Subs and sexuality?


So, I tried to do a quick search for it and couldn’t find it as I didn’t want to write this on here as I felt a like I may be judged however the Emperor said, fuck it. I initially had this question before I bought the sub but wasn’t aware of the forum.

How does the subs deal with sexuality?

I know a lot of them are gender neutral but for example, I’m gay and of course I’m not wanting to have sex with women, or even look at women in that way. How would Emperor deal with something like this? I’m also not attempting to use, or want to use, it to change my sexuality (I know there’s stuff promoted on YT and stuff but that’s not for me.).

I keep reading the product description pages as I know I want more subs in the future but I just want to make sure I can keep on using Emperor, because it’s been working great, but I also don’t want to miss out on the full effects if it’s only aimed at men who want women, if that makes sense?

I know your subs work based off what the subconscious wants, I believe, so I just wondered if this was the case with a sub like this.


Our titles are very “inwardly” focused when it comes with sexuality. While there are auras and the such that attracts others, the main goal is to make you as attractive as possible – PERIOD. Attraction to a rich, successful, charismatic entrepreneur crosses all gender and sexuality lines. With Emperor, you get to choose mates and not vice versa.


I see, that makes complete sense and I appreciate the reply. Thanks for clearing that up and explaining it to that extent, makes me extremely happy to continue using - you guys have really thought through each sub and grateful and happy with the ones I’m using so far (even though I’m thinking of using Khan, but wanting to see what Stark is like first).