Regeneration Subliminal - Female


I am a women and would like to use Regeneration as the benefits seem to be what I am looking for in a subliminal product.

I also recall SaintSovereign mentioning that it was suitable for females.

I am just worried as it says Godlike Masculinity as one of the included modules.

This is definitely not something that I am interested in developing!

Could you please give me some insight into whether this is suitable for me (as a female that is not interested in developing any masculinity AT ALL), or if there is another product that would aid emotional healing / past trauma etc?

@SaintSovereign @Fire

Thank you - I appreciate it.

Regeneration for Women?

Hello and welcome to SubClub.

Yes, you can use Regeneration as a woman. Godlike Masculinity in Regeneration is about connecting to your lost masculine essence that every person has, rather than developing it (the complete stacking module does both). As a woman, it will simply make you more emotionally resilient. To reiterate, it is perfectly fine for a woman to run it.

Furthermore, our subliminals are self-driving, meaning you can guide the effects with the general intent you have for the subliminal, so there is no need to worry.

Rebirth is another subliminal for emotional healing, but it is a stacking module, and those work best with a major program.

Regeneration questions

Thank you for the insight - I appreciate it.


@Fire, could you please advise if Sanguine is appropriate for women? Potentially as a stack with Regeneration - or is it already in Regeneration (I recall reading this somewhere). Thank you