Suggestion: Lucid Dreaming X


Why hasn’t this been done already? :stuck_out_tongue:

The masterminds of SubliminalClub have already ventured into spiritual territory through DREAMS (which is supposed to help lucid dreams a little) and Alchemist. In fact, they’ve already done Weapon X titles such as Astral Projection X. It’s funny that this title exists but not Lucid Dreaming X as the scientific jury’s still out for whether Astral Projection is real (I’m open minded though I’ve never had an AP) but science confirms the existence of LDs.

What would I expect from LD X? Nothing short of reconfiguring the brain so that we NATURALLY experience lucid dreams all the time! (Some people do naturally have LDs.) This would be a major breakthrough for me; while I have great interest in LDs, I recently stopped practicing its family of habits after 1.5 years because I wasn’t making much meaningful progress.

A Weapon X (or better?!?) subliminal to make Lucid Dreams a natural part of our existence would be absolutely phenomenal!!!

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Vote for the next subliminal
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Love this idea. We’ll definitely look into it once Q is complete.


Awesome! I can’t overstate how much life would change if LD became a part of every day life :smiley:
This “Q” project is very interesting…


Really? I’ve been typing this for months in futility and SubliminalUser gets Saint’s reply in 8 hours?! The Force is strong in this one…

Maybe I should have typed in all caps.

If you take the idea of Unleashed, you can create a track to run at night that has things like ASMR and dream-checks in it. Mix it in a playlist with your normal subs and set it to shuffle to keep its arrival unexpected.

Don’t forget about Mind’s Eye, Saint. I sure hope you’re not trying to break a record here. :wink:


Bumping this because I think it would be perfect to have LDs in order to practice the skills/programming of other subliminals especially while the coronavirus quarantine is in place!


I’m seriously considering putting Lucid Dreaming modules into my stack.


DREAMS Ultima may solve our concerns. Saint in this thread said they’d look into the idea. Maybe that is now DREAMS ultima :smiley:


That will be very cool. Lucid dreams would be a very good way for us to manifest our goals.


Imagine having all the information you want about something or being the person you want to really be in your lucid dream. And because it feel so real in the lucid dream, everything manifests in 3D the way Neville Goddard speaks.

Is there a Dreams core module in the Q-Store? I don’t remember seeing one. Maybe a Dreams core module plus Deep Sleep, Mind’s Eye , Mosaic and some other relevant modules set at Terminus would do the trick.


That is exactly what I want.


So maybe you could experiment with two custom stacks - one focusing on 3D goals, and the other focusing on getting yourself into the Lucid Dream environment. Of course, Ultima Dreams will be an essential supercharger.

Both stacks will be linked by Mosaic.

You can use the Lucid Dream environment generated by the 2nd stack as a laboratory for optimizing the goals you want to have in your 3D world.


I am thinking that any form of astral travel should be avoided…unless astral travelers know what they are doing.

Is belief in astral projection (as a real, spiritual phenomenon) somehow detrimental or damaging?

Why can’t people just believe whatever they want to believe?

Of course, you can!

But there is some evidence to suggest that believing entities you encounter to be real could actually harm you and detract from your experience of lucid dreaming.

As lucid dreamers, the expectation principle often works in our favor. We can use it to manifest dream figures and objects, change the scenery, and fulfill our greatest desires. Even if things turn sour and we experience a lucid nightmare, we remain aware that none of it is real and we are safe.

For the astral traveler, the power of expectations (both conscious and unconscious) could be a major hindrance. Not least because of the direct emotional implications of mingling with the spirit world. One example is from the blogger Erin Pavlina who described her first astral projection experience as terrifying:


And we’re back full circle. I suggested this thread especially in light of there being an Astral Projection sub but not a Lucid Dreaming sub while the former ability is contested to be real while the latter is scientifically proven.


@SubliminalUser @King

You guys have heard about the free YouTube Astral Projection Seminar by Michael Raduga? Or Astral Projection in 3 days? You have to spare 2 hours during these days though for good immersion. He explains it without dogma, just pure technique.

AP can be done through lots of different techniques but Raduga’s method is simple so may give it a try.


I really really hope for Lucid Dreaming X by Thanksgiving…


I believe DREAMS Ultima is going to be our answer here.


How about Astral Projection Qx, it is pretty much the same thing…?


No. Astral Projection is a different game from Lucid Dreaming.


Sure, but both are driven by the same principle which is out of body awareness. Either way, Astral Projection will induce Lucid Dreams as much as Lucid Dreams will induce Astral Projects, if that makes any sense, haha.

Nonetheless looking forward to a Lucid Dreaming Title and apparently another lovely module was released which is oriented around dreaming, it’s named Dream Traveler if I recall correctly.


Looking for this large structural change in dreams.