Subliminal User Demographics


I’ve looked at so many paid and free producers of subliminals and it is interesting how various subliminal producers have their target market.

I always wondered, how come no one using Subliminal Club’s products is interested in making the following changes like what some subliminal producers promise

  1. Growing taller
  2. Attracting a Specific Person (SP). (That’s different from wanting to be an Alpha Male and having lots of female attention).
  3. Changing his or her eye colour
  4. Improving some body parts
  5. Look like a certain celebrity or anime character

Perhaps it is really due to the user-base and demographics.


What?! :sweat_smile:


I am not sure subs can actually make some of those possible. I dont think subs can actually make you grow taller unless you are under 21 listening to them. Your subconscious mind is super powerful but some of those are out of its reach of attaining i think.


I think perhaps it is due to the younger age group that those unpaid youtube subliminal producers are targeting. Younger people in their teens are more open to all sorts of weird beliefs I think - they are more idealistic and lack the emotional baggage compared to let’s say a 45-year-old. Also they still have a higher chance to grow a little bit taller at those age. Furthermore, the youtube subliminals are usually free.


I have spoken to many subliminal creators. And they have confirmed that changes in eye color, facial structure, height, penis, ECT can be done. It takes time, but certainly can be done. Also 95% of subliminals on YouTube which claim to change certain aspects are all BS. Certainly there are 2-3 channels which produce extremely poweful results.

The only downside of height increase is it increases IGF-1 hormone which can also grow cancer cells. Otherwise height increase can be done at any age.

Believe it or not, these young teen have more chances of seeing results from a subliminal. As their belief system is not yet formed fully, they can change pretty much any aspects of them.


if subclub make a sub and it actually makes me grow taller, I will bite my penis of.


Physical changes are possible. It can be done with a sub, even a weak one but it can be done with pure intention/LOA too.
There was a guy researching LOA with subliminal and through many tests from this community (including me) we observed many physical changes, with a few being completely mind-blowing. However, once we stopped the subliminals, we lost the effects as well. We though it was in our head, but that wouldn’t explain people noticing the results as well: in most case, we noticed results only because our relative/friends pointed out the differences.

On one hand physical changes via subliminals doesn’t seem an impossible feat to me. The subc controls your physical functions, and science has proven many, many times that the mind influences DNA. It is therefore 100% possible to undergo physical changes with pure intention/LOA and thus subliminal. However I think trying to become an anime character is a stretch and a bit foolish because of the time it’d need to morph…

As for why most advanced sub vendors on the market right now don’t propose such subs, I suspect it’s because it’s hard to miss physical changes, and therefor easy to blame the sub for lack of results if nothing changes. I think most big vendors are afraid of that.


02-13-19 @ 10:15 AM;
“Certainly there are 2-3 channels which produce extremely poweful results.”

@MavericcKobra; Care to share what those channels are?


02-13-19 @ 10-20 AM;

I would like to know more about those tests, if you can point me to where those posts are, that would be greatly appreciated…


So your relatives and friends pointed out changes in your physical features when you used the subliminals. When your physical features regressed to their original state, did they also observe that?


I would love to see all the journals and research you have on this… sounds very interesting


I don’t know about others but for me, no they didn’t.

Pmed you guys.


Hi guys! First time poster…

I’m interested in physical changes as well…would love a prevent/reverse hair loss subliminal, also a facial hair growth subliminal.

Also as far as height and growth plates go…I’ve read a study recently:

Scientists discovered skeletal stem cells in the resting zone of growth plates that are alive and well. The next step will be a coming up with a chemical injection to trick the growth plates to produce more of these cells to override the dead ones and hopefully turn on the growing process again! Exciting times…


I think the reasons for it are as you say the demographics but it may also be how believable the subliminals are for many of these people. In terms of demographics, the examples you mentioned for example are usually from online youtube videos where teenagers are drawn to the most due to the body insecurities and self esteem issues combined with the fact that it’s free. You’ve already mentioned this but you can see how this would not be the most immediately profitable segment of the market alongside whether if it is possible, it would take a long time to materialize results.

I’m of a fairly short height in my country but I do wish to grow taller as I believe in general it’s advantageous to be taller. Changing eye colour or improving body parts may be something that tends to lean more to women due to their desire to be more attractive in those departments. As for changing the face, I can’t see who wouldn’t be interested since it doesn’t literally turn you into someone else. For any advice on changing facial structure, mewing may be for you. The history of the one who advocates it is very interesting and the ones who followed what is said seems to have dramatic results depending on the age.


I learned about mewing about 4 days ago from a YT video. It definitely seems interesting. Since I have started it my palate did expand so maybe it’s the real deal. But already just the fact of resting the tongue on the palate makes my face more attractive so I will keep doing it unless I see unwanted changes. They have a forum too: (disclaimer, there are a lot of skeptic there)

I will also start chewing exercises.


I’ve been familair with mewing for about 4 about years. Around that time almost nobody had heard of mewing, so I’m glad lately it’s gaining such a boost in popularity. I can say it has been definitely working for me. Since you are still quite new with mewing I don’t know if you are already aware of it. But good straight body posture is very important, especially the chin tuck. If you stay consistent you will definitly see positive results.


Yeah they do say the overall body posture is important. Thanks for reminding me. Glad to hear you had results. I’ll keep going!


Can u share the channels and ur test results with me also


02-25-19 @ 12:20 PM;
@Orion: I too would like the link to the YT video. You can PM me if you don’t want to post it here, but I’m sure it would be appreciated by other members as well if you can post it.


@DssMaster @myspace123

Here ya go. Very interesting video backed up with many studies.