Sustained a back injury on my spinal cord



I have discovered after seeing a specialist that i have a problem with my spinal cord. I am beginning treatment which will last for a year.

Thus means nomore weights at thr gym only yoga and pressups.

In order ro speed up the healing what would say is the best sub for this ? Spartan run at 4 loops ?.

My decision to run at 4 loops is stack with emperor and Power can corrupt.



Out of curiosity, what are your symptoms and what exactly is the problem with your spinal cord?


I have flat feet and my hip joint is not correctly aligned. As i lack the normal arch in my feet. This puts alot of stress on my lower leg, knees and spinal cord. Its getting worse and pains are.getting more frequent.

The specialist is making some special soles.for me to put in my shoes to “realign” my feet.This would be the first stage of the treatment.


Sorry to hear that.


@lowrider shit happens :slight_smile:. Now I just need to get myself healed as quickly as possible.


@blackadder That’s right :muscle:


@blackadder - Sorry to hear that man. You may also want to try adding elixir and regeneration in your stack. As mentioned in Main Dev. Thread -- Regeneration and The Elixir the 2 subs would help speed up physical healing.


@d1gz thanks for the suggestion. I thought those subs were purely fir emotional healing.


That’s what I thought too @blackadder. But it seems we were wrong. Maybe because our emotions also affect our physical well-being, these 2 subs have that effect of physical healing also?


@blackadder - I have just started Elixir and Regeneration along with Khan ST1 and plan to do it for 60 days to aid physical healing. If I see any positive developments, will let you know. Wishing that you get well soon!


Those are great. You’ll feel pain relief just from standing in them.


As long as they don’t become a crutch.

Tai Chi is good for developing healthy arches as well. It requires you to be completely conscious of how you place the feet and to keep the knees from collapsing inward. I’ve done it with resistance bands between the knees to amplify the effect. Now I walk (and run) barefoot and using Vibram Fivefingers whenever I can get away with it.