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I know saint and fire have said that mixing subliminals from companies can hinder results as they do not know what the company puts in their subs. I was wondering if that applies to other forms of mind alteration like binaural beats or hypnosis and if it is ok to continue using them in addition to subs, or it might hinder results

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Brainwave entrainment for me is actually enhancing the effects of the subs. Currently I’m sleeping with a theta biofield resonance type entrainment I bought from iawake. I use two audio players on my phone when I sleep. One plays my masked track and the other the entrainment. I just loop it while I sleep. Seems to be working for me. You have to experiment with it too know if it’ll work for you.


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In what ways did you notice this happening @lowrider?

How was your experience before using brainwaves when running subs, and after?


I agree that brainwave entrainment should have no negative impact on subliminal usage. The warnings are all about different subconscious programming. Hypnosis could have some effects if it’s a completely different message than the subs, but nothing measurable I think.

I have actually been investigating the idea. Like @lowrider I use iAwake materials, although I use it to meditate to (and some healing sessions).

I have no idea what the effects of brainwave entrainment during sleep would be, considering that your brainwaves go through a natural progression during the sleep cycles. Forcing them on Theta while Delta is the deep sleep healing & recovery state may have adverse effects.


@AMASH I’m running emperor and rebirth. My dreams are even more vivid now with the brainwaves. More detail. I’ll even be dreaming about the subs. It seems like my sleep and my dreams are all one reality or mixed in together. Things will just pop in my head which must be scripting from the subs in the day time. My perspective is changing about things. How I deal with situations is changing. This is all happening automatically to me.


@DarkPhilosopher your thinking seems correct about the sleep cycle. However there must be something messed up about mine because I sleep better with entrainment. I’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia Wich is just a collection of symptoms giving a label. I’m thinking it’s childhood trama that caused it. I’m the only one in my extended family with this. But I will wake up everyday feeling like I never slept and exhausted. Like I just got done running a marathon. So when I sleep with entrainment I actually wakeup feeling more rested and like I actually slept. Not sure why though.


My first thought was to suggest you get tested for sleep apnea if you keep waking up tired. But if the entrainment helps, that is unlikely to be your issue. You could try a Delta one as well, see if the effects are different.

Do we have any physical healing subs here at SubClub? I know of emotional and psychological healing subs, but what about physical healing? Spartan/Elixir, maybe?

Sleeping for me is usually not an issue once I’m on subs. I sleep deeper and longer as soon as I start. And I wake up feeling like I slept on clouds. Oftentimes instead of waking up feeling like I must have had great dreams, I actually feel completely blank. It feels better than it sounds. Last night I slept for 12 hours, but I believe I know why. It doesn’t usually get that extreme.

I started using iAwake’s Deeply Theta, but have now moved to PMP3 as part of a stricter meditation practice. I just love how floaty I feel when I forget to ground myself.

I wouldn’t recommend it while doing Reiki healing sessions though. After an hour I felt like one of those monks able to melt the snow around them: in dire need of ice cream. I asked someone to stand on the other side of a wall and point where they thought my hand was. They could feel the heat through the wall. That was fun!

And back on topic: I wonder if that state would have had any beneficial effects on the ultrasonics running in the background. My subject didn’t spontaneously transform into a Khan during his session. A good thing, I suppose, I imagine he doesn’t look very nice wearing yak-leather. :slight_smile:


That’s very interesting. Doesn’t one audio app pause when another is playing? What audio apps are you using? I’m using Poweramp.

I would like to try playing a theta track from YouTube ( together with a silent sub. What are your thoughts on this?


I use maven player and musicolet. They both have features to not pause when another app tries to take rights to the audio channel. I believe it’s called audio focus. Maven player comes setup like that. Musicolet needs to be adjusted under settings. Musicolet you can actually set it to keep playing even during a call through the audio speaker. It will also keep playing through YouTube videos as well.


@Shogun that’s actually how I listen to my subs when I sleep. I loop the entrainment and subs simultaneously. I think my results are more profound plus I wake up feeling more rested.


Thanks for sharing, I’ll go check out those apps.


Np. Let me know how you like them.