds that grow from using the subliminals. If you would like to see those seeds grow into a trees you still have to take action in physical reality. Everybody seems to ignore this part about subliminal use and instead spend their time fantasizing about what their life will be like after a few more months of “listening”. Imagine if every time you saw a cute girl walking down the street you went up and chatted with her, say 3 girls per day. Over a week you would have approached 21 girls. Over a month, 80. Even if 80 percent fell through you would have 15 dates over the month. Imagine if instead of giving up on your idea for the business because “the subs weren’t working yet” you took one step toward bringing it into existence, every day for a month where would it be? Everybody’s looking for the path of least resistiance, it’s human nature. As much as I’d like to be able to “take a pill and grow your dick 3 inches over night” it’s just not the way the world works. The people in this community have a huge advantage, an internal landscape that is primed to achieve success in whatever area it is your focused on. Most people in the world wont even allow themselves to be successful because of limiting beliefs. At the end of the day though we all still have to work with the laws of reality, which means being self disciplined and taking action to accomplish what you want to achieve. I want this thread to be an open space for ACTION TAKERS. Save the reconciliation, new thinking patterns, and limiting beliefs for your own journals. I don’t want to hear “Wow that’s awesome progress man” I want to hear what you did specifically aligned with achieving your goals today. How many girls did you actually approach and talk to, be detailed, be specific. What steps did you take to making your business idea REAL, did you get it licensed and registered? Did you start taking out loans from friends, family, banks? Did you move somewhere new where it’s possible to achieve your dreams? It’s time to start a New Dawn at subliminal club of people who actually hustle.


So I posted this thread a week ago, and looking back I’ve had one of the craziest weeks of my life. I’ve ran a S&S/Primal Stack for the last week deciding to commit virtually full time to my dream of being a dating coach. This past weekend I went to Chicago for an RSD event and met up with this girl I used to see who lives in the city. We got a few drinks at this cool roof top bar downtown and I ended up pulling back to her place even though she has a boyfriend lol. Left from there to walk to the event about a half hour away and made a couple approaches that went really smooth (going out after you get laid gives you a very non-needy vibe and you’ll have some of your best nights out). Met a bunch of really awesome people at the event who are all really into pickup/RSD as well and started coordinating about the best bars/winging and exchanging tips. Also really hit it off with the instructor and discussed potential internships with the company and she said she saw a lot of potential in me. Stayed out until about 3 A.M in Chicago after the event. Woke up the next day feeling a motivation that I’ve never expierienced before so I called into work and me and a wing took a spontaneous day drip to Miluakee to game all day. We experimented with doing some crazy social expieriments to get loose, approaching girls with boyfriends, approaching girls while picking our nose, putting our face up to the glass at busy ass resteraunts and drawing huge crowds for like 5 minutes lol. After doing those I felt a huge weight off my shoulder like literally I could get away anything, I started craving the feeling of social pressure and really seeing how far I could push it. Typically my day game is literally cringey but I felt like a new person taking massive action like I literally could not remain the same anymore. I kiss closed a set after stopping and talking to her for about 10 minutes (wasn’t that hot probably a 6) but it showed me how physical you can be and how it really changes the interaction when your clear with your intention. Approached my version of a 9 (dark black hair with colored streaks. Tatoos, multiple piercings) she was actually a tattoo artists and we started exchanging instagrams and showing me her work. At one point her boyfriend shows up and I can feel him staring awkwardly at me but we just finished our conversation anyways, I wasn’t Agressive but I think I was seen as clearly higher status than him so he didn’t interrupt. Overall I approached about 30 girls over the course of 3 hours, than we drove an hour and a half back to Madison where I live which is a pretty big college town, grabbed some food, and went out again to the bars at 930. After gaming all day my game was tat a level better than its ever been I could go up to girls direct as fuck even though I was tired and not crazy high energy I was coming off really blasé and non needy like I could care less if she walked away. Stayed out until 130 didn’t end up pulling that night (Tuesday). But overall I approached at least 60 girls that day my goal was 100 but I would have had to start early as fuck. Today I woke up about 10 o’clock completely exhausted, normally I’d take my time in the morning waking up drinking coffee, eating and hitting the gym but I just got into a cold ass shower and drove right downtown to day game. My first couple approaches were just okay I was literally just waking up so I was a little groggy but than I met up with my wing and we started challenging each other to do crazy ass approaches which always puts me into a good mood and having fun. Probably got 12-15 approaches in today my favorite one I approached a mom walking with her daughter touring the college and I walked up like I was gonna hit on the daughter but than I looked at the mom and asked her if she was single blunt as hell. She just started laughing and than I introduced my wing to the daughter and we just ended up talking for like ten minutes and me and the mom were from the same town originally lol. At work right now until 9 and than going back out tonight. :joy:. My goal right now is to keep going out multiple times a day until I’m at the point where I can start giving speeches and making videos on YouTube, attend as many RSD events as I can and get connected with all the instructors and try and get an internship so I can travel and do this full time and learn from the best in the world.


