Taking action. Is it really what keep us from succeeding?

It is mentioned on the forum and on some of the subliminal programs descriptions that taking action is crucial. In my point of view, personal experiences and background in self-development and self-improvement, taking action is tightly connected with what is going on with your subconscious (see emotional trauma and programming).

For me, taking action is automatic. It shouldn’t even be mentioned in the equation. It could be if you want to boost, create changes faster but this is a very small attribute of how I have taking action in mind. Taking action, again for me, my experiences, is having a desire. If you have a desire, taking action is automatic.

Then someone would say, what about people that are lazy or not taking action as a general theme? My two narrowed down answers are either the desire is too small or the individual is kept down on taking action with all the reasons that this might be. E.g. unmotivated, fear of something, bored, confused, self-sabotage, limiting programming and all other related reasons you can think of.

In reality, I am making this post and writing my thoughts down as I want to explore my perspective and views. See, in my mind, if someone does not take action is the result of the two main reasons I mentioned above. And in my experience whenever I was not taking action on a desire I had it was because there was fear, sabotage (or any other subconscious manifestation that was created by trauma or limiting programming) or low motivation. What made me take action was the resolve of the underlying issue(s).

What I am raising here is that if the subliminal program takes care of the specific burden that keeps you from taking action then action is automatic. I’ve experienced this so many times after resolving emotional issues or limiting programming. The action was automatic, natural, more than natural! It was like being in the flow.

And that is one of the main reasons why I switched to try the programs on this forum. The last vendor I was following was saying again and again on many occasions that it is not his programs that didn’t work but that individuals didn’t execute the scripts. Like we somehow were to make flip a switch but we didn’t for some reason and it was our fault. Well from my understanding… that’s the subliminal programs work!

I’ve gone through several emotional healing with different conscious techniques and protocols. The one’s that worked most effectively were the ones that discharge, take care of your emotional trauma. They take you back to zero point, to balance on the issues you have. Then you automatically adjust. I made a fortune when I worked with these techniques by just releasing related trauma and programming. No positive programming was involved. Same with losing a lot of weight, same with fixing my diet, same with becoming healthier.

The latest example of this I experienced was with approaching a girl and the action I took was automatic. On auto-pilot. I used a technique that diminishes all related emotional burden related to this and then the subliminal programs I use chimed in and did what I was supposed to do for escalating the situation. If it was not for me to take out the anxiety in the moment, nothing would have happen. I would have just sit there staring.

Now, don’t misunderstand me. I am not saying taking no action on purpose and things will work out. Yet what I mean is not pushing to take any action. And so that I am even more clear here is an example: An individual works 9 to 5, hates his job and wants to open his own business. Has a good idea and is eager to work with it but does not take action because of fear of failure. This individual stops taking action the very first hour of even thinking to start his new business just because the tape of fear plays in his subconscious and he is terrified. When this tape is gone, the next time he thinks his desire to become independent and get out of that bad situation he is in, the tape won’t play because it’s not there. He will move to the next step. Next step might be limiting programming of not having certain qualities to work hard and may fail at that stage or… may not because such limiting programming is not there and he goes further and further in building his business. And here is where positive programming of subliminal programs can also help. But, if the individual stopped on the first hour, no positive programming would ever help him move forward.

Closing, what I am trying to say is, taking action is very closely connected with emotional healing and limiting programming. On any area. If the work is done in terms of not stopping the anyway automatic act of taking action, then the individual will succeed. If not, try to take all the action of the world. Very few will succeed. Yes, not impossible. As taking action has its own way of bringing things to the surface and if you persist you will make it through. Of course with the much required effort and long time.

What are your views on these thoughts and experiences?


As a subliminal producer AND consumer, I understand both sides of the argument. I can’t answer for that producer (and I know which one you’re referring to), but with our programs, any time we put in scripting to urge you to take action, you’d lose the ability to stack programs, as the subconscious would become intensely focused on fulfilling that goal. If you tried to stack, you’d fall into a deep dark abyss of reconciliation, fatigue and overexposure. I remember in our early tests, long before we launched, testing multiple titles with scripting to push you into taking action and ending up spending days just staring at the television mindlessly because I had no mental or physical energy until the issue resolved.

Not to mention, I don’t think any subliminal producer is at that level where they can MAKE you do something you don’t want to do. That’s why taking action is so imperative. You have to make a conscious choice to take that first step, which will then open up the pathways to manifestation that the subliminal is trying to create. For example, if you’re running The Ecstasy of Gold, which is chock full of awesome scripting about running a business, how can it help you do anything until you take ANY step to start that business, even something as small as registering a domain name?

I remember when Sex and Seduction was released, we got complaints that it “didn’t work,” but they were doing little more than running the sub and standing around aimlessly in public, hoping a woman would talk to them. Sex & Seduction’s scripting instructed your subconscious to analyze your interactions with women and subconsciously create a model for success. How could that happen if you won’t even say “hello” to a woman, or smile at them when they pass?

The problem with trying to help resolve a specific burden stopping a user from achieving the subliminal’s goal is fact that everyone’s specific burden is different, and we can’t address all of them. That means, the user has to consciously take the first step to overcome that fear, and THEN the sub can do its thing. That’s why we stress taking action.

That being said, this issue is why we began to develop the Ultima project. I believe the Ultima Stage 1 test subliminal will help resolve this issue.


I like your philosophy @robin_hut. You bring out the Daoist principle of 無為 or non-effort. It doesn’t truly mean no-effort, but rather skillfully harnessing the flow of movement and energy in a way that feels seamless and effortless. Flow, as you mentioned, is a deeply-related concept.

There is so much diversity in how people look at and experience life. I think that the view you describe is legitimate and (in an ultimate sense) is true, but I also think that not all people will equally be able to align with that view.

What Subliminals are to the subconscious mind, Action is to the conscious mind.

An individual’s center of gravity will influence how much s/he is able to consciously align with the subconscious flow. For some people, the key that opens that gate of Conscious-Subconscious alignment and Flow is precisely the Key of Vigorous Action.

Another important point is that this process of personal change, growth, and actualization can be approached and ‘attacked’ from many sides and many angles at the same time. We can soak the mind in the healing, reconfiguring waters of beneficial subconscious influences (like subliminals) which dissolve and resolve underlying conflicts, fears, etc., and at the same time we can paddle and swim vigorously in the realm of conscious action, like the surfer working hard to reach that wave so that she can then flow with it.

And there are many other paths and ways as well. We can feed the intellect through study of information or of the past experiences of those who have tried and succeeded or failed before us. We can seek out interpersonal role models. We can clarify our values and the important enduring reasons underlying our chosen goals.

There are so many different ways and each has its own special strengths, limitations and characteristics.

I think that dissolving and resolving emotional/perceptual blockages is a powerful strategy. But it is one among many.


IMO/in my experience its about halfway between action-and non effort

I am responsible for breaking the initial barrier
I just need to show up

saying hi to the girl
going to the gym
choosing to assert myself

On sub club subs the rest seem to flow from there.

If I can’t get myself to show up-

take time to consciously clarify and think what is happening, visualize what I want, or engage more healing work-subliminal or otherwise


Actually, @robin_hut, I think I have more to learn from you on this.

Could you share more about general principles or your own experiences on identifying and working through underlying obstructions? This is a great topic.

Also, there’s a lot in this:


Does this sound a little too personally familiar to anyone else?

(Not to mention, the dope image of @Fire and @SaintSovereign in their early Tony Stark cave building the first Iron Man suit.)


Thanks for the reply. From what I read it seems my experience, and possibly definition, of what action is, is different. For me it is obvious that you will smile to that woman/introduce yourself, buy that domain, run the risks of a business, setup a diet plan. If it is your desire you will act on it. If you don’t something is stopping you and is running on the background.

The problem with trying to help resolve a specific burden stopping a user from achieving the subliminal’s goal is fact that everyone’s specific burden is different, and we can’t address all of them. That means, the user has to consciously take the first step to overcome that fear, and THEN the sub can do its thing. That’s why we stress taking action.

OK that’s very interesting, thanks for sharing. This question came up for me when I did take the first step, the subliminal did its work but then, fear of rejection hit me hard for almost a day. During the time of feeling down because of the emotional burden I was wondering if the healing module of Khan would now, more easily sort this out eventually as it was surfaced.

Edit: To clarify, fear of rejection hit me after being rejected :smile: And my mind went… and that’s why I give you all that anxiety beforehand!


Could you share more about general principles or your own experiences on identifying and working through underlying obstructions? This is a great topic.

Buddy I will reply to you later today because I have some obligations to run to.

I wrote about the foundational subliminal which removes away all the unhelpful programming out of the way.

Note that, I didn’t use negative, but unhelpful as negatives and positives themselves are unhelpful patterns which shifts your attention from task at hand and thus, your ability to absorb in the task.

For a surface level removal of the patterns, you can use EFT tapping. The effect of it is somewhat like the superchargers. But for that, you yourself have to be aware of the unhelpful programming you have attached to the task you wish to accomplish. And thus, as I said, surface level.


Take your time man. These subjects are not going anywhere.

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