Suggestions for a stack


I’m looking to stack these 3: emperor, khan, stark. What should be the recommended listening pattern?
And also what results should I expect? I’m looking for learning and intelligence too, should I stack another sub for that too?


Choose two out of those three. You’ve got waaaaay too much overlap. I’d drop Emperor. StarkQ has a very strong social focus, Emperor is somewhat anti-social. They may collide a bit. Khan has status, money and wealth. Probably pairs a bit better with StarkQ. No, don’t add any other subs – StarkQ handles cognitive benefits.


Thanks, any information on how to many loops and exposure-rest ratio? Also if you’d recommend some better stack for the same social+wealth benefits


@Gus - check out the following thread. SaintSovereign himself has answered your question about number of loops here.


Stark has extreme social and wealth focus. It also is intensely focused on learning, intelligence, and creative genius. That alone would do it.

Go check out the description. See what you think.


Yeah, I was looking to use Khan st1 for healing and starkQ afterwards. What are your thoughts on it?


Not a clue. I’ve never used Khan.

I’m guessing it wouldn’t hurt. People here seem to have experienced significant transformations related to self-concept, status, and ambition using Khan.

Saint already addressed it above, I guess.

My standard personal thought nowadays for anyone who wants to combine programs is ‘might be a good idea to wait for the Q Store to open’.

Could be that after you see the options there you’ll stay with your current idea; but it’s probably worth taking a look first.


Okay, I started exercising hard, 5 days a week. I was thinking if I could add emperor fitness to my stack.

Is it possible to run st4 right off the bat? I want more agility, flexibility, and no tense muscles. Like a free flowing movement. I am not looking to build huge muscles and increasing my smv, or working out for hours. I just want to keep my machine well oiled, reduce the excess fat stored in it and staying in shape and healthy.

Also, I want faster regeneration of muscles as my muscles are really cramped. So, can I add EF st4 to Khan st1?


Do you have EF already? Could always try it and see. I haven’t gone past ST1 cause I like the healing aspects.


@Fire @SaintSovereign. Would love your input over my query.


It is possible. Is it recommended for everyone? Not really.

Even if you do not want to build huge muscles, there are other massive benefits in going from stage 1 to 4.


You are free to try. If you notice you are taking it well, you’re good to go.

The stages are there in order to help each individual choose what suits them.