Hit a whole new level in my game last night. Didn’t get to do day game today because I had to work but I went downtown at about 7:30 P.M. to game with like 5 of my wings. I’ve been sick all week and feeling like shit but there’s literally nothing else I’d rather be doing than game so I made it out anyways started off feeling pretty low energy and anxious but I started approaching immediately. My first couple sets we’re pretty slow just opened real quick and left and than me and one of my other wings just felt a switch flip and literally went on a pick up rampage. We we’re approaching literally every girl we saw, fat, crazy attractive, sets with boyfriends, etc. By the 7th or 8th set I started getting in state which is exponential faster than it normally takes me and we started going for harder sets, girls sitting in restaurants we would just walk straight in, we’d start using really fucked up openers to make it awkward but we we’re having so much fun it didn’t matter. By 9:00 I had atleast 30-40 approaches some of which already knew me from approaching them the day before lol. Had my first kiss close right off the street within 5 minutes of meeting her, and ended up getting like 10 instagrams/numbers. After we went to go eat and than go back out to the bars. I slowed down a little bit after we got into the bars because I felt like I tried to actually “game” versus just having a ton of fun, but picked it up within a half hour or so. I started having girls shit test me in line when I was just standing there asking me to buy them drinks and stuff and I just shot her down super hard but ended up making out with her and getting her number later in the night. Pretty crazy that 5 days ago I had serious approach anxiety but after I decided to commit to this I have seen change that literally feels surreal to me within 5 days. All my wings we’re like what the fuck happened your like a new man. Saying I have instructor level game and that this is shit that they would see on YouTube. To anybody that isn’t happy with their subs results, start taking action, not tomorrow, but right now. Decide your going to change right now, and start working on what you need to be doing. Drop the BS excuses. You will not change after you run the subs for a little longer before you start taking action, the subs will start working when you take action. Undoubtly the craziest last 5 days of my life as soon as I decided that I will not stay the same anymore and I commited to taking massive action and change.


Update, day 6 of going out every night. My stack is still just regular S&S and Primal (plan on purchasing PS when I clear up some finances). Yesterday I went to a mall to game with my wings, my first two approaches were a little awkward but I got into state fast. I’m approaching more attractive women, and taking on harder sets. I open Moms with their kids, girls with boyfriends, anything that puts me threw intense social pressure I throw myself into. My sets are becoming light, fun, and I’m starting to have really genuine interactions. Got a couple numbers from some gorgeous girls last night as well, than after the mall I did some game downtown for a while. Overall got about 3 hours in last night.

This morning I woke up feeling pretty beat, still sick, but my wing pushed me into going out and I’m so glad he . Seriously a huge tip to anyone looking to get good at pick up is having a good wing who will push you and hold you accountable, we never let each other walk by a set without approaching regardless of if their in a store with a group of friends or whatever and the amount I’ve improved over the course of a week seems surreal. When your getting 40-50 sets in a day everything starts to slow down, one of the biggest things that the subs have helped me with is social calibration and stopping the social shaking, I have such a keen sense for when to take the pressure on a set and attract her and when to take it off and just be friendly which is absolutely essential in pick up you have to be able to pick up on all these small details which you only get after thousands of reference experiences.

