Supercharger running question


If we run a supercharger like Beyond Limitless before work and during working time we are running another subliminal like Khan ST2, is the subliminal going to overwrite the active state produced by the supercharger, so the effects of Beyond Limitless will disappear or they will work synergistically?


No the super chargers will not overwrite Khan. I believe the optimal listening time is 2 loops before you go to bed and 2 loops on awakening.


I specifically asked if Khan or any subliminal will overwrite superchargers not the other way around and no the guidelines arent 2 loops when you wake up and 2 loops before you go to bed


No it wont


Your reaction was slightly uncalled for, blackadder gave the best answer he had. And considering that he actually asked a similar question, let me direct you there first. Read that and the next dozen or so posts.

There’s no guarantee that the synchronized state created by the supercharger will last the entire day, nor is there a guarantee that it won’t. The goals of the two products are not entirely dissimilar (especially ST2 I would say, since it is the learning-stage), so as long as you don’t consciously steer yourself away from that state, it should work well enough. If you need more, feel free to @-mention Dmitry and ask him how long the state lasts, so he can post his experience in this thread.


Thanks. The posts bellow the link you posted cover my question