Subliminal: "Regeneration" but for men?



I would like to use the subliminal: “Regeneration” because I find that it corresponds to me in my research, only problem, it only intended for the women and I am a man, therefore, I would like to know please, if that could Affect me negatively in my masculinity if I use it?

Thank you in advance for your answer,
Sincerely yours,


Hey Johss!

Regeration is unisex --> intended for both men and women.

I’ve been using it for the past couple of weeks and it’s phenomenal.

What probably confused you is the “for women” label it has in the shop. Except for the Seductress and Ascension For Women, all subliminals labeled “for women” imply that they are safe to use for women as well… it has to be stated since many programs of SC are geared towards men.

Hope that clarifies and good luck to you on your Regeneration journey!


Thank you to your answer !..