Only went out for about 2 hours today so I could rest and recharge but it took me way less time to warm up. I’m very rarely getting blown out even if I open with something cringey like “daddy’s home”. which I just find hilarious I can take the pressure off quick and have a great set. Got about 10 quality sets in and didn’t really have any rejections, not that I mind getting rejected because I always think that their just not in the mood for an interaction or are busy and have to get somewhere, but I made a point to stick in my sets longer and atleast get a number/instagram close. My last set I opened this beautiful blonde by just being direct and telling her she was cute, she looked a little startled so I acknowledged it by commenting on how it was funny how she reacted to it and acknowledge it that it was random for me to be talking to her, and she told me to come with her to keep talking while she had to look for groceries. Talked to her in the grocery store for 10 minutes or so and we ended up having a ton in common and great chemistry, got her number and I’m about to go get drinks with her here in an hour.

Just to reiterate, for people not going out and waiting to meet an awesome girl by subs kicking in and just making eye contact with some girl good luck. GO OUT AND APPROACH. Not 3 girls, 40 girls. Stop waiting for results, stop waiting for your dream girl, she’s not going to run up and jump your bones from having an “aura “ your going to meet her by talking to hundreds of girls per week. Maybe 1/10 will meet a great great from their social circle and have an awesome relationship but do you really want to play those odds or would you rather be able to walk up to any girl in the world that you see and decide if she’s the one for you or not. Anyways that’s my speak for the day, Go out and crush it guys or watch as the guys who are steal the girl you want right in front of your eyes :crazy_face:


Update: Switched my stack from regular S&S and Primal to Primal Seduction about a week ago. After approaching literally hundreds of women over the last 4-5 days I wanted to give my feedback on Prinal Seduction.

Went to Chicago this past weekend with some friends to work on game and hit some higher end night clubs. Averaged about 12 hours cold approaching per day Thur-Sat. Here’s what I’ve noticed so far running Primal Seduction:

1). My motivation to go out and push my self in game is extremely high. Nearly all of my thoughts are revolving around pick up and me and my wing either daygame, night game or both every single day. I’m making it my mission to become a dating/ success with women instructor so virtually all of my time is either spent going out and cold approaching or learning about pick up. I can’t fully attribute this to the subs because it’s been a dream of mine for the last few years and it’s genuinely what I love to do and enjoy the process but I will say I was not taking the action that I am now to realize my goals until I started running Primal/ S&S.

2). I have almost no approach anxiety anymore. About a month ago I wouldn’t open a set unless I was partying/ drinking, now I am approaching large groups, 10s, girls with boyfriends etc. They don’t all open perfect, and normally it will take me 4-5 Sets to warm up still but the initial fear of approaching is gone, honestly it’s harder for me not to approach now I feel uneasy when I’m not doing pick up.

3). Social Calibration is extremely high. I’ve always been an extrovert but I am becoming much more social attuned. My interactions are slowed down, I’m more relaxed and not so in my head when talking to people, I pick up on social ques, micro facial expressions, when to put pressure on/ take it off the girl, vocal tonality, I feel much more aware of the non-verbal communication layers when talking to people.

4). I am MUCH more physical especially in clubs/bars. I’m more comfortable touching girls when I meet them, having my hands on their hips/lower backs, going for kisses/make outs etc. my interactions in general are a lot more man-women as in flirty getting shit tested, polarizing as opposed to how I used to have nice friendly interactions but I had trouble making them sexual off of cold approach. Since running Primal Seduction it’s like I’m not afraid to say whatever comes to my mind to the point where I’ll be thinking did I really just say that lol. Another thing I’ve noticed about Primal seduction opposed to the solo products is that I feel that I’m having more genuine connections where before I just thought of it as practicing pick up.


Man you are inspiring. I can’t wait until I’m at your level of activity. Just out of curiosity, what changes have you noticed in regards to closing? You’re opening and continuing interactions more, would you say you are also closing the deal more often? And not just because you’re opening more sets but actually having more solid sets which close to an eventual pull (better ratio vs numbers game)


Yeah man I’m definitely pulling more. Deffientley not every night but usually I Pull atleast once on the weekends now. A big thing holding me back right now is logistics I live like 25 minutes from the campus/ downtown area so I typically will have to pull back to the girls place or to one of my wings that live downtown. But regardless my sets are for sure stronger. If you haven’t read the Mystery Method yet and are interested in pick up/game it has helped me tremendously. It teaches the actual steps from opening to closing that most interactions need to go through in order to pull. For example I’ve always been able to build attraction pretty quickly but a lot of my sets would kind of fizzle out after that because I wasn’t sure what to do. Now I take time after opening/getting her attracted to try and get her away from her friends by leading her to a different part of the venue or even just facing her away from friends. From their it’s a lot easier to build comfort which is a huge part of pulling. I used to pull all my emphasis on being polarizing and getting a girl interested in me, but showing her that I like her back and am actually interested in what she has to say has helped my pulling ration a ton.


That’s fucking awesome man! Super happy for you, living the dream! Like I mentioned before, can’t wait till I’m up to your level of activity. Mad props :slight_smile:


This is incredibly motivational and I definitely agree that we all need to rely less on the subliminals and more on taking action in our own life. At the end of the day, we control our own destiny and dictate where our life goes, not the subliminals.


Fantastic very inspiring journal :slight_smile:. What is your open to close/lay ratio ?. Say if you approach 50 girls how many lays would you get ?


Haven’t updated in a few weeks, been extremely busy between work/going out and doing pick up, and starting to film/edit infield videos, and I felt a part of me procrastinating writing a new post because I wanted to be sure that I had something note worthy to write about that others could hopefully gain from.

So my stack for the last month now has been
Primal Seduction and Sex Mastery in a 3:1 ratio. I also started to include a couple hours of Iron Throne at the end of that cycle over the past couple weeks to really push the sexual vibe. Prior to this stack (before primal seduction released) I was running Primal, and Sex and Seduction for almost 2 months, which I feel really prepared me to run PS and start taking massive action in that area of my life.

A couple weeks into running Primal Seduction I felt like I hit a plateau results wise. I think a big part of that was that I was so focused on noticing the changes in my self, getting hundreds of approaches and reference experiences, and overall felt really result dependent. I noticed this in my interactions as well, where I would run a lot of “technical game” spiking the girls emptions etc and trying to do pick up instead of just trusting that the attraction will be there. During this time I did expierience some reconciliation in the form of an overall feeling of discomfort. Particularly when I wasn’t doing pick up or out approaching I felt very neurotic, and like I was wasting time doing anything else, which led me to take a lot of action, but also led me to neglect other areas of my life. There was a lot of nights when I didn’t feel like running the subs at all, or switching my stack, but I pushed through and stuck with it, or when things got really uncomfortable I would go for a run, or mediditate and that typically helped me work through the tension. It’s ironic that we’re all running these subliminals to gain control and change our lives but when that change starts to happen a lot of people give up and go back to their comfort zone. One of the biggest things that I’ve learned over the last couple months is that change is scary, uncomfortable, but when those feelings start to arise that means that your making progress, and it’s time to push through them not walk away. I also saw this success barrier in my pick up/seduction. Everybody is afraid to approach because they think the girl will reject them, but the funny thing is that’s the easy part. If a girl rejects you the worst thing that happens is she walks away and the interactions over. It’s way more terrifying to go up to a girl, say your dream girl, your perfect 10 and you almost walk up expecting to get rejected and than when you open her, her eyes light up, she smiles and all the attentions on you and you actually have to lead the interaction.

So after going through all this reconciliation, feeling like I was plateauing I started to realize that I was really neglecting my finances, my health, and my inner work by going out every night, drinking too much, spending too much money, so I picked up a new bartending job a couple weeks ago. I figured this would still keep me sharp because I’m still talking to people all day and socializing, working with attractive females, etc. I’ve still been going out a couple nights a week but more so to hang with friends and have a good time, other than that I’ve really been focusing on work, hitting the gym really hard and more so on improving myself instead of becoming some master pick up artist. I really hadn’t been thinking much about pick up at all, just going about my life doing the things I like to do. Funny enough the second I stopped obsessing I saw huge change over the last two weeks.

I’ve always been pretty decent with girls but coming from a completely different frame prior to primal seduction. Before I would attract women by being the “fun bad boy” archetype, but the thing was I still felt like a boy acting out to get attention from women and being someone I wasn’t. Girls would think I was cute, but rarely unless they were younger than me would they consider me attractive or hot, or as an alpha male, and I felt that even though I was well liked, charismatic and fun to hangout with I wasn’t respected, ultimately because I didn’t respect myself for trying to be someone I wasn’t.

One thing I’ve came to notice about Primal Seduction is that it feels a lot more “natural” game wise than Primal and S&S did on their own. Previously I felt like I had to run all this game to attract women, where as with Primal Seduction I’m going up with a take it or leave it vibe. Instead of gaming a girl trying to convince her/manipulate her into sleeping with me I deep down believe that theirs atleast a base level of attraction and I screen them to figure out if we are compatible. I forgot who it was in this group, (AMASH maybe?) reported something similar with PS. I’m not getting attraction from every girl I talk to, in fact I probably get rejected even more, but that’s a good thing. I’m fully expressing my personality, my interests, and that polarizes a lot of women. Some absolutely love me, where some will he completely turned off by it but the ones that do like me I actually enjoy spending time with and I am attracting much higher quality girls because I am being authentic. Theoretically I believe I could attract most women through gaming them for a night, spiking emotions, building comfort, and I am really good at calibrating interactions, but what’s the point if she’s going to find out who you a really are the next day anyways? I’d rather attract the small niche of girls that is absolutely crazy about me than waste my time trying to convince some girl to sleep with me just because she’s hot. It’s also way more time efficient to fully express yourself and your interests and polarize the girls who aren’t into you anyways rather than spend hours small talking only to find out your not her physical type or whatever.

Another thing with Primal Seduction is that others are really viewing me as an Alpha. I’ve noticed this especially at work. Like I said before I’ve always been well liked but in the he’s a fun, cute kid kind of way. The bar I work in is mostly an older group of people but I am constantly having women come up to me saying they want to me and introuduce me to their daughter. All the guys in the bar tell me how much p**** I’m going to slay in the summer when we’re busy as well :joy:. I also am a lot more comfortable being the center of attention, something that used to terrify me, which has helped my game a ton. Now I can get a whole bar gathered around me laughing/interested and when girls see I feel like I don’t even have to game anymore. A lot of girls come up to me and introduce themselves so I’ve been finding the less “game” I run on them the better otherwise it comes off to try hardy. Everything I do now is really subtle through facial expressions, screening them, and just selecting which one I want.

Work wise My managers provide me with a lot of responsibility and assume competence where in my previous work relationships my bosses liked me but viewed me as ditsy and saw me as incapable/ didn’t trust me with a lot of responsibility.

Aside from pick up/seduction my interactions with people and my inner game has improved tremendously. I’ve noticed that complete switch in the vibe with my communications. I used to do a lot of listening/ and asking questions and was pretty passive in conversation, where as now I’ve observed people even pausing and waiting for me to lead and carry the conversation. I’m also much calmer and content with life, not obsessing so much over purpose and making a ton of money. The “spartan light” module has been pushing me physically as well going from being in really good shape to headThe craziest part is I didn’t even really notice these changes until a couple days ago, life was just moving really fast, I was taking a lot of action and going through a lot and I was thinking back on the past couple weeks like damn. Really happy with my progress on PS so far, the plan going forward is to stick with the same PS/Sex mastery stack, potentially include the social supercharger before I go out/ bartend.