Taking action on recon?

Have you guys felt like when you do sth specific related to the sub purpose recon lift off?
Like going somewhere, initiating conversation with a specific individual
Today I experienced sth similar
But it can be very much a coincidence
So thoughts are welcomed
I asked a lot of questions today😅

Dude why do you keep making new threads?

You have a few active threads already post on there lol…


Topics are fairly different

there are also threads with this title you could post on lol

This is your 5th thread today… You already got the Arch Alchemist badge, you don’t need to inflate your post count anymore.


I just changed the title now

Thanks for sharing your perspective

It’s not my perspective lol, it’s an objective fact. You’ve made as many threads today than I’ve made in the 2 years I’ve had this account. Let that sink in…


You are free to cry about it

Nobody is gonna cry over it. But you’ve been counseled by members and moderators alike from almost day 1 about not consolidating posts.

It gets annoying seeing so many notifications and it’s all new threads from one person.


It is also confusing to new members and potential customers… plus if i was just looking into subs and saw some of the threads or posts i might be a bit turned off on subclub subs just from his posts… especially when it comes to the constant complaining about recon or how hes getting sick from recon or this and that


Why seeing multiple post from one person annoys you?

Try to stay on topic, I have a question and asked it
You know a link to it? Share it, ideas? Share it
Complaining won’t make me delete my post or think about you while writing a new post

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Try basic searches instead of making so many topics.

I couldn’t care less if you think about me, and I really prefer that you don’t. We’re just asking for basic forum etiquette.

As to this question, I actually find that running more loops quashes my recon. Probably won’t be a popular opinion, but that works for me.


What makes you think I did not search each question
And what makes you think I should look at each topic?
I wonder why seeker did not comment on any of my posts

I have an idea of your listening habit
My definition of “works” is integration of results for long terms habits

To answer your question. Reconciliation is your friend that shows you the areas that you need to grow in. Once you learn about the areas that you need to grow in, you are then empowered with that information to do something about it so that you can have greater execution of your subs. Reconciliation is a learning tool.


I can think of at least 3 threads and or journals that have already discussed this topic. You simply didn’t look hard enough.

Yes maybe sth similar to that,
But I think we should differentiate between execution and manifestation
By mixing execution and manifestation we are confirming that we should take action on recon.
Recon can be in forms of fatigue, anger, victim mentality, depression… like today I felt this kind of heavy head and a bit of lack of being conscious, it was mild recon, cuz people were VERY respectful
But then I went somewhere and interacted with someone specific and vision got brighter and everything…

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In @Alphamale’s case, the recon might stem from the fact that he is running 4ZP products in his cycle. I’m all for experimentation, but seeing him actively disregarding the guidelines and then complaining about getting burned is ridiculous.